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Will Smith is a grade A cunt he has to be one of the worst actors around ever! does anyone think this phony offbeat cunt can act? Sure he can smile a lot like a spazzy monkey but smiling ain’t acting.

His suicide squad role has to be the worst ever that and the fact suicide squad is a steaming pile of shite . Now the little bastard wants all trump supporters to be killed off or driven into exile he said at a recent DNC convention on trump supporters “I think it’s good, we get to hear it, we get to know who these people are – and now we get to cleanse them out of our country.”

What does he mean by cleanse ? You know stalin and mandela wanted to cleanse their country too, neato. Can someone tell this retarded cunt to fuck off back to his Scientology supported mansion where he can play dress up with his poofy son

Nominated by: Titslapper

18 thoughts on “Will Smith

  1. Couldn’t agree more, TitSlapper, old pal… Smith is a wank actor… He is also as mad as a bunch of baboons on angel dust in party hats…Smith is a paid up Hubbarder Cunt (with fellow looneys, Cunt Cruise and John Revolting), this twat actually believes some crap written by a (very crap) science fiction writer is actually a religion… Yet he has the nerve to have a go at Trump… And wanting to ‘cleanse’ something’ or someone just because you don’t agree with it or them? Is Smith related to Idi Amin by any chance?… Imagine if a high profile white actor said they wanted to ‘cleanse’ Obama and his supporters…

    Smith’s ‘Deadshot’ character from ‘Suishite Squad’ is actually white in the comic books… Diversity triumphs again (for fuck’s sake)… And Smith’s ‘Fresh Prince’ (on TV and record) was a display of pure cuntitude….

    • His stupid, talentless kid, Jaden Nepotism, is also a cunt.. That ‘diverse’ Karate Kid remake is living proof that he is a little cunt…

  2. Will Smith is about as Gangsta as my Nan, Loose Women of Philip Schofield.
    He is about as ghetto as a Frappuccino from Starbucks.

    Shit actor and rumour has it he was fucked up the arse by Quincy Jones III to get his ‘big break’.
    Cock-loving cunt

  3. Same old question ,How the fuck is this cunt loaded ?. Personally I’ve never seen a fillum with him in it, 5 minutes of fresh prick in the nineties was all i needed to know he’s a king Kong mega mega cunt. Who bought his crap “music” coz I’ve never met anyone who owned any . iv’e been enjoying all the cunting over the last few weeks that i forgot all about the cunt . how the fuck did i manage to forget such a cunt ? I’ve spent most of my life despising everything he does. This cunt should be cunted on regular basis ,in fact ,out of all the cunts in sleb land ,he is number one , well him and corden ……funny as fuck that the “tough guy” has a cocksucker for a son…

  4. Said it before…..gonna say it again, movie star acting, easiest job there is. If you fuck it up, you just do it again. Don’t know many jobs like that.
    Cunt also complained about the lack of black nominees in recent Oscars.
    Probably the same reason why there’s no whites on the podium after the Olympic 100m final……not good enough.

    Cunt has untold millions for Bad Boys, Men in Black and Independence Day……hardly Olivier or Geilgud…..

    • Anyone would think this soap dodging prick Smith was ALbert Finney or Terence Stamp, the way the arrogant cunt goes on about ‘acting’….

      As for his ‘not enough black Oscar nominees’ crap, I don’t recall anyone complaining about there not being enough white singers on Motown or Stax… Smith is like Kanye West, Spike Lee, and all them other uppity Robinson’s Jam Jar cunts: chippy bastards who just have to bring racism into everything and pulling the race card to cover their own limits and shortcomings…. And another thing: these cunts like Smith, West, Jay -Z etc go on about racism, but you never see them with a black woman, a proper black woman… Their wives, tarts and bits on the side always have to be that certain coffee colour… Just that little bit white, like Beyonce or that Kardashian slag… If these arrogant monkeys are going to talk about racism, they should at least be consistent and look closer to home…

      • How the fuck did Motown go bust ? How fucking greedy ,lazy, corrupt and useless do you need to be to fuck up one of the most famous record labels. Even the city that it originated has gone bankrupt…….

    • The proportion of black actors who win Oscars are about the same proportion as the number of blacks in the USA, so seems fair to me.

  5. People that use the term ‘gate’ to refer to a scandal or incident are cunts…
    It always amuses me when people use ‘gate’, like ‘Twittergate’ ‘Irangate’ (that Ollie North cunt) ‘Squidgygate’ (for the Lady Di slapper) or whatever, to refer to a scandal… Of course, this comes from the scandal involving Nixon and the Watergate hotel, hence to be forever known as ‘Watergate’… Using the naming convention above would mean it should now be called ‘Watergategate’…. Cunts…

    • I once had some trouble with a certain billionaire over access to his land ….we refer to it to this day as Bill Gates gategate….

  6. “cleanse’? Sounds like a proper Nazi cunt. What a evil little jumped up bastard.That’s hate speech if ever I saw it. Why hasn’t the criminal cunt been arrested ?

    • Another cunt using racist terms. Just imagine Trump saying that. Fuck me the liberal lefty cunts in the good old U S of A would go apeshit.
      One rule for one etc

  7. So happy to see that there are still so many rational thinking people out there to see these arty-farty arse-holes for what they are

  8. A cunt of the highest order. In terms of cuntitude, he really is a fucking winner

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