Lauri Love


Lauri Love is a cunt. This fucktard hacker managed to get into US Govt computers.

Now I don’t think he’s a cunt for being a hacker – it must have taken a modicum of skill (although more likely luck). No, I think Lauri Love is a cunt because when he got caught red handed, bang to rights by the yanks who demanded we extradite the cunt, low and behold he can’t go because of his Asperger Syndrome and ADHD and all that other bullshit which didn’t exist 10yrs ago!

He was a naughty cunt and like a naughty cunt he should be punished, and if that’s the wrong end of 10yrs getting “Vaz’d” by some cunt called Bubba in Sing Sing prison then so be it!

Don’t hide behind these not-real, or certainly over used medical conditions (to excuse naughty little bastards who should be shown the buckle end of a belt), man up and take it.

It’s an old one but if you’re not prepared to do the time, don’t do the crime. Don’t go belly-aching to your Mam and claiming you have fucktard syndrome cos that won’t work with the yanks, those cunts know how to incarcerate their criminal element and not treat them like holiday guests like we do over here, you cunt!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

60 thoughts on “Lauri Love

  1. I fucking hate “syndromes” especially OCD. I don’t know what the programmes called but it’s about OCD cunts telling minging cunts how to clean their house. It was always ” Hayley was diagnosed in”. Or since i was diagnosed”. Ever notice the shite things they feel compelled to do is things they saw in fillums? If you looked at a list of the “symptoms” of these “syndromes” and “disorders” you would probably see things you do yourself and just get on with it. Back in the day ,people used to keep their shit to themselves , but nowadays every cunt wants a chufty badge for giving you their inner leg….cunts who have to turn the light switch a certain number of times need electrocuting…..

    • I never knew you were syndrome phobic Birdman. Perhaps you have syndromes phobia syndrome. And if there is a syndrome of syndromes, does that syndrome include itself? If it doesn’t it’s not a proper syndrome. This is why the term syndrome is a cunt because what the medics are saying is that they don’t know so they give it a fancy name. The light switch twat doesn’t need telling he’s got a syndrome, all the doctor has to say is “STOP DOING IT YOU CUNT!”

  2. Like that thieving little cunt in the film ‘Bicycle Thieves’… The bloke finally catches the twat that nicked his bike and the little worm throws a ‘fit’ and starts spazzing about, with his relatives and neighbours saying that ‘he wouldn’t hurt a fly’. and that the victim of his theft has ‘made him ill’… Of course, when he knows he is in the clear the cunt suddenly recovers… This Lauri Love looks like one of those types… A weirdo mong who blames all his wrongdoing and silly sod antics on ‘society’ and his ‘condition’…. Fuck him, I don’t give a fuck… Send the cunt to a Texan nick…

    Is this Lauri Love’s brother?

  3. I know it’s a sensitive issue for those who have children that have been “diagnosed” with some of these new types of grave emotional and mental states, but years ago when I first heard about ADD I went around telling people the acronym stood for Another Dumb Disorder.

    • Fuck sensitivity, its a load of shite. Some kids don’t pay attention , some do . i never payed attention as a kid and was always day dreaming and fucking around (top class in all subjects though) ,then i grew up and payed attention….i may be wrong ,but there’s not many adults being diagnosed with ADD…

      • What does Eddie Izzard have? He has a mental disorder common to many members of the Labour party. It’s called ‘Left Wing Retard Completely Bigoted and Intolerant Too Stupid To Be Taken Seriously Syndrome’ or LWRCBITSTBTS.

        Sufferers usually display a hyperactive sense of entitlement, a vastly overblown sense of their own importance, an entirely unjustified belief in their own intelligence and moral and ethical superiority, and an arrogance that defies all logic.

    • It’s all a load of shite. Made up conditions used by weak parents to excuse the fact that their spoilt brat children are running wild. All most of the cunts need is a bit of discipline.

  4. Mazher Mahmood (aka The Fake Sheik) needs a celebratory re-cunting to mark the occasion of being found guilty at the Old Bailey of perverting the course of justice.

    I first cunted this cock-juggling scum back in 2014 when he was originally arrested and charged. The cunt managed to delay court proceedings for an eternity by employing the old ‘Janner Defence’ ie claiming to be too ill to stand trial, but now he’s been found guilty and is facing a prison sentence.

    He’s also facing approx 20-25 civil cases (so far!) for all manner of claims relating to his numerous entrapment stings, all financed and published by the coffin-dodging cunt Murdoch.

    Here’s Mahmood’s police mugshot:

    He always guarded his identity for fear of revenge by those he’s stitched up. Let’s make sure this photo goes all over the net so there’s no doubt about his appearance and identity. I sincerely hope that someone on B Wing will introduce the cunt to Mr Shiv.

    • As always the dead tree lying scumbag cunts turn into snivelling cowards when the tables are turned.

      • When he’s released, what’s the betting the cunt ends up driving minicabs in Rotherham…?

    • Although he did manage to convince Tulisa that she was being considered for a part in Bollywood movie. The only movie she’ll be remembered for is the one in which she played a tune on her boyfriend’s bed flute.

      • She was on the telly tonight banging on about this dark episode in her life (the filmed BJ to her boyfriend was probably a highlight for her) and…what is it with these peeled back lips???

        I mean I remember Tulisa from when she was on the X-Factor (always a decent cleve shot) but she had normal lips. I’m not talking botox lips (as in they look like a pound of split liver), I’m talking where the very top part of the top lip and bottom part of the bottom lip are peeled back – like an invisible pane of glass has been pressed against them! A quick flick through the 900’s Sky channels revealed that a load of these slappers are having the same shit done!

        Ladies you may appear to have “fuller” lips when face-on but a side-on profile view you have the gawp of a 7 day old fish head rotting in the back of the local chippy’s bin!

        You look fucking terrible you vain cunts, and your false beach ball veiny tits are rank too!

      • Personaly I would consider yesterday as the darkest day in Tulisa’s career as they had a clip of her singing on every news programme across the nation. Dear God in heaven.

      • What a cunt Mahmood is… Still, I was also hoping that the chav slagette, Tulisa Cuntostavlos, would do a bit of time… By the time she’s 40, this trollop trashbag will have a criminal record on a par with ‘Party Party’ by Black Lace….

      • A true mistress of the skin whistle, reckon she could suck a golf ball through a straw. Thats all the Kardashian’s famous for is it not William Tell overture on the pink oboe. Oh and marrying a bigger cunt than my brother in law.

  5. …And while we”re at it,may I nominate that unfunny cunt Milton Jones for a thorough hefty cunting?……Baaaaaaaaah

  6. Anyone who goes by the name of laurie love,and wears a hat like that deserves a good waterboarding, and then Guantanemo. He looks like a monger and so deserves everything that is dished out.
    The internet is for trolling cunts and watching porn….At least that’s what I use it for.

    • When i saw the next cunting was going to be Laurie Love ,i thought it was going to be some posh tart we would all end up debating how fuckable but annoying she was …..

      • I’m sure he’ll be quite the spunk- dump if he ends up in some American prison.Serve the goofy-looking wanker right,stealing what would be a bloody good pornstar name.

      • Sounds like one of those slags from the 900 channels…..either that or he’s got an Eddie Stobart fetish and cracks one off when he sees an eighteen wheeler….

  7. Fucking cunt looks like a character from Royston Vaseys League of Gentlemen. He looks like a right stinking prick.

    • If he goes stateside to the nick he will enjoy much smelly dick. Fuck me, just take the shit that you dumped on yourself you wanker.

  8. As with all of you the words “hacker” and “sympathy” don’t tally, I Supose we should forgive dickie my neighbour (who art in sugar beet)

  9. Julian Assange is a 100 megaton trolling cunt. For weeks the tall pale spaz has been saying that he will be releasing evidence that will put Killary Kiloton behind bars. Last night he had the perfect opportunity while appearing in a video link to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks.

    And did he drop the bomb? Did he fuck! He mumbled almost incoherently at very great length but finished up saying fuck all. And what he did say sounded like he was speaking from a very big karzi at the bottom of a very deep well. You would have thought he would have a decent microphone, wouldn’t you?

    It’s obvious the evil one has got to him, offered him a pardon and a chance to get his life back if he shuts the fuck up. Do you really think you can trust the evil old witch, Julian? If you do you must be a bigger plank than you look. Cunt.

      • The slimy rapey prick was just using it so flog some book or something. The creepy twat and his little gang of perpetual student types think they have changed the world, but have they changed anything really? Fucking bellend.

    • Now there is a cunt. Why is it costing millions to keep an eye on him. Fucking student politics cunt. Plod should go in,drag him out and hand him over to the yanks.
      99 years inside with Bubba butt fucking him every day will teach him a lesson.
      And he’s an odd looking cunt as well. Fucking albino.

      • I once saw Cumbercunt play Assange in some forgettable fillum ,a cross between Bennydick and Julian was not a pretty sight….

  10. And while we are on the subject of internet shit, Pirates Bay are cunts too. I’m on page 5 and still not a decent download to be had. All either shit or ones I have seen before which sounded OK but turned out to be shit. Pull your fucking fingers out, Pirates.

    • Happens alot actually hilary has like 3 of those background cuntings as does her unfaithful bellend of a husband and I recently saw another of Gary Johnson (aka Mr.Where’s Allepo?)

      • The septics have a pretty shity choice this time round; a crook, a knob or an ignoramous. I think I’d go for the knob….

      • Have any of us really ever had a decent choice apart from Screaming lord Sutch….. Not one decent choice ever in the history of elections ,horrible realization that

  11. Old Laurie Love could star in the next Marvel movie/cash-in…. The Avengers vs the computer genius, Ultramong (and his Spazmobile)….

  12. Oh yeah, Gary McKinnon 4.0. He had ‘Asperger’ syndrome too as I recall. I have no sympathy for people who break the law. Even less so when they then claim to be suffering from a ‘syndrome’ in order to try to get out of paying for their crime. And whether Lauri Love, and his fuckwit of a dad like it or not, he DID commit a crime.

    He knowingly hacked into the US Defence Network, something the American government tends to take quite seriously. Which is why what Love did is deemed a Federal offence. Frankly, it’s tough shit. Love did wrong, he got caught and now it’s time to pay the piper. He should have thought about what he’s BEFORE he hacked into a Superpower’s defence network. They tend to take things like that somewhat seriously.

    It’s pathetic that his gobshite dad is now crying foul. Your son did wrong. He broke the law, and now he needs to pay for his crime. If he really isn’t up to it, then YOU take his place. Either way, Lauri Love is NOT a fucking victim.

  13. Chuck Yeager is a typical Septic, i.e. a massive, ignorant cunt.

    He’s recently been mouthing off via twitter about how “ungrateful” people in the UK are for the Americans “saving” us in WW2. The silly old cunt seems to want us to come bowing and scraping for them being bombed into the war by the Japanese in late ’41, by which time the Nazis had already abandoned their plans to invade Britain.

    I suppose we shouldn’t be too hard on the Septics being ignorant of history, but it’s still infuriating to read a yank’s ill-informed outpourings on the net.

    • How many Yanks were at Dunkirk or The Battle Of Britain?…. Did the Yanks have to put up with The Blitz?… And Yeager also conveniently forgets to mention that the Soviet Red Army did their bit… Yeager is a typical ‘God bless America! The world revolves around us!’ arrogant cunt…

      • Israel always telling us we should never forget the “Holocaust”. When practically every family in Britain was effected by that war ,be it being bombed or having a loved one who took part and was injured ,killed or just came back a shadow of the men they could have been. When survivors of the camps or relatives of them have a whing, they should remember our fallen who sacrificed themselves to save the cunts………..and stop trying to get all your family heirlooms back David Baddiel you shameless cunt …………..would still back them up against the Palestine’s all day long though…..

  14. The Yanks came into WW2 after it became apparent that the Nazis were not going to beat the Russians. They entered the war in Europe not to save Britain from the Nazis but to prevent Europe falling to the Russians

    • Before they ‘officially ‘ joined the allies, the Yanks loved Hitler… Especially that family of inbred Irish gangster cunts, the Kennedys… Now, there was a bunch of cunts… Joe, Jack, Bobby, Ted… The fucking lot….

      • Have a look at the shit the Irish were up to during the war coz they thought the hun would win and give them their land back. All conveniently in Ireland’s ambition to be seen as the worlds most peaceful and loving nation who are always up for the craic……..

  15. Lauri Love is a cunt simply for wearing that hat.
    These so called conditions are bollocks. Easy to rely on them when you are knee deep in shit and it seems to be believed.
    Once off the hook a miracle will occur. Anybody recall Saunders of Guinness fame ?

    • ….. I guess the hat is a ‘prop’, anybody wearing that fucker must have issues so will lead people to believe he is ‘special’ …. I’d imagine his mother has said .. “If you’re going outside luv, don’t forget your special hat ” …. ” it’ll save you going to prison”.

      • It’s probably lined with tin foil so that the CIA doesn’t know what he’s thinking.

    • Saunders …. the only Cunt in the Galaxy to recover from Alzheimer’s, … served only 10 months ( of a five year sentence) , in an open prison no less, and then released due to his ‘ill-health’. .. Still ‘live and kicking’ … so still a Cunt.

      • Ain’t that the cunt they invented an illness for summat like pre-senile dementia which is what I get when trying to put the cornflakes into the fridge. Still alive and has worked since, the cunt.

      • I’ve started putting dry goods in the fridge as well even my phone one day. Basically if i can’t find stuff i look in there..

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