Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez


I’d like to cunt Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez who relinquished his WBC middleweight title to avoid a unification fight with Gennady Golovkin. If they had entered him in the 100 metres at the Olympics and put Golovkin behind him, he would have reached the tape before Usain Bolt. Mexican fight fans now know their erstwhile hero is a chicken.

We have a boxer in this country who’s about to fight this monster, He’s not afraid to step up two weight divisions or to put his unbeaten record on the line. Win or lose, Kell Brook is a better man than Alvarez.

Nominated by: Allen

13 thoughts on “Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

  1. Never mind young Kell Brook,look out for Tommy Langford..Boing Boing…Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

  2. He’s gonna get his ribs smashed ,if that is his ribs .looks more like a fish/alien hybrid. Come on Kelly…….

    • Fucking spell check (Kelly). I know the difference between my Kell and Kelly brooks ….better not get that mix up again looking for booby pics…..

  3. There’s no honour or respect in a sport that’s a shadow of its former self.
    Razzamatazz showbiz with sweaty, onion breath cunts having a cuddle….

  4. I was known as Picasso during my boxing days……I was always on the canvas!……Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • ” i fought professional y in twelve fight and won them all apart from eleven” ……the late great Dean Martin……

  5. Chuck Yeager needs a cunting. Yep, the ‘hero’ Second World War pilot who went on to break the sound barrier. The Mail is running a story in which he shows what a nasty, ignorant little prick he is. Apparently, the British are ‘nasty and arrogant’. Oh and ungrateful, because we don’t keep falling on our knees to thank him for saving Britain during the war. Yes, he actually thinks that the US won the Second World War all by its lonesome. Something that NONE of the American half of family think. Or any of my American friends. He forgets to mention that the US only joined the war because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and killed Americans. If that hadn’t happened, the US would have stayed out of it.

    Anyway, a big FUCK YOU to Chuck Yeager. Go suck your daddy’s cock, you nasty, arrogant cunt!

      • You will have to put his name on the deadpool thread as otherwise it dont count.If you are looking for more picks Pauline Cafferkey is back in hospital.

      • I thought the Septics basically used WW2 as an excuse to bankrupt us for all eternity, while using the UK as a missile platform for the next 40 years…

      • The yanks used to have a base on the holy loch and would cut about dunoon in their tight jeans ,baseball caps ,shiny bomber jackets ,moustache and big fuck off cars ,but the one good thing they did bring was a little Dunk’n Donuts cabin at the gates to the base . fucking heaven…….

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