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Just looked through the list of cunts who have been cunted on this site and there is one glaring omission. I’d like to cunt everyone who has ever visited this site over the years, however briefly, for failing to cunt – ANGUS DEAYTON.

Like Barrymore (prior to that bit of bother at his pool party), Deayton is another cunt who has made a career – albeit a lower second division career – out of imitating the supercilious speech rhythms, the constant irritability and the tone of annoyance originated by John Cleese. Whatever you think of Cleese, that was his schtick. Deayton, like most Oxbridge ‘Comedians’ who followed Peter Cook and the Pythons, is just a derivative, un-funny cunt whose head needs smashing with a house brick.

The only good thing to come out of his entire career was the coke-and-prostitutes scandal resulting in his sacking from ‘Have I Got News For You’ – in a show of solidarity with Deayton which was appreciated by cunters throughout the land, Stephen Fry (cunted previously) vowed never to appear on the show again.

Nominated by: Fred West

26 thoughts on “Angus Deayton

    • Ah good old Lewis. That cunt should be cunted on a daily basis. As should his fans, who also cunts.

    • Read half of it ,but as it’s lunchtime with my daughter i thought I’d better stop and not ruin things for her. I would never want to come across as a ” macho man ” but it “boils my piss ” when you get slebs who you know lead sheltered lives as kids ,never outside ,never running from the parkie ,never getting into playground fights ,but then when they get famous there all full of swagger and scowling at every cunt. Remember a photo of the Malteser headed prick outside a club giving the paparazzi the middle finger ,with his pack of homos behind him ? Somebody needs to knock the cunt out ,and I’m well up for it…….

      • Deayton is currently doing voiceovers for local radio adverts (some shit heating firm or other).
        How the mighty (Shitey?) have fallen…

  1. Are we cunting has beens now? It has been 14 years since his sacking from HIGNFY and he has done precious little since.

    • Talking of has been. Kylie Minogue and her fiance actor Joshua Sasse (?) Have decided that they won’t get married until same-sex marraige becomes legal in Australia.
      Publicity seeking cunts!

      • That has got to be a nomination for a cunting……fame hungry talentless barren whore……

      • Indeed, who the fuck gives a shit what Kylie ‘chemotherapy’ Minogue has to say about anything.
        The only people who listen to her music are arse bandits, oh wait, that explains why she is jumping on the faggot wedding band wagon, she must have a new single out soon.

      • She didn’t really have cancer. She just needed radio active disinfecting from all the grease balls that have blown into her balloon knot the fucking whore.

      • Maybe this Joshua Sasse ( who?) is a non binary un-cis gender queer 2 spirited homo who is actually a carpet muncher lezzer in drag. That would explain everything…..

      • Yes ,i once went to some outdoors Shakespearean shitfest ,after the daily rag said she was going topless in it . to this day i don’t know if she did coz i managed to ride some posh bunt in the bushes…..

  2. The rather unfortunately named Mike Hookem, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside is a fucking cunt who should be locked up. He reportedly chinned Steven Woolfe in a meeting of UKIP MEPs who later collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. What a cunt.

  3. I wasn’t even aware that Deayton was still on the go. I assumed that he had disappeared up his own arsehole years ago. To be fair, I don’t think that he was any more of a cunt than Merton or Heslop,and was a damn sight better than a lot of the guests. That repulsive dwarf, Andy Hamilton is my particular bete-noire,and when you consider the sheer cuntitude of most of the guests,that is some accolade.

  4. Amazing cuntballs here. Deyton is gone ,a supercilious wanker who just tried to be the new Cleese but got stuck up his own cokepipe. Merton and hislop do a job ,superior wankers who get the editing they demand to make themselves look good but overall I’d rather have the programme than not.
    Mock the week likewise , seems funny to me most of the time and Hamilton is off it currently. what the fuck do you want because if you’re cunting someone who has cancer and has sold more records than you have braincells, you are looking at dickhead of the year with no contenders

    • Are you suggesting Kylie Minogue gets a pass because she had cancer and has sold a lot of shit records?

      • No one gets a pass but if the only people who buy her records are arsebandits then there are fucking sight more of them than we think.
        Personally I wouldn’t buy her records to scrape the smeg from my Hampton but she is [ or was ] a big seller.
        People who make really cuntish statements need to be cunted too.

      • She was never a big seller ,it’s quite well known that as an “artist” she sold very few albums ,she just got lucky (no pun) with a couple of hits that probably never sold that many ,but still charted coz no cunt buys singles anymore. I think she’s a cunt for being an industry slave with NO brain cells that will agree to do anything apart from porn to keep herself in the limelight……..fucknme ,never thought I’d see the day when someone would have to justify counting Kylie……

    • If she’s got the arse and Danni has the tits ,then i wonder what their maters pussys like………..apart from the Abbot ,is there any female that gets cunted without us saying that we’d ride it,…………..

      • Katie Hopkins…..My tastes run to the exotic,but I’d as soon shove my dick into a hornets nest as have that camel-faced harridan anywhere near “Little Dick”.Fucking horrible bitch.

  5. Some good observations by my fellow cunters. I too always thought Deayton was a Cleese rip-off. I did think he was funny on HIGNFY, but that scandal really saw the back of him. Pity in a way, but he did it to himself. The fact the show survived without him says much I suppose.

    • But if you’re gonna go out it may as well be with a bang…Pun intended…Hookers and Cocaine sounds like a heck of a leaving party to me. Didn’t Frank Bough do much the same?

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