Make Up


Women’s make-up deserves a good cunting, we have all been duped by it,
You go out on the piss, hook-up with a girl and it’s back to hers for some depraved pounding and if you’re lucky a go up her shitter.
When you pulled her she looked like this, but then when you wake-up the next morning with a cock covered in shit and smelling like Graham Norton’s breath only to be greeted with her looking like this – and yes, that is the same woman!

So, make-up deserves a good cunting, it should be banned under the trade descriptions act.

Nominated by: Boaby

9 thoughts on “Make Up

  1. Padded wonder bras are worse than make up. It’s like opening a big present at Christmas and your sure its going to be a scalextric but it turns out to be something shit like a jigsaw. It’s no wonder I have trust issues.

  2. Make up , boob jobs, fake eye lashes,.padded bras, hair extensions, high heels, coloured contact lenses, corsets.

    Bunch of deceitful lying cunts.

    And don’t get me started on the women……….

    Got off with a tart once and when I got home , i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I had got the train home not knowing my face was covered in her orange fake tan……

  3. I actually prefer the one with no makeup on.
    Loads of makeup turns me off.
    If they are making loads of effort, means I have to. I can’t be arsed.

  4. As I told the ex-wife…you can put lipstick on a pig,but it’s still a pig. Fucking vicar damn near halted the service.

  5. Make up is indeed a cunt. My twelve year old daughter uses the stuff because “everyone at my school does.” And it’s fucking true. In my day girls put a bit of slap on at 16, now they mature younger and with interweb pressure get into all sorts. My stock answer to most questions is “No yer twelve!” The fuckers in year 7 are also shaving their fucking legs in case other girls take the piss. I kid you not. It drives me nuts. You want to protect them from Rochdale and Rotherham goat fucking paedo perverts and daughters see no danger. Nightmare. Still I expected the support of a missus when my daughter was born when I was 50. Fortunately I’ve got a 37 year old daughter who chips in and problem solves. Can you hear me screaming? “You don’t need bloody foundation yer bloody twelve!” Make up is indeed a cunt.

    • I’d like to take Edie Spazzard to a nail bar. Six inch and nine inch rusty nails Bit of choice planking. Pink beret stuffed in gob to stifle the whimpering. I’d start with his knees, then elbows finally whatever bollocks he’s got. Paint a Euro flag on that fucker yer cunt.

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