Spaniards. Fucking inbred, lazy, feckless, peasant cunts. Try and get something done there and you are beating your head against a brick wall. The country is in dire economic circumstances, and yet the lazy scum still have to go off for a nap in the afternoon. But they are right on the ball when it comes to sticking their hands out for EU dosh. Oh, yes sir, front of the queue then.

Don’t get me wrong, Spain is a good place to go on holiday, only a 2 1/2 hour flight, cheap, good weather, plenty of history and culture if that is your thing, beaches if it isn’t, cheap, great nightlife, cheap and cheap.

Just don’t even think about going to live there. As with most of abroad, its OK but its spoiled by the fucking foreigners. And learn to speak English! Cunts.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

44 thoughts on “Spaniards

  1. Spanish woman are as hairy as gorillas. They have ‘taches,underarm hair and fannies like brillo pads. Now I’m partial to a slice of hairy pie,but that would be like chewing a wire- haired terrier. They also smell of garlic and run to fat over the age of 25.
    Spanish men are lazy,greasy, Armada losing, Gibraltar envious, bull torturing homosexual gigolos.

    • Sorry to disagree, but the one thing Spain has got going for it , is the tarts.
      They might have looked like that years ago, but now they have cottoned on to hair removal.

      Never thought I’d see the day that Dick Fiddler was knocking the bints.
      You must be growing……

      • Never been to Spain,I’m basing my judgement on the staff of a tapas restaurant I went to in Hartlepool.

  2. The Spanish are cunts ( apart from my aunt Antonita).
    But my biggest gripe is they treat me like a fick fuck.
    I have learnt the laungage after fifteen years of living here, but the cunts treat me like I’m just of the plane.
    If i say its hot , they say its cold.
    Everything is met with a “no”, I cant think of one ever agreeing with me ever.
    They also want to teach you about all things Spanish, and even when you tell them you know, they will say you’re wrong and explain it again as if your three.
    My drug dealer who i get on well with is always explaining what is going on in the football match he is watching even though he knows i love football.
    One time even explaining that if it finishes in a draw , there will be extra time and penalties.
    Even my daughter is becoming one, I ask her to do something ,and its ” aaiiyyy pappi ( at least she doesn’t have a Scottish accent).

    So apart from Tia Antonita, they can all fuck off……..

    PS. They are all so fucking proud to be Spanish.
    For the life of me, i can’t think why…..

    • Sounds like you might have learnt Portugese by mistake.! I only speak it a bit and I have always find them Ok, and helpful. The women are gorgeous nowadays too.

      • Maybe on holiday talking to restaurant staff or taxi driver or some other cunt looking for a tip ,but i’m talking day to day at work ,shops,school and scoring weed.

        As for the Portuguese, that’s easy, you just talk Spanish as if you have a cleft palate……..

  3. Dio, it’s all very well posting Skiddy’s Spaniards are Cunts but slow down a bit mate. I cant fucking keep up. There’s been six cuntings and a dead pool today. I’m losing the fucking plot; swamped in cunts. Anyway the Spanish, whichever King, had the right idea kicking out all the goat fuckers but not before they’d polluted the population with the North African sand nigger woggy gene pool, hence the greasy dago type. Pity the cunts under the EU dictatorship have let the cunts back in again. So for being sand nigger polluted, Spaniards are cunts.

    • Well I admittedly scheduled a few but then in popped a topical one followed by a dead pool reset!
      Got back from holiday to 130 pages of comments. I think there’s around 100 posts scheduled weeks ahead. Guess we’re victims of our own success.
      Personally I think 3 a day is plenty. 2 is better but I’m playing catchup! I’ll always bring in a post if it’s highly topical and would make no sense to post it next month…

      • Cheers Dio. What fun. I’ve not laughed so much in years. You’re right, three is about right and all an oldish “knackered” cunt like me can manage. The quality and intelligence of the cunters is really high. I’ve found it an education part of which I didn’t want and some of it glad I learned. Plus a whole new dictionary of abusive terms. Norm’s diversity is the new black death is the best I’ve read today.

  4. Tonight’s cunting was brought to you by the Portuguese Tourist Board and Sponsored by Veet

  5. What is a cunt and much as I would like to blame the Spanish I believe it is the local benefit funded chav scum is fireworks on a Thursday evening that have being going off round her for the last 45 minutes.

    Do the police show their faces and tell the little cunts to go home? No they fucking don’t. Venture out with Mr Bastard the sawn off side by side and show the little cunts something that goes bang and Constable Armoured Response and his pals are all over the shop.

    If these little cunts are so fascinated with things that go bang I will happily assist them pay their way to Syria so they can fight IS. It’s a win win kids, off you fucking go.

    • Fuckin hell Sixdog, friggin Leicester. Like a bastard war zone come late October to mid November. Yes, randomly it’s the chav scum kids. It was in my area anyway, then fireworks go off at Halloween then Bonfire Night and depending when Diwali falls you get Wog Fire night all from about 5 o’clock to midnight. Frightens fuck out of pets and there’s at least a fortnight of it. There’s a pall of smoke, especially if it’s foggy, over the centre of the city, smell of burning and gunpowder. Years ago we would have said it was like Beirut, now like Iraq or Syria. Not kidding it’s like being in the Berlin bunker as the Russians advance. Fireworks are indeed cunts. Mind you I do remember throwing a lit airbomb up some poor fuckers entry in 1968 when I was a young cunt. I know better now, thank fuck.

      • I’m with you on the Leicester one Alan.
        Coming from the Shiresheer myself, I agree it’s like a fucking war zone, and what’s with letting them off at midnight when it not even New Year Cunting Eve!

        Where I live the fucking Cunts come home from the ‘Golden Cunting Mile’ and then let the fuckers off, usually around 1 am!
        It scared the dog so much, it did a little shit on my brand new sofa, that I got delivered in time for crimbo.

        Now I’m not adverse to the pretty ‘ Oohs and Aahh’ ones, but wtf has a fucking banger, that’s that loud the cunting ground rumbles, making you think there another earth tremor or the fat chav cunt next door is making more chav cunt babies, got to do with the Festival of Lights?

        I know who the perps are, and on New Years Eve, I’m gonna coming home, pissed as a cunt, about cunting 3am and sing on the top of my voice.

        Failing that a fucking Cow cannon, to shoot bits of cow at their house……now there’s an idea for Dragons Cunting Den…..

        I’m off to email, Peter-I’m a rich cunt-Jones……..look out for me on the telly, fellow cunters. You’ll know it’s me…..I’ll be the poor cunt mumbling and sweating like a cunt.

  6. Every Spaniard I ever met talked like he swallowed a bag full of marbles. Plus when in conversation with a Spaniard it’s best to stand behind an open umbrella because they mindlessly expectorate their previous meal like an Oirishman spits out his guilt. i.e. frequently.
    The Spanish? Cunce, but dumb cunce.
    The Oirish? Cunce.

    • Had to turn question time off. Not quite ready for a new TV, and the screen on this one isn’t shoe proof. Loach, fucking Cockloach more like.

      • Come on the true brits – all the pict, roman, German,French and the mixed up lovely stuff we are – fuck lily alllen. Toughen our kids up. 🙂

      • I don’t blame you. I’ve been thinking about this. Should I do the same? I think I should because this affects my kids….fuck knows…

      • Give it a go, I promise you that you will feel so much better. I did not watch much tv when I met my girlfriend, she was into soaps, especially NeverEnders & Neighbores, but she got fed up with them. We stopped watching bbc years ago when it became overrun by poofs, endless sport & cunts that cannot talk properly.

        We did not miss it at all, but then the other channels became as irritating. Go out the room for a few minutes, and when you come back in there’s the adverts with either some poofy cunt in high heels with a huge arse prancing around, or that cunt lineker shoving crisps into his fucking great gob. There are more annoying adverts, but I can’t remember them.

        We haven’t watched tv for ages now, of course I’ll record a film, download a film, or stream, but we do not miss the shit that is put out at all. I used to get so angry at the endless annoying adverts, I would flick over, but the cunts seem to put them all on at the same time. Life is so much better without tv.

  7. Feck this – going to join arrse – common sense (kinda) may prevail. Common sense mostly – blessed relief 🙂

  8. To be honest, I can’t really comment on this. Spain is one of the few places on the planet that I’ve never been to. Just never fancied it.

  9. I am angry and hurt -us Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh – we are strong together. – stupid those that do not know their own history – WW1 and 2. Oh, certain libs did the ‘white fleather’ – here ‘they’ go again.

  10. Can I ask The Cunters a question please, I’ve noticed a Log in section at the bottom of the page.

    Please pardon me for being a thick, and maybe a little tired, cunt, but can one register on here or something?
    I did click on it, as I’m a nosey cunt and it said enter your password, which suggests that one can register but I’m fucked if I can find it.

    Like I said, it could be me being somewhat of a thick, tired cunt but could you enlighten me please, thanking you in advance.
    A cunt.

    • I think that’s for WordPress if you’re a blogger innit Dio? Otherwise name and email to comment. Not your fault. Surrounded by wogs in Leicester it’s bound to fuck with your brain.

      • Cheers, fellow cunters, like I said I’m a little weary that tends to bring on the thickdom.
        Maybe I should’ve waited until the morrow, after I’ve rested.

        Alan, hate to admit it, but maybe you’re right, innit. 😏

      • @ Cuntybollocks

        Its for wordpress you could use it among other wordpress based blogs. Also some older and even newer blogs are sign in only

    • That’s the admin login. There’s no registration necessary but you can subscribe to comments or posts via the RSS feeds. Wouldn’t recommend the comments as there’s hundreds a day.

      • Hi all, cheer muchly for your answers to my question.

        In hindsight, I realise, I was a very very tired cunt( I’m not usually a thick cunt) all refreshed, I realise that it might of been a bit of a silly cunting question, wasn’t thinking, doh! Sorry.
        I blame my brain fucking of to bed without letting me know….the cunt.
        Ah well, I’ll add daft cunt to my repertoire.

  11. First World War and second – 12, 13, 14 yr old kids – that was the first – then come the next – the 17, 18 year olds. Try their shit – see how you manage.

  12. Oh dear. Just sobered up – guess I’m a cunt too. Except no excuses made for the kids of the First and Second World War. Enjoy breakfast and excuse my rantings – lovely cunts.

  13. The Spanish are the chavs of Europe. Crawling all over various parts of the world, shitting and stealing are pushing in queues, over populating like spilling water on a gremlin. No manners, rude and are trained during a driving test to hit as many parked cars as possible and own a car with no more than 25 dents in it. I never saw a unscathed car last time I had the misfortune of going abroad, which also during my time there the Spanish gave me a out of date fish to eat which then ended up me loosing half my body weight and been left with irreversible bowel and stomach disease! never again will I set foot in Spain – if my foot did set foot in Spain, it would turn green then fall off

  14. The Isle of Wight is my favourite holiday, not many horrible kids, Countyside, beach all on the one place, nice people and slower pace of life. Enjoyed London the couple of times apart from the heat and been unable to sleep with a window open at night due to sirens. York is one of my favourite places but best avoided on weekends due to hen/stag party’s. Come to Sunderland! It’s great here. Sunderland should be honoured for becoming the first City to vote for Brexit and telling the EU to fuck off! Unlike wimpy Newcastle!!!

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