Rowan Williams [4]


Former arch bishop and current thick cunt Rowan Williams is getting wet knickers regarding the arrival of a load of youths from the Calais jungle.

Some of these youths (not children ) have parents that are already here. How’s that happened? If their parents couldn’t give a fuck why should anyone else?

Williams can’t wait to welcome cunts that can’t wait to hate him and his beliefs.
What a fuckin’ bell end!

Nominated by: J R Cuntley 17/10

18 thoughts on “Rowan Williams [4]

  1. While on of religious figures that Dalai Lama is a proper cunt. Fucking self-appointed guru cunt as well.

    • Yeah but the dalai lama actually is solid on this issue, his usual liberal luvvie celeb crowd got extremely pissed off & butthurt when dalai said that the migrant bastards shouldn’t even be in europe.

      So dalai lama isn’t so popular at the moment with the leftist open border cunts. Its also no mystery that buddhist’s hates the moslem bastards and for good reason too

    • I fucking hate dalai lama and every thing to do with Buddhism.
      Worshipping an obese cunt sitting and grinning at every cunt while they struggle.
      But that dalai takes the piss. Believing he is special and has a touch of a god about him ,but the cunt wears glasses.
      travelling the globe preaching whilst being cared for by servants and befriending aging actors.
      China should wipe the cunts out and then poison all these middle class white western budists with an umbrella ella ella ella eh eh…….

      • Good point birdman, He has the divine blessing of god but has to wear glasses haha talk about a smug guru syndrome

  2. Mysteriously, this braindead Islamophile cares more about Allah than his own imaginary friend. Cunt.

    • All bishops are cunts and I think we should start bashing them. Dick Fiddler will be up for it, as he’s likely to be very experienced at that sort of thing. I quite like the almost gynecological website Damplips myself, in case you need any tips.

      • The police once responded to a call regarding me “bashing the bishop” behind the toilets in Sefton Park…how they chuckled when they realised that it was actually that talentless scouse “comedian” John Bishop who I’d kicked senseless…..

  3. Daft old wanker’ll need more than his whiny,sanctimonious gobbledegook to protect him when the peaceful people come calling.

    • If the cunt is looking for ideas on how to convert these cunts and prevent their delusional rendezvous with seventy two virgins, can I suggest a photo of Susan Boyle…..

  4. He’s cerebral. Lives in his own head, not in the real world. Pity he ain’t got the palsy to go with it. He’s just a gobshite mind spastic. No real thought there just sentimental emotional subjectivism. And didn’t he advocate Sharia Law for muzzers or summat? (Don’t bother to remind me and put me right). Tell you what cunt, liquidate some of the vast wealth and land holdings of the C of E and sort the fuckers out yerself (overseas please) and leave the tax receiving state out of it. Fuckin fluffy pink bellend twatmong bastard cunt.

  5. Rowan Williams,

    Robin Williams,
    Robbie Williams,

    And maybe David Walliams who was originally named Williams.

    Hmm, i think I’ll contact spivvey…….

      • Working my way through the Carry On box set right now.
        Fucking excellent.
        Even has the old half hour episodes of carry on laughing included…….

        And the fanny ain’t that bad either…..

  6. To my sister…….stop being a crap cunt, there’s a love.
    You know, as the eldest, I got first dibs on being the cunt in the family.
    I have had plenty of experience in cunting and have earned the right of my Cuntitude……you, however, are experiencing….cuntishness, it’s a phase, it’ll pass.
    Dont worry tho, you’ll get there, in the mean time…..behave, your embarrassing me, when we’re out.
    I’m morethancunting, thank you for listening.

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