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I would like to cunt B.T telesales cunts.

I’ve just had a phone call again from the BT Telesales team where as soon as they find out my phone is done through a switchboard the just hang up [not even a goodbye from the cunts ]
so from here on in I’m going to make it my mission to waste as much time as I can for any telesales retard that calls.

So you get fresh pesh from Bangladesh calling you at the crack of dawn due to the 4 hr difference nice as pie until you say switchboard and then click you talking to a telephonic abyss……

What a bunch of pestering,unwelcome and unwanted treble cunts!

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  1. My Dad used to work in BT telesales but he left as both the people above him and below him were useless obnoxious thick cunts.When he worked there he had a heart attack and a near mental breakdown.

    • When he was in the hospital the heart surgeon said they should have a cardiac ward for BT workers.My godmother also worked as a BT manager but left recently due to dangerously high blood pressure and mental health problems.

    • For me the worst thing about working at BT was that it still had a fairly heavily ingrained “public sector” feel about it, even in the mid-2000’s.

      Folk were promoted based on longevity rather than ability which meant that the bright sparks often fucked off after a couple of years knowing full well that the only way they’d get promoted was via deaths or retirements.

      The not so bright sparks couldn’t do anything else and so were happy to wait it out and get promoted via longevity as per their peers before them. This means that most team leads through to department heads are usually as dim as Aladdin’s lamp.

      The odd good bod – as Shaun states above – usually burns themselves out because they’re usually carrying a suite of cunts both above and below them.

      As a contractor I was ambivalent to any form of career shite with BT but I did work for a good bloke and myself and a few other contractors kept his bit running like a tight ship – that was until BT hired the services of one Al-Noor Ramji as their CIO (in Feb 2005 I think).

      Al-Noor Ramji was a director of Mahindra Associates and at the time was one of the biggest outsourcers of Indian based tech resources.

      His opening gambit (in a live broadcast to all BT workers, inc. contractors) was that UK contractors were too expensive and that they could be replaced with a cheaper Indian contractor workforce that would provide a much better level of service. Needless to say Mahindra became the lead supplier for that tech replacement (I have no doubt that Mr Ramji definitely did not receive a kick-back from the company where he was a director previously – not a single rupee I’m sure…).

      Anyway I was “outsourced” in August 2005 (i.e. given my 2wks notice) – much to the chagrin of the good boss (knowing where this was going). As a contractor you accept this, it’s all part of the game.

      December 2005 I get a phone call begging me to go back and as much as I liked the lads I worked with and the boss, I was already in another contract and I’ve never bust a contract in my life, and so I reluctantly turned him down.

      In Feb 2006 he took early retirement because he was fed up of having to “make it work” (with the outsourcing) and having to carry a bunch of fuckwits (both above and below).

      He probably got out early enough to avoid the physical/mental scars of this episode and had enough miles in the tank to make a go of it elsewhere (I lost touch but I hope so).

      I’ve just looked up auld Al-Noor Ramji and now the cunt has wormed his arse into The Prudential Group. I have a life insurance policy with them and my Mrs’ pension is with them. So there’s two of my financial products fucked if he has as positive an effect on that group! Cunt!

  2. BT have left me alone totally since I left their service and went with another provider. I cunted them away last year as I was totally sick of crap service. I’m now getting much more stable broadband and have sliced my monthly bills in half. I should have seen sense and left ages ago.

    Anyway, this sums it up perfectly. Gold…

    • That was 10yrs ago.

      Had it occurred now during operation millenial and the snowflake factor the callee would now be doing 25yrs in Broadmoor for quite clearly being clinically insane (sensible) while the callee would be minted on a 7 figure payout from BT for PTSD.

      When the call recording started I actually thought it was me. I treat all cold calls with such high regard! They have my name and address (although how I have no fucking idea) and so if they take the arse they know where the fuck to find me and discuss it in person.

      No? Ok I’m sure the tweets and Facebook utterings are really hurtful and damaging and if I had an account with either I’m sure I’d be shocked and upset – just like you piss-stains would.


  3. Cheers cwccc for using this one, and twat varnish for the U TUBE clip I nearly wet myself its tucking bang on….I wonder how much well deserved abuse these cunts can take….I’m gonna put it to the test on the next telesales count to ring me…… also I’ve had to go back and correct all the spell checker alterations…. spill checker is a count

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