Black and British


I would like to cunt the new show on BBC 4, Black and British.

The BBC today announced Black And British, a season of programming celebrating the achievements of black people in the UK and exploring the rich culture and history of black Britain.

A celebratory series of Black Britain. Confuses me this one. One day we are all equal, the next it is again Black and White.

Will this follow with White and British?

Fuck off Lenny Henry

Nominated by: King Cunt

28 thoughts on “Black and British

  1. How could Lenny Henry visit starving kids eating bowls of dust and sit in front of the cameras all teary eyed, then go home and watch his obese ex wife work her way through what ever made her that size…….

    Do you think he showed the starving toastracks a picture of her , or do you think he was sworn to secrecy that he was a chunky loving hypocritical tremendously unfunny cunt……….

    • They would no doubt want to put an apple in her mouth and turn her over a lump of coals for the next village gathering

    • Lenny Henry is a cunt who only made it because there weren’t many Black people on the TV. Now he goes on about there not being enough Black people on TV. If there were ore Black people on the TV back then Lenny you wouldn’t wven have made it you unfunny cunt.

  2. “Celebrating the achievements of black people!” must be a comedy or Sherlock Holmes mystery because I cannot think of one off the top of my head. Oh God please don’t tell me that fat slag Abbott is involved.
    Achievements? Fraud, drug dealing, street stabbings. “steaming” (remember that one?) Notting Hill Riotfestival… No, I think they can stick their “achievements” right where the sun shineth not.

  3. Grugs and fraud fucking obviously turning old shops into churches grug fronts muggings the list goes on and on and the fucking BBC cant tell the fucking difference between lenny henry and fucking ainsley hariott, they all knock me a fucking sick their cunts.

  4. Black and British?

    Two words sum up the ‘Achievements’ of black people in this country.


    Apart from that everything they have is what the white man gave them.

  5. I’m sorry but Blacks really do need to sort their shit out and get a grip.

    Every Black immigrant population in the world is more deprived, poorer and more violent than indigenous populations in that country. Africa, their home continent is a fucking basket case. The only glimmer of hope are the countries which used to have European rule and where many Europeans still choose to live despite huge pressure on them to leave. I’m thinking South Africa, Rhodesia and SW Africa.

    Sure, a few of them can jig about and sing a song for the entertainment of whites or they can beat each other to a pulp in the ring again for the entertainment of whites but the vast majority remain poor, under educated and net burdens on their communities.

    What is wrong with the cunts? I really wish it wasn’t the case, but it is and the cunts need to take a good long hard look at themselves, stop blaming others, take some responsibility and sort it the fuck out.

    • Try going to an airshow which is the biggest public participation event in Britain. No blacks.

      Steam fairs. No blacks.

      Country fairs. No blacks.

      Anything to do with science or engineering.
      No blacks.

      Then go somewhere where there’s either drums or chicken and you are knee deep in the cunts.
      And they are either robbing the White people or attacking the other black ones with knives.

  6. As long as no one celebrates being white or British that’s all good. Doing so would be racist.

  7. Being half Black and half White, I have what I like to think of as a balanced insight into the cuntishness of both races. Black people need to sort out the chip on there shoulders and stop blaming slavery (mostly Carribean black people) and oppression for their own mistakes and not taking the opportunities they are given, they need to look at the gang culture and money driven bullshit these rappers go on about and realise it’s all bullshit and that what these rappers talk about (cars, planes etc) they will never be able to afford. There is discrimination of course and at the end of the day you can either let it push you down or rise above it and take the opportunities this country or any western country gives you and move up the fucking ladder. I didn’t do well at school through my own choice and I have made and continue to make something of myself, and another thing although there is discrimination why add to your child’s burden by calling it DuShane or Tanisha. I am a British man with English and Jamaican blood, I don’t need a Black British celebration to remind me of some the great Black people in history and I dont need a White celebration to remind me of the great White people in history. Life is difficult enough without any extra cuntishness, Black, White you can all fuck off ya cunts.

  8. One other point I would like to make is that although Black people have caused a lot of trouble over the years let not forget the positives. The standard of sport in this country (football, athletics etc) would be crap without black contribution and don’t forget also Black people like my Jamaican Grand Uncle fought in the war for Britain. So it’s not all negative. Lastly one thing I don’t get is you’ll get the most racist white cunt who wants a suntan so he’s darker than me and his wife wants lip implants and he likes Ska and Reggae. What da bloodclaat is going on.

    • Wise words Sir, being a total cunty fuckwit has no relation to skin colour never has never will in my book. Now if religion plays apart that is another matter. It seems to me that thoughts and indoctrination cause the real problems in this World. I judge persons by their actions not their colour.

  9. Don’t mind black people generally. I’ve had a rant before about the enslavement of Britons. I do not like Lenny Fucking Henry. I had a minor accident years ago with a cunt named Richardson. I got out me car, accepted responsibility and treated him with unconditional positive regard. Mistake, I should have stereotyped the cunt and locked the doors. He bounced me over the road, shook me warmly by the throat and insisted we go to a cash point and settle by cash immediately: “Me don’t want to hear ’bout no insurance.” Of course the dreadlocked fucker was drugged. The accident happened in Highfields, Leicester. The police were called by a good samaritan who saw my predicament. Those cunts just treated it as an accident and we were ordered to take our documents in to the local nick. Of course the Richardson cunt couldn’t. End of. No claim made. He was the sort of cunt who gave black people and the human race a bad name. Years ago there was a song by Bob and Marcia at the start of this Black shit following the Louis Farrakhan black power thing in America, called Young. Gifted and Black. I sang it to one of my black work colleagues as Old,Senile and White. She laughed like only West Indian women can.

  10. Take a look at this map of the world.

    It shows IQ of the populations of different countries and express these as colours on the map. The stand out feature is that all of sub Saharan Africa is in shades of red corresponding to IQ of bellow 65 to 75, we’ll be kind and say an average ( mean ) of 70. Now look at UK. We have an average IQ of 100. ( Note how Southern Ireland have an IQ 10 points bellow the UK’s ).

    Now of course these are only average figures, some people will have higher scores and some lower scores. This is where normal probability and standard deviation comes in. Don’t worry, I’ve done the maths for you. For your standard African wog to be as intelligent as the average British person would put them in the top 2% of wogs. In other words 98% of the wogs we are letting into the country at the moment will be less intelligent than the average British person.

    Science is soooo fucking racist.

    • A genuine question S.E…..I don’t ever remember doing an IQ test at school,but I did change schools quite often so maybe I just fell through the cracks. Are all children given an IQ test now,and if so,at what age?

      • In truth I don’t know where the source data comes from, each country has a different method for testing its population. My guess is that local universities test random population samples to obtain a representative view of each nations score.

        There are plenty of online IQ tests if you want to try one.

  11. I imagine it’s not a test taken by everyone but a dip sample.
    So no, u don’t need to worry that u didn’t get a test at school.

  12. When will we get a series of BBC programmes celebrating England and the English?

    • Don’t know about a programme celebrating the English but don’t be surprised about something slagging the English (by that they mean white) for being racists, anti foreign and generally cuntish individuals.
      This despite that the – for them – uncomfortable truth is the English/British have been responsible for countless changes for good throughout the world.
      Fair enough that a large number of these changes were initially started at the point of a bayonet but we shouldn’t spend any time at all in apologising for what occurred centuries ago in some cases.
      I am certain there are millions in this country who feel the same way but as soon as we open our mouths “Little Englander” is trotted out along with the usual racist and bigot labels.
      Every other cunt has, it appears, made a contribution to this country which is worthy of mention (agreed) but the indigenous population can go fuck themselves.
      The ABBC are cunts with no idea or interest of balance and a totally slanted view of diversity.

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