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  1. is this cunt responsible for lilly the mongo?if so get a time machine so we can go back the the dreaded night and give the twat a condom and a fucking slap…..treble cunt

  2. I had an actress friend who when just out of drama school landed a part in a TV film that Allen was in. He leered and leched over her for the duration of the shoot, and each time she knocked him back he would get drunk, then turn up outside her hotel room late at night, pissed as a cunt, insulting her and demanding that she let him in so that he could give her acting lessons…

    Ever since she told me that, I’ve always thought Allen an obnoxious, conceited cunt who thoroughly deserves to have his ugly fat face kicked in.

    • He obviously thinks he is a troubled genius like Oliver Reed or Richard Burton. But he isn’t, he is just a drunken cunt.

    • Amen to that Fred, the skidmark always had the look of a cunt to me.
      Never warmed to the talentless cunt either no matter what sorry bollocks he was appearing in because he always was/is a cunt.

  3. He’s a drivelling snivelling labour luvvie who has no intention of dirtying his hands with immigrants, just content to tell us how we should embrace them and thus feel so very good about ourselves.
    A dinner party div, a pretend Labour slimeball and a white hot fencepost up his arse would be a kindness. He is a boring and not very good actor as well. They say these things because it gets them noticed by the top echelon Labour shampagne swilling wanktanks that are equally so far away from what the rank and file need and want that it defies belief that their actually is a Labour party.
    Corbyn remains silent ,not because it’s a ploy but because the thick dumbo spudbrained cunt has nothing to contribute.

  4. He is indeed a fucking prick. He can’t play more than one part, and to be honest there are plenty of others who can do that part an do it far better. But he is the biggest twat for not shooting his load on whatever he was shagging’s tits rather than conceiving his CUNT of a daughter.

  5. This cunt shouldn’t get his own cunting, B Grade has been cunts would be the best place for him.

  6. This guy is a fucking buffoon i recon every body is just fucking fed up with this cunts buffoonery this is a prime example of cunt who needs a rope round his fucking neck,he knocks me a fucking sick hes a cunt.

  7. I am being a lazy cunt and decided not to drive today so here I am on a coach from London to Bristol. There’s only a fucking woman driving the coach, I hope I make it home. I might tell her she should be at home doing the ironing.

  8. Saw that lily Allen once in Notting Hill, she gave me the eye as I drove past. She is a stupid cunt but I would fuck her. Never let a woman who is cunt get in the way of getting some of her cunt.

    • You shallow man!! Disgraceful way to speak about the fairer sex. You should be ashamed of youself…… Fancy double-teaming the slaaaag?

      • Ha ha, not really my thing DF, I am sure you would be able to satisfy her on your own.

  9. Yet again I’d never heard of this cunt, I had to look him up on Wikipedia and you know what? He’s an ocean going cunt. He shoulda fucked his missus up the dirt box, Vaz style, that day; young Lily the mong would’ve ended up as arse wipe down the shitter. Best place for the cunt and him.

  10. He may have sired Lily the mong but he never brought her up the irresponsible cunt. This also explains why Lilly is a mong and sells sex to children via her mong music.

  11. Did anyone else see that documentary a few years ago when Keith Allen took a load of people with Tourettes Syndrome on a day trip somewhere on a coach?.I struggle to remember what the point of it was, probably just to draw attention to himself a bit, the mad cunt. It did have it’s moments, one being when one bloke was introduced to Prince Charles and proceeded to call him ” a jug eared cunt”. HRH pretended it wasn’t happening which was also very funny. But the whole thing left me thinking what a nasty selfish cunt Allen was.

    • I’d love to tell Charles that he is “a jug eared twat”, and I don’t even have Tourettes. Lucky cunt.

      • You’ve got something there DF. I may pretend I have Tourettes at work tomorrow, could be fun. Whilst we are at it, I may also pretend to be 15 yrs older seeing as there must be so many gullible cunts about, as I have worked for 33 yrs and frankly the novelty has worn off so I want me pension now!

  12. I reckon Allen sucked a cock or two in the early eighties…was a bit of rough trade for some thesspian old ponce…funny how he went from small time crook out of borstal to being in notting hill luvvy curcuit.

  13. Saw him about in Manchester in the 80s/90s… Hovered around New Order like a greenbottle around shit… Was a very obnoxious and loud cunt when pissed, and I saw him get deservedly slapped a couple of times… The man is a total cunt…

  14. Cunt actor that thinks he is hard. I would love to put a four by two round the cunts head

    • Nice one, TitSlapper… Stipe was always a whiny sounding cunt and, although not at Bono’s level of cuntitude, also a bit of a do-gooding preaching cunt too.. REM were OK in parts, but were mainly a Byrds/Burritos rip-off… And considering Stipe has used the ‘tradesman’s entrance’ for years, he’s not going to look too healthy, is ho?… Maybe they should have called themselves RAM? Rapid Arse Movement…

      • Yeah I agree REM is definitely a byrds/burritos ripoff early stuff was alright Murmur and reckoning was ok-ish.

        I’m surprised he isn’t dead yet to be honest in the 90’s he looked so weak and frail. RAM would of been a better title and also a tribute to Macca’s horrible RAM album lol 🙂

  15. I think Norman said it all in his contribution under the headline picture.
    Even though I have fuck all to do I am wasting no time in adding extra cunting to the Mongs old man.

  16. I don’t know, there was some good acting in ‘bodies’. What gets me is that he really should have told his talentless daughter to shut the fuck up… painful dirges with fuckwit lyrics…. SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    Another point is people who lose their accent or engage in received pronunciation are most definately, ahem, cunts. I thought he was born in Cardiff and in Wales for quite a time. What happened to his accent? (especially Cardiff…. you got to really persevere to get rid of that condition look you) Though I’d like to hear Lily speaking her banal lyrics in a really broad Cardiff accent, that would give me a chuckle..

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