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The Guardian is due a cunting for it’s front page today showing the Associated Press photograph of a 16 year old Ethiopian refugee crying at a processing centre.

Now I thought that cunt smear Gob Bellendoff sorted that fucker out years ago with his “give us your fucking money” rant yet here the Ethiopian cunt is trying to get to England and bleating because the Frenchies are flattening his hovel. Time for another stadium gig on reinforced stage with the fat cunts Adele Asmell and Lilly Mong headlining.

But….this is not the point of the cunting. That fucker on the Grauniad’s front page is not fuckin 16. Don’t insult my intelligence. It looks like a photoshopped Frank Bruno doing a bit of crisis acting on the side. You could plant crops in the creased furrows on his brow and feed the fucking world (are you listening Nob Goboff?). My brow’s just about that creased in me fuckin 60s.

I doubt the lying cunt is Ethiopian either, he don’t look like one, or Somalian; Nigerian maybe. So wherever he’s from he should fuck off back there, invest himself in his own country to its betterment and not head here expecting a free handout.

The Guardian is a complete cunt for passing on the lie of a parasitic cunt who’s a migrant, not a fucking refugee. Cunts.

Nominated by: Alan Fistula

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  1. At a first glance I thought it was professional white hating sanctomonious cuntbag Darcus Howe.

  2. Another fucking cunt who will be after your bank account numbers this cunt got fraud written right accross hiss fucking face this croc of shit wants putting under a fucking steam roller and after that wants pasting on a billboard and made an example of,he knocks me a fucking sick hes a cunt.

  3. English councils are a disease… They do nothing for taxpaying working people or the elderly, yet they will let any sponging wog (either the European Gyppo or ‘Religion Of Peace’ variety) get whatever they want… Anyone hear the one about one council toying with the idea of banning a town centre christmas tree, in case it offends all the goatfucking rapeugees and wacky pakis? Madame May needs to sort this out…These councils are run like little banana republics and dictatorships… Foreigners take priority over English children and pensioners and the likes of council receptionists and even binmen act like the Gestapo on crack… Andy C’s recent point about how his bin wasn’t emptied yet a bunch of filthy wogs got all their shite cleaned up is just one example… And now the cunts want even more Johnnies and spongers to arselick and pander to?! Fucking bastards…

    • muncipalities in england are staff by three types of cunts: wogs, fat kathies, and malcomn the tosser thats been since passing 2 o levels in 1968.

  4. He looks more like a reject from the Black and White ministerial show. A show incidentally which was NOT racist and Was brilliant.
    I know they can put on their own benefit concert and call it the black lazy entitled cunt show.
    Rise their own bloody money fuckers.

    • Best Black and White Minstrel Show was the one in which the cunts dressed in kilts and sang twatty Scottish songs. Two racial stereotypes for the price of one. I can’t find it on YouTube but I did find a video of The Black A White Minstrels Singing Firestarter by The Prodigy. I can’t remember seeing it first time round – well worth checking out.

  5. I can’t believe my eyes. Is this a genuine front page or some mash up? Has the Guardian completely given up any pretense of being a serious news paper? Next they will be saying Ethiopians are born old and gradually look younger as they age, a la “The curious case of Benjamin Button”.

    I have lived and worked in Africa for a fair bit of my life and am used to seeing wogs and I can tell you that they tend to age much better than white eyes do. Its not unusual to see one you think is about 30 and turns out to be 45. Bearing this in mind the guy in the photo looks at least in his 30s and so is probably in his 40s.

    • I had to look twice at least. How can anyone accept the cunt is 16.
      The Grauniad obviously has no journalists left and is taking its news from social media and a bloke in the pub. That’s surely the only explanation.

      • Its sick how msm uses photos as a propaganda scheme for sympathy. A reason I personally swore off Mainstream news all together.

        First the bloody beach boy, then the blasted boat boy,and 3 weeks ago the dirty ambulance boy! Now we got 35 yr old posing as a 16 yr old boy?, what the bleeding hell?!….. unfuckingbelievable

  6. Honey G is a cunt…
    How this fat fake chav wigga exhibitionist of a turd has become headline news shows what a shithole and freakshow Blighty has become… Of course, it’s only to be expected that Satan Cowell is ‘mentoring’ such a piece of talentless dignity-free shite… But if that Honey cunt was even a distant relative of mine I would either deny all knowledge or tell everyone that she was dead… Wish she fucking was, the pathetic cunt…

  7. Councils refusing to take migrants scum is the only way they can be stopped. The original Dubbs amendment was for 3000 of the man/child/monkey scum to be admitted but this was rejected and a compromise was reached where no actual figure was mentioned and the final number was up to the councils who would take them.

    This could end one of two ways; the councils get into a virtue signaling bidding war to see who can take the most or else councils can say “Fuck off, we are not taking any”.

    It seems 25% of councils are following the later route, but are being named and “shamed” for doing so. It still leaves 75% of the fuckers virtue signaling like cunts until we end up with far more than the 3000 originally mentioned in Dubbs.

  8. Holy mother of chargrilled shit? If that guy is 16…I’m Peter North. This country is shamelessly fucked. Commonsense is now dead. Matter of fact reasoning has packed up and flown away. I honestly and literally shudder what this country will be in another 10 to 15 years time…although that’s wishful thinking. Shit and fan have been an item for a long time now. Generation Snowflake marks the beginning of the end for rational thought-processes. I wouldn’t even buy the guardian to stand my tin of emulsion on. What in the name of rare sanity?

    “Armageddon is almost upon us!”
    “I got news for you buddy, it’s already here”

    • I wouldn’t even wipe my arse on The Guardian… These cunts have a funny idea of what is and isn’t a ‘child’…. That blubbing shitstick on the front of The Grauniad is a kid? Yeah right, and I’m giving Christina Hendricks a good seeing to tonight…

      And that odious smear of slime, Lineker, needs a cricket bat in his mush…

  9. 16? And the rest, try mid thirties plus and as for “tears” a quick bit of water from a tap or bottle, give it a wail to set up the shot and job done. We have no duty to these rapefugees and benefit tourists from Upper Rapistan or Lower Childbonkovia so they can all fuck right off.

  10. He should just contact a football agent.
    Arsenal or Chelsea would give him 300k a week to add them to their nig parade.
    Footballing ability just a trifling matter.

  11. What the fuck gives this cunt the right to come to Britain. He isnt even a fucking refugee.fuck him. 16 my bellend.

  12. Just take a look at that gorilla and ask do we want him and his wog mates here. One day it will be too late and we will be well and truly fucked. Talking about gorillas I saw that nigger bitch Diane Abbott’s window licking picture the other day, made me sick to the stomach.

  13. The guardian is run by utter CUNTS and read by even bigger ones, from my own experience most of their readers are pseudo intellectual types who take what the guardian says as 100% correct, of late the paper has come up with some hysterical nonsense…
    One wrote that after Brexit people were stopping him in the street in New York and saying how sorry they were for him and the Uk in general?? Maybe his American democrat newspaper pals were but I was in New York at the same time and virtually nobody was talking about and those that did thought Brexit was a good idea !! , also New York is a big city and like all big cities people don’t tend to just come up to you in the street and start talking, especially about politics!! A bull shit story…
    Today the guardian shouts that Jewish people are looking to leave the Uk?? Apparently Portugal has been swamped with inquiries?? So how many inquiries has there been?? 10,000? No 5,000 ? No 1500 maybe?? Nope, 1000?? Err no, 500?? Surely!! No, 400 is the number!!! 400 inquiries 😂😂, but the guardian says that could represent thousands!!! But they don’t have the figures!!
    Amazing headline backed up with nothing more than 400 inquiries…. sad pathetic Cunts at the guardian with yet another non story…..

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