Unregulated capitalism


Time to nominate unregulated hypercapitalism for a cunting.

Interesting debate on the RMT thread about renationalising the railways got me thinking. Lots of folks on this esteemed website throwing the word “left” around to cunt various cunts. I’m just going to say that childish identity politics and the defence of jihadist pricks is not my version of being left-wing.

I’m not some perennial sixth-form cunt who hates capitalism but still drives Daddy’s Volvo to the horseys after lessons. If you have a talent, a service or a great idea that can be sold for a profit then fucking go for it, you deserve your success. Unfortunately, capitalism needs reining in to stop it becoming an oligarchy of the already-rich – left to its own devices, capitalism is a total cunt. Thus, Kim Uglydashian can amass a $50million fortune for showing her fat arse on the internet, wiggy fat Scouse granny-fuckers can get 300,000 quid a week for (badly) kicking a ball around and Donald “I’m a complete cunt” Trump can be considered an entrepreneurial genius despite being born with a silver spoon up his ass.

The current economic system of unregulated hypercapitalism is a complete cunt. Utter cunts like “Sir” Philip Green can get away with stealing millions whilst some junkie cunt is thrown in chokey for stealing a DVD player. The banking cunts wreck the entire Western economy and the fucking taxpayer picks up the bill. The railways are privatised at a quarter of their worth and then pay substantial dividends to their (thieving) shareholders whilst being subsidised by the taxpayer.

You wouldn’t run an unregulated zoo – the lions would pork their way through all the zebras, antelopes and various other crap herbivores before you could say “Alex Salmond is a cunt.” Similarly, capitalism needs to be regulated with rules to protect ordinary working people from utter cunts who would sell their nine year old daughter to ISIS for a couple of quid. Therefore to be “left-wing” is NOT to support chav scum spending their dole on White Lightning or Muslim slave women shooting out the next generation of jihadists on child benefit. It’s keeping a fucking leash on cunts who would fuck us all up the ass with a fish fork if they thought they could get away with it.

Socialism is probably shit and Communism is a joke. But unregulated hypercapitalism is also a total cunt and needs sensible controls or we’ll all end up living in a Charles Dickens novel.

Any logical fallacies in the above argument can be explained by it being Friday night and the second bottle of wine being open.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

25 thoughts on “Unregulated capitalism

  1. The Capitalist model is however the one that actually creates wealth to spread around and give a share to those prepared to work for it. The key word is regulation, it must be regulated. Our biggest problem by far is FIAT banking and the ability to create money out of thin air then pump it into the global economy and charge interest on it. If this isn’t some kind of numbers racket what is.

    For free trade and capitalism to work goods or services must be paid for with something that can then be taken to a bank and exchanged for something of value, usually silver or gold. Money is after all a promisary note and not of any value itself.

    Capitalism is currently in control of organisd crime, the crime lords have themselves or their patises elected to positions of power and are then able to control the laws and regualtions governing them.

    The fact the left have been infiltrated by people who are more interested in identity politics and causes that have very little meaning to the working man rasies the question who planted them?

    Currently the whole financial, juducial and political system is corrupt to the degree you can’t cut out the corruption, the whole rotten system has to go.

    Taking the system down is likely to end what passes as our society for a good few years.

    We seem to be proper fucked.

  2. Excellent. cunting cunts mate cunt!As you say capitalism is better than the alternative and can be good it does need reigning in at times.I have no problem with centre left philosophy on economics but it seems that most on the left these days are more interested in identity politics and their hatred for capitalism and nation states to address these issues.All well and good blaming uber cunts like Philip Green for exploiting people.What we need is solutions to stop these slimy cunts not vague platitudes.As for Green I hope the evil greedy cunt falls off a boat and drowns like Maxwell.

  3. Can I cunt the creation of a huge new German, sorry, I mean EU army?

    What you will have with an eu army, if you get to the bones of it, is an army with the combined military power of Italy, France and Germany, to name the main players but including 20 odd others extra.

    It is not needed due to NATO, so you have to look at why the cunts want it.
    The Germans rule the eu.
    The Germans will be in control of this army.
    It will be an enormous structure to rival the us military in time.
    It will have laws enabling its deployment at short notice, or it would be useless.
    So what you have in essence is a huge military force in Central Europe, controlled by the Germans and yet under an eu flag and so isn’t answerable to German Parliament.
    This can be deployed by unelected eu officials on paper, so the people have no control.
    By Germany having financial control over the eu, they now have bought the loyalty of the rest of the eu. They have conquered Europe by financial means.
    The eu would like to expand fully into Russian territory. Hence the mess in Ukraine.
    Germany-expanding into Russia.
    Ring any bells?

    Take your seats for round 3.

    Just think about the republic army in the shit 2000’s Star Wars trilogy.
    Turned into storm troopers didn’t they.
    That’s the eu.

    • The Story goes that French Socialists prompted the birth of the EU and French socialists co-opted German National Socialists to work together to form a union and save France the embarrassment of Germany kicking their arses again with the added bonus France would be the joint ruler of the new Europe.

      Saying it’s all Germany is a mistake, the devious French cunts are up to their necks in it. Don’t forget the Vichy French who were more than happy to be part fo the Gemrna empire in exchange for power.

      Maybe we should of taken Hitler up on his peace overtures and saved ourselves a lot of grief in the long run.

      • Worked with a polish girl once. She said her old man hated the Frogs more than the Jerries as on his way to the UK in the war he knew the krauts were after him but didn’t know which one of the French surrender merchants was going to give him up.
        Treacherous cunts. They seem to love the taste of German sausage and like it up their arses as well.

    • No army can defend against the unfettered breeding programme of the muslims. Guns and planes can’t defend against an internal enemy which will simply outbreed the indigenous population.
      I believe that Putins’ Russia or the Chinese are probably the only powers with the will and capability to withstand the creeping Islamification which we have allowed to flourish. Caught between a rock and a hard place, I wouldn’t have too much hope for Western culture.
      Islam is a far greater threat to us than any conventional army could ever be.

      • That is perfectly true.
        The western world will be done within 100 years.
        All of it.

        The tapeworm of Muslim culture will overthrow us and kill us off.
        But like a parasite it will then die off itself as it produces nothing. Will have no one to live off, after burning through all western resources and reducing us to a third world status ravaged by conflict.

        Hopefully Russia/China/India/s.America keep the cockroaches out.
        For the sake of the species anyway!

      • Not too sure how the peaceful people of Bradford,Rotherham etc. will feel about a Polaris missile up their pipes. Still,you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

      • They really are like parasites,aren’t they? Bleed the host dry until their greed and ignorance leaves nothing but filth and corruption.

  4. Emergency cunting for Alex Salmond.
    He’s been mouthing off about Scotland should block Brexit if it can.

    Fuck off you cunt.

      • Apparently Nicola Sturgeon is monitoring the Brexit legal appeal to see if Scotland can get involved. Scotland voted to stay in the UK and the UK voted for Brexit. You cunt.

      • The Scottish government is openly working for the destruction of the Union, surely that is high treason and said MSP’s should by now have their heads on spikes in various cities around Jockistan so the local’s understand better how this shit works.

        An alternative is to send them out to do a meet n greet with IS, though I suspect the cunts would join up with said terrorists against the common enemy names us Sassenach bastards.

        On the upside I did enjoy Celtics latest European adventure which I feel gives more gravity to the following statement.

        Brendan Rodgers is a Cunt.

    • He doesn’t need worry, the way May is prevaricating we’ll all be in our boxes before Brexit is implemented.

      • We should do the german thing, get everyone building the up the infrastructure, build up the best armed forces in Europe and head back into Europe. If they want us in Europe they get us on our terms.

        We rule you serve.

        Some of the tourists may not like their visas cancelled but hey shit happens.

      • Nah that is overly pessimistic.If she bullshits too long Davis Fox Johnson Patel and Leadsom will resign at the same time and Johson or Patel will run for leadership with the backing of the others plus all the eurosceptive MPs.May would then either resign or lose to the challengeras Tory members are predominantly EurosceptivEither way they would implement Brexit.May though isnt stupid so I think realise she has to push the article 50 trigger within months.

      • Sadly May is stupid, she just has enough rat cunning that she realised the desperate Remainers needed someone senior to scuttle Boris. Despite having been spectacularly useless as Home Secretary, a job she retained through woman quota and ability to talk tough while achieving nothing, She was the one person willing to risk it all.

        Will she do her best to bugger up Brexit? Why do you think the Remainers were cumming in their pants for her to become PM unopposed. I doubt anything will happen on article 50 until 2019, when they will test the waters to see if it would cause riots to back down after an election. What is really needed is a Conservative version of Momentum, infiltrating each Tory branch and removing the Remainers.

        Of real concern is her decision not to introduce points based immigration. The one group in our society who were solidly leave were our peaceful friends. They were not happy at having millions of white Christian ethnic minorities entering the UK. It would be all too easy for Labour to start stitching up those groups for block votes, and presto changeo our peaceful friends don’t have quite the sway they currently enjoy.

        May is a cunt, but on past record could do even more damage to Brexit by actively supporting it. In truth a medical retirement (a la SuperMac) is the best we can hope for.

  5. This cunting should be the lead article in tomorrows Times.

    Humans never seem to learn from history. Cunts.

  6. Interesting cunting for sure. Like most here, I agree the rich and manipulative fat cats do require some regulation. Human nature being what it is, if there’s a fast buck (or million) to be made – even at someone else’s expense – there’s usually a long line of cunts ready to do the dirty. The issue I have with the left/liberal ‘woe is me’ socialist types is the hypocrisy. They’ll spend a life time as fully paid up union members, mouthing off about the common/working man and how down trodden they are, spitting bile at the wealthy at every twist and turn. Then one lucky bugger wins the lottery and it’s instant ‘I’m alright jack’. Do these cunts shove wads of hundreds through the letter boxes of all their friends, relatives and neighbours? Do they fuck! It’s a 2 finger salute and off to the Bahamas. No shame in that – I’d do the same thing. The only difference is, I’m not a lifetime socialist with a chip on my shoulder and a ‘gimme gimme gimme’ attitude.

  7. There used to be a political party; it was called the Liberal party. It believed that Capitalism was the way forward, but that left unregulated it would lead to Oligarchy. Consequently, it sought to introduce regulations, and improve workers rights, while allowing the workers themselves to organise through Unions. There were always a reasonable rump of wankers attached to the party, called radicals, who sought to stir up shit for the sake of it, but the Liberal party was large enough to prevent their having anything other than a protest voice.

    Now the Labour party, the sons of those radicals, claim to be Liberal. They have made this claim solidly since 1989, when their sponsors had their arses handed to them. I’m with Cunts mate cunt, lets return to having regulated capitalism that benefits all who wish to partake in the betterment of the UK.

  8. We had the fat cunt Maxwell and everyone shat themselves with anger and sadness that he could get away with it. Lessons were learned of course , enquiries have been conducted and the square root of fuck all plus vat has been done so the next fat cunt does the same thing.
    How fucking hard is it to pass a fucking law that says pension funds cannot be used like this, any half arsed local solicitor could draw one up yet the gormless pissflaps in our government allow another load of poor unfortunate buggers to lose great chunks of their pension to a cunt who should be purged with a mechanical digger up his fat rectum.
    It’s fucking theft , pure and simple and the grossercunt Green can swan about on his yacht spending the retirement money of his staff and seems untouchable because he hasn’t actually broken the law.
    Because Governement wankers have let him by not doing the simplest thing to protect the vulnerable from scavenging smegbags like him.

    • it’s about CEOs had pension fund performance included in their bonus criteria/KPIs
      AND they should introduce the concept of malus (a negative bonus) so when they fuck up spectacularly a good chunk of their basic and pension contributions is withheld

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