Modern Western Life


What the fuck happened?
Even as recently as the 90’s life was pretty cool and fun.

Enter cultural Marxism, under the guise of political correctness.
It went like a targeted virus into every corner of life.
The under 30’s now are so brainwashed by it that within 30 years, well, I’m just glad I’ll be on the way out.

It’s been the total assassination of every element of common sense.
The promotion and favouritism by the establishment of any and all minorities.

We can’t say no to illegal immigrants for fear of causing offence.
Gays have more rights under marriage than “normal” people do.
Toddlers being encouraged to ask for a sex change.
The harder you work, the more penalised you get.
The bigger waste of space you are, the more you are offered.
Coppers in line to be recruited with face tattoos and drug convictions.

Everything that was a pinned on bad idea 30 years ago is being touted as the way to go.

The road to ruin is dressed up as the yellow brick road.

The two party system in this country means it makes no difference who you vote for as they are both onboard.
Anyone who suggests an alternative is destroyed by the media and establishment as islamophobia, homophobic, racist, sexist, their life and family are threatened and their life is promptly destroyed.

Brexit was a punch in the guts to this ideology.
Gotta stamp on the cunts head while it’s still on the ground.

Trouble is the only guy with big enough boots was Nigel and I think he succumbed to the threats.

Of course most of my friends just ignore it all and concentrate on their tiny bubble of work and family and let everything crumble on the outside.
That’s what they want you to do though.
Sorry to sound like a conspiracy cunt but I’ve realised that if it’s really happening, then it’s not a conspiracy.

Enough to make you want to move to the outer Hebrides.

Thanks you cunts.
I was enjoying my life.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

35 thoughts on “Modern Western Life

  1. Agree with all of that but we must allocate some blame to the reptilian bunch of illiterate arseholes otherwise known as the Press and meedja. They scoop up any fucking bollocks hawked up by a single interest group of sad lonely fuckers and spread it across their papers or screen when they should be out looking for real news.
    They need a steamroller cunting, especially the Mail on Line, the BBC [wankers right down to the fucking doorman] and most of the useless pennypinching shitty rags that used to write news and not gossip and bollocks about people who are no better than dogshit on the country’s shoe.
    Gay socialist leftie turdrags are running the fucking lot of them and there can never be enough cunting of these gits.

    • Brilliantly said, Trouserbulge.

      The scaremongering right wing press either exaggerates or downright fabricates the vast majority of these extreme examples of “political correctness gone mad” just as they casually fabricate the “fact” that red wine/red meat/chocolate gives you cancer/reduces the risk of cancer, or that the country is about to be brought to a standstill by a heatwave/snowstorm.

      Newspaper editors frequently whine about freedom of expression or the need to hold the powerful to account – but display a hugely cavalier atttitude towards the Editors’ Code’s principal requirement of “truth and accuracy” and of course won’t permit any fuckers to hold the newspapers themselves to account. Hypocritical fucking scum.

      • I’m guessing the remark about “Gay socialist leftie turdrags are running the fucking lot of them” was ironic since BBC News, Mail Online, Daily Express, Guardian Online, The Telegraph and the Murdoch rags are so far up the Tories’ arseholes, they can taste their breakfast.

        The idea that BBC News (Head of News is a former Murdoch editor) or Guardian Online (currently transforming into a right of centre copy of Mail Online, with leader columns written by David Cameron’s former speechwriter) are in any way left wing or socialist is as nonsensical as the idea that Rupert Murdoch wants a Corbyn government so that the Leveson reforms will be imposed.

      • Troubler is Fred we live in a world where an opinion can be labelled a hate crime. That is PC gone mad. As for the BBC it is a left wing mouthpiece on the whole as long as it avoids saying anything slightly negative about the royal family.

        We don’t have any right wing parties in the mainstream, just different shades of socialist. Real right wing government is minimalist and doesn’t pick one pocket to line another. Redistribution of wealth be it to benefit recipients or corporate bankers is socialism pure and simple.

        The left has painted the right as the greedy, selfish and the left as the caring givers. A real right wing government lets you run your own life, keep your own money and make your own choices.

        If that choice is ti pump out kids you cant afford it is your choice and your decisions to get off you arse and feed them or watch them go cold and hungry.

        Socialism is organised crime where the poor are bribed with the money stolen of workers to keep voting for socialists, for their part the socialists will ensure the poor have just enough income to survive and vote in the next lot of socialists who will sell the same lie about making tomorrow better than today.

        Tomorrow never comes.

        LabCon, one party, two faces all cunts

      • The problem I have with the phrase “political correctness gone mad” is that it implies that there was ever a time that political correctness was not mad.

        Political correctness is fascism masquerading as good manners.

      • “Fascist” can be either. It’s more a means to an end than an actual ideology.
        At least that’s what my old history teacher told me. He was the only one of my schoolteachers that I could stand…

      • The old trope that Fascism and Marxism are somehow opposites is fallacious. They are essentially the same thing. Yes, there is private ownership under Fascism, but the state dictates what you can do with what you own. One is Nationalist, the other internationalist, but you are subservient to the state in each case. They are two sides to the same coin, all the same essential idea, and all the same people.

  2. A sublime cunting and seconded. It’s not “progressive” at all, just replacing one “Class System” for another.
    Also, usefully, the veneer of a supposed “good cause” distracts attention away from the vast wealth of those who promote it and their legions of bottom feeders eager for power and cash windfalls.

  3. I agree 100% and in line with the above cunting can we please cunt this little delight and the company that produce it?
    The end of the world is coming and the proof is in these cans of squirty tea, apparently it’s a Tea volution… see what they have done there Clever eh..NO YOU FUCKERS not clever at all.
    Apparently the humble tea bag is now redundant with this new mucked about better version.
    It’s claims are these.
    1. Properly brewed better tasting tea
    2. No more used Tea bags to dispose of
    3. Easily controls the strength of your tea
    4. Hotter Tastier tea in an instant.
    Jesus whatever next . I like my cuppa, it’s natural and not mucked about by too many things, this new tea in a can is an abomination and needs consigning to the rubbish bin of history without further a do . As for the people who designed and marketed it I hope they are drowned in a swimming accident on the Kent coast. Because clearly they are nearly as stupid as people who don’t know how to swim safely in the sea around Britain. Maybe they can get beardy girl to market it for them that should push sales “you too can have facial hair like her, Just drink squirty tea in a fucking can” . I think I need a sick bucket!

  4. This is for you, Mr Dioclese.

    I’d like to nominate religion for an almighty cunting.

    When a secular person looks up in the sky, what do they see? Zillions of fucking stars, some of which died billions of years before their dad lost his mess in their mum’s cunt. What does this make them think? “Fuck me, I’m a right insignificant cunt. I’m a tiny speck in a universe that (for all intents and purposes) is infinite. All I can do is the best for those few cunts I meet. Even if I’m the best cunt who ever lived, I’ll soon be forgotten anyway. Still, the universe will go on for billions of years without me, just as it did for billions of years before my dad shot his load.”

    When a religious person looks up in the sky, what do they see? Zillions of fucking stars, some of which died billions of years before their dad lost his mess in their mum’s cunt. What does this make them think? “Fuck me, I’m a right important cunt. God created all this just for me. If I have wank, Jupiter will wobble in its orbit. If I vote to let gaylords get married, God will destroy New Orleans. If I let my female relations show their hair, God will fuck me up. Best if I fuck up everything and everyone just to show God I’m on his side.”

    I have zero respect for your religion and don’t care what your imaginary friend is going to do to me. This is an equal opportunities cunting and applies to all imaginary friends – Zeus, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, Allah, you are all cunts.

    As an aside, have none of the current crop of journalists and politicians ever read Plato? If they had, perhaps they’d be less forgiving of Islamism. Ancient Greeks wrestled with the idea of objective good. Simplistically, do the gods love things because they are good or are they good because the gods love them? If the latter is true, then rape, murder, theft and all-round-cuntishness would be good if the gods said so. From what I can see, some Islamist twats think they can act like utter cunts because Mo the fiddler said so. Not my understanding of morality and not the understanding of morality Western civilisation has been built on.

    Fuck, I’m pissed.

    • If you mean pissed as in drunk that post still has more clarity than religious thinking.

      Secular morality is doing good things because it’s the right thing to do. Religious morality is doing what God tells you therefore isn’t morality.

      I’ve noticed then we question religion they automatically talk about the charity work as it’s easier than proving their religion is true. I don’t give a fuck as your charity always comes with proselytising, more to do with gaining new followers than dealing with the root causes.

      We are the first generation to realise that the only cure for poverty is giving women control over their reproduction. You name a religious charity that has that as its aim.

      I’d you’re a Catholic cunt in Africa and belong to a church that says AIDS is bad but not as bad as condoms I’d be putting in some fucking conscience money into Africa too.

  5. Top notch cunting and not a conspiracy theory as what you say is backed up by the evidence.

    Even as recently as 1-2 years ago I would have defined myself as a lefty liberal but no longer define myself as such. I’ve realised two things:-

    1. That the ‘left’ and ‘right’ are just as absurdly stupid and cunty as each other


    2. The above terms are bullshit terms used to distract people and put them in opposing camps while the rulers of this country (not the politicians but corporate interests) run off with all the fucking money.

  6. Time to give the West Midlands Police force a cunting of epic proportions or is it more correct to use a collective term of a cuntery for all the fuckers there that are considering to allow the full Burka in order to increase their BME percentage. For fucks sake anything that’s running around in a full Burka is not going to be allowed out to work by it’s owner..

    Yes, and I’m a cunt for reading the Daily Mail again.

  7. Great cunting, so many nails hit squarely on the head its difficult to know where to begin.

    Cultural Marxism, PC dogma, progressive politics, call it what you will its all the same shit and it has infected the political, media, academic and cultural establishments over the last 3 decades in UK, US and Europe alike. Words have taken on new and completely different meanings and have become weapons of the corrupt establishment elite to silence any opposition to their one world globalised agenda. The globalised agenda is disguised as being kind, fair, egalitarian, respectful when in actual fact it is about banks and corporations ruling the world without any democratic interference from the people. The EU is the perfect embodiment of this ideology. Is it any wonder that the ex EU president José Manuel Barroso has gone off to work for Goldman Sachs? Not really.

    But the times they are a changing. I hesitate to call it a right wing backlash because it is not necessarily right wing in nature. It is libertarian, it is common sense, it is real world versus fantasy, it is pragmatic and above all it is truthful. Brexit may well be the first ripple which produces a tsunami to wash away all the bullshit. Anti EU movements are gaining strength throughout Europe, the French, Dutch, Italians and even the Germans all have increasingly powerful EU skeptic movements and of course in USA there is Trump. The Eastern EU countries want fuck all to do with forced mass illegal immigration and Hungary will hold a referendum in four weeks time on the EU’s plan to force countries to accept a quota of migrants. Not a lot of people know about it because the MSM has blacked it out as it does not fit the agenda.

    But just like in the X files, the truth is out there. You just have to look for it. You can take the blue pill and carry on in your little bubble of mass media distractions or you can take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  8. West Midlands Police are due a weapons grade, nuclear bomb of a cunting. In a sign of how far up the arse of Islam the police have crawled, it’s been revealed today that West Mids Police are actually considering allowing female muslim officer to wear the burqa. Can you imagine the sight of a fucking blacked out tent, with a blue light stuck on its head, and utility belt, trying to arrest a drunk at 0430 on a Saturday morning?

    Who the fuck at that police ‘service’ decided it would be a good idea to even suggest such a ridiculous thing? The police are already experiencing the lowest level of public trust and confidence since Sir Robert Peel first founded the police force. Now some overpaid tosser wants officers to have even LESS respect, by allowing a minority of its officers to dress like walking bin bags, when it isn’t even a religious requirement.

    I’ve said more than once in the past that I can’t stand muslims. It comes from having been to many of their cuntries (no, that’s not a spelling mistake), and experiencing true muslim culture. Not to mention the bullets, bombs, mortars and fucking camel spiders. Anyway, I for one would NOT even consider obeying a thing dressed like a soot covered Pac Man ghost. I would not recognise the authority of such a ridiculously dressed moron.

    And here’s another thing, the police are required by law to show their warrant cards and ID on request. What happens if a male member of the public does that? How do you confirm the identity of a thing that is wearing a garment specifically designed to hide the wearer’s identity? Will the soot covered Pac Man ghost refuse to show its ID? And will it remove its veil so that the face on the ID card can be matched to the face under the bag?

    Personally, I can’t see it happening. But the fact that it’s even being considered shows that, senior police officers certainly, have completely lost the plot. There are tons of decent, honest plods out there. It’s time they started to up to their upper echelons and FORCING them to return to doing the job they are paid to do. Protect law abiding citzens, prevent crime where possible, bring criminals to justice when necessary. Those at the top of West Mids police have far more important things to do than think about allowing a very small minority to wear bedsheets rather than the proper police uniform.

  9. Excellent cunting.
    But just consider the fun to be had watching a blacked-out bell-tent astride a motorbike chasing a speeding motorist. Or a horse-mounted one chasing a white man looking like a negative photo of the Klu Klux Klan.

    • It could be a good undercover disguise though. Send them in to Handsworth or , Sparkhill and they’d blend in with the crowd.

  10. Superb cunting. Well done that man. I know we all tend to use sweary words and racial slurs for effect, but fuck there are some intelligent observers on this site.

    One thing which really boils my piss is how inconsiderate and utterly ignorant people are now. The entitlement and fuck you attitude is so pervasive these days, I am absolutely astounded. People tend to think they can do what they like, when they like and how they like, even if it adversely affects others and if you dare say anything, then in their world you’re the cunt. WTF? Seriously, what the fuck is going on?

    I hate people and try my hardest to limit my personal interaction with other human beings as much as possible. When you do meet a genuinely nice, decent, honest, considerate, respectful and straight forward person these days, they really stand out. How sad is that?

  11. It is funny if my grandparents and their friends and family who where born between the 1910s and 1930s were around today my generation would call them racist bigots.Where they perfect and modern ?No but they took people as they saw them.They judged you on whether you were a cunt and everyone knew that including their foreign born neighbours.Everyone could take a joke.People talked to each other had a sense of community and knew where everyone stood.All this social media virtual signalling is making people socialize less and be immune toengaging in face to face discussions and disagreements.People used to discipline each other kids if they were rude and stood up against bad behaviour.But this modern parent guardian reading elite chastise anyone for discipling their children whilst believing they can do no wrong and symptomatically installling that attitude in the kids themselves making them self righteous cunts.Say what you like about that generation but they seemed to be happier than all the cultural marxists who are never satisfied and perpetually pissed off.Funniest thing. though is these modern day feminists who champion cultural marxism is that they make themselves unattractive by not shaving or putting any effort into looking good then moan that they are single and lonely.Likewise men are more feminine and that turns women off.Cultural marxism thrives in trying to make everyone disatisfied inadequate and scared of their own thoughts.

  12. My comments are being moderated.Dunno if that is a length issue of my last rant ha!

      • I’ve noticed a couple of yours get stuck but I’ve released them soon as I spotted them.

        We do have some words filtered too and that includes part words so for example press would also pick up WordPress. Maybe you were just unlucky. moderation should only hit first comments so will cut in if you mistype or change IP address or email but you should have been OK.

        It’s a mystery!

  13. The Royal Wanking Chief Cuntstable that uttered those words about burka-ed plod must be a real arse crawling piece of PC dogshit. Why say it, to get some commendation from the Home office marking him as a man who embraces diversity?
    There is no fucking diversity, never will be from those who worship in a church that looks like my bell end. If you cant stand in a pub drinking and talking bollocks, you ain’t diverse. You are a separate community and always will be.
    End of over .Let the cunting commence.

  14. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I suppose when you gather it all together it’s a systematic attempt, across the western world, by the ruling classes, using the top down method of management to erode the personal freedoms of the masses.

    The tool to do this is for the populace to be policed by a new set of morals, which have their values pinned to protecting and promoting the freedoms and rights of the minorities, at the expense of the freedoms and rights of the majority.
    It’s name is political correctness.

    It’s far more dangerous than the methods used by the secret police in any totalitarian state because it is dressed up in the clothing of kindness and fairness when in reality, it is the wolf, with bells on.

    This total control over the masses is the stuff of 1984 but isn’t now a fantasy of a dystopian future, it’s upon us.

    The purpose is I suspect in order to ensure our compliance as world population movements are created to produce one homogeneous mass of people with no nationalistic identities in time.
    Thus easily manipulated and managed.

    Trouble is, the cunts never asked us if they could!

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