Richard Herring


Richard Herring is a cunt

Any self-proclaimed comedian who has to start a Kickstarter to fund his comedy is a cunt, an unfunny, fat, rapey, syphilis carrying cunt.

The only thing funny about Herring is his obvious jealousy of Stewart Lee’s rise to mainstream fame while Herring is forced to beg for money to fund him.

Pathetic, sad, fat wanker!

“Would you rather have a hand made of ham or a tit that dispensed talcum powder” – Fucking comedic gold from Herring, why is this genius not on TV and playing to 25,000 people at the O2?

Nominated by: Boaby

11 thoughts on “Richard Herring

  1. The fish theme again
    Sturgeon. Cunt
    Salmond. Cunt
    Herring. Cunt
    Rudd. Cunt
    Any more out there ?

  2. Never heard of this spunkbubble,but I’ve never needed proof to believe that someone is a cunt. I just work on the principle that they are cunts until they prove otherwise. Hasn’t happened yet,but you never know.

  3. “Will tell jokes for food!”

    This cunt must be hungrier than Kyembay off the unicef adverts!

  4. Patricia Ann Spann and Misty Velvet Dawn Spann are cunts…
    Fucking sick, inbred, shitkicker, hayseed cunts… Both should be put down, as in dead….

    • The redneck cunt mother also married her own son in 2008. Even though he had it annuled a year or so later, her track record should be enough to get her a long spell in prison. Or a bullet to the back of the head. Whichever seems easiest really.

  5. Herring is a fucking cunt, Stewart Lee is also a fucking cunt. Briefly funny for students in the 90s, now just smug, unfunny pricks. However, I would like to know if either of them went to Oxford, as they are frustratingly reluctant to mention their previous education.

    • They both went to Oxford
      Lee via Solihull Public school
      Herring via Kings of Wessex Academy (his old man was headmaster) – I would have posted wiki links but they get deemed spam

      so they both obviously got the short end of the stick when it came to education

      but to be fair I did used to like the Lee and Herring kids show on BBC Sunday morning

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