The hashtag generation



I fucking hate the hashtag generation, bunch of fucking cunts.

Oh look how empathetic I am typing a fucking hashtag.

And I hate all those self promoting hashtags to try and get it trending, fuck off.


Nominated by: Boaby

20 thoughts on “The hashtag generation

    • I’m just surprised that the filthy cunt didn’t just go and
      rape a kid.
      We’ve got plenty of home-grown scum without becoming the dumping ground for every perverted,ignorant,dishonest piece of human shit who fancies coming to leech off this country.


      • Its their culture you ignorant bigots! shitting and masturbating in public is natural to them and so is raping boys. Why do you think labour party love them so much?

      • How the fuck did the cunt get into this country anyway? They should find out who let him in and sack them. He’s not bothered if he ends up in a cell, it’s better than starving on the streets. And we’ll be paying for his keep. Fucking marvellous.

      • Apologies for my ignorance, TS…. I’ll nip down for a shit in the public baths,rape a toddler in the changing rooms,mug the attendant and demand a better council house.
        That should give me a better understanding of what these poor asylum seekers have to endure.

    • These fucking cunts bring down standards wherever they appear.

      It seems they’ve even managed to tarnish the image of competitive street wanking….outside Primark FFS!

    • £5 fine and a “don’t do it again” warning when sentenced ?
      He was probably upset by Saddam as a child, not properly potty trained or some such. Good enough reason for a public wank surely.
      When are the cunts in this country going to wake up to these scumbags and realise we don’t fucking want or need them.

  1. #getoff&readAbookUdaftcunts I don’t mean to be bookwormy cunt cause I’m not but if our youth can’t read the occasional book, the future is fucked.

  2. Anyone who is against grammar schools is a cunt. I thank my lucky stars that I managed to get into a grammar school and I do not come from a privileged background and neither did many I knew at the school.

    The idea that every one is the same and should be given a one size fits all education is lefty bollocks. Bright kids do better when they are surrounded by other bright kids and have teachers who actually know their subject.

    How do you think we did so well at the Olympics? Was it by selecting the best and giving them the best trainers, best facilities and the motivation of top class competition or was it by giving everybody shit training, facilities and competition against spazes?

    In an ideal world with limitless resources we would give the best to everyone. But it isn’t an ideal world so we can’t. Live with it.

    • Absolutely. State schools are fucking shit, the thick etc kids drag the few bright ones down and the majority of the teachers are fucking useless.

    • Quite agree Skidmark. I went to one too. Still fucked about but had I gone to a Comp I would have fucked about even more and learned less.
      Can still speak Frog and Jerry to a reasonable degree all due to the grammar school.
      Point is we are not all the same and there is no doubt I did what I did because of others around me and me trying to keep up. Had I had a bunch of cunts around me I would have been a bigger one than I actually am.

  3. I dunno.What”s this country coming to? I can”t even have a wank in the street now without getting nicked……….Baaaaaaaaah

  4. They’re the type of people who pay no attention to the rest of the world while being cunts on their phone then get their phone snatched by a member of BLM (Blacks Lift Mobiles) on a pedal cycle.

    It’s a strange feeling being on the side of the criminal but there you go.

  5. Because of this hashtag and texting shite, the English language will eventually die… YouTube will kill decent film and television, iTunes and streaming will kill records. CDs etc, social media will kill proper social gatherings, letter writing is already almost extinct and actual talking and listening will also be a thing of the past… With all that and the Orwellian PC lunacy, not to mention the spread of Islam like a modern version of the plague, I would say the future is well and truly fucked….

  6. #whyismylifesoempty. Hash tag cunts. Twitter, the forum for pricks, whose argument for most things is “it just is,OK”.

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