7 thoughts on “Jess Phillips [2]

  1. Yes she is a cunt, the only good thing she has ever done is tell Diane Abbott to fuck off, sadly though this wasn’t because Jess is a decent MP who doesn’t like the liberal regressive left dominating liemore, it’s because Abbott backed Corbyn’s choice not to select more women, because having a vagina makes you wiser and better suited to positions of importance.

    Like being on your knees with your mouth full.

  2. Interestingly, her misandry only seems to apply to white men. I cunted her after her absurd comments about what happened in Cologne on NYE.


    Remember, race trumps gender in victimhood Top Trumps. And Islam trumps race.

    Shouldn’t this silly cunt have a “2” after her name, Dioclese?

  3. Nice tits, but this cunt made me switch off Have I Got News For You, even though it was presented by Martin Clunes. She’s a stupid loser cunt.

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