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Braindead Islamophile Jess Phillips is a cunt.

Haven’t been to Birmingham for a long time but according to this dumb bint, every Saturday night in Broad Street is like NYE in Cologne. The two cities have broadly similar populations, so comparing them seems reasonable.

800+ sexual assaults, rapes and robberies on one fucking night in Cologne. Meanwhile, West Midlands Police report 5 serious sexual assaults in Broad Street in the past 12 weeks. Yes, Mizzz Phillips, those figures seem pretty similar; Brummie birds are in exactly the same danger as those German woman in Cologne. You fucking thick cunt.

I don’t know which is more nauseating; the Kuffarphobia* of the Islamists or the factophobia* of their “progressive” apologists.

(*I can make up words too.)

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

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  1. she is indeed a gobby, smug, right up her own arse slag, but at least she keeps diane abbot off the bweekly politics some of the time. i wouldn’t be surprised if she gets voted out next GE

  2. Jess Phillips a stupid fucking cuckold cunt by any other name supporting islam like a dumb bellend. No one ever could have predicted that illiterate third world violent Moslems would be prone to criminality rape and violence on the elderly. Don’t worry goyim this is their culture child rape and child marriage is normal in their country just go with the flow, genocide yourselves hate your race but support their race

  3. Indeed. And this is borne out by the fact that hen parties (orange slags with spherical lop-sided rubber tits and well-sodomized prolapsed arse-holes) from Birmingham go on organized trips to Cologne to get gang-raped by migrant blacks with scabby cocks.

    ———> cunting = George Osborne

    George Osborne is a cunt. The filthy little cunt has visited austerity on the poor, defenceless, and productive workers, yet has still borrowed £600 billion.

    There are 31.05 million employed people in the UK but 9 million are part-time workers who pay almost no tax. So there are only 22.05 million full-time workers, but 4 million of these are on minimum wage (or close to that) that pay negligible tax. So that leaves 18.05 million working taxpayers.

    “Cut the deficit” [not the debt – sneaky cunt] “Live within our means” – it’ all lying shit. ‘Never had a job’ cunt George Osborne has borrowed £33,241 for every taxpaying full-time worker since May 2010 (and it goes up more than £15 every single day).

    Annual Interest on the debt is £46,139 billion (£2,556 per full-time working taxpayer per year) even at current artificially low interest rates. When interest rates rise, as they surely will, to say 5% per year, the annual burden on each full-time working taxpayer will increase to £12,780. Bond interest rates of 2.5% will bankrupt the UK (Greece style).

    So where has all the money gone? There is an army of sinecures and corrupt thieving managers in the NHS costing taxpayers tens of £billions. George Osborne has let them be while torturing cripples. Likewise there an army of sinecures and corrupt thieving managers in local government that cunt Osborne has left alone (while abandoning the elderly and infirm to starve to death).

    So it’s tax cuts for the hyper-rich, no tax for mega-corporations, a blank cheque for illegal wars and global death squads, endless free loans to the corrupt banks and criminal financial institutions – and then there is shed-loads of money wasted on useless shit like Trident nuclear bombs (that we cannot use even if they exist) and the corrupt vanity projects of filthy politicans.

    The Lib/Lab/Tory party have fucked Britain. The borrowing (thieving off future generations to get money to bribe voters [rich and middle class] at the next election) has destroyed the economy. Even £billionaires get welfare in the form of Child Benefit (and expect it).

    Almost all people who work are on some sort of welfare (3.5 million full-time workers are paid so little they need ‘tax credits’ [state handouts] to be able to afford rent and food) while MPs quaff their subsidised champagne and eat subsidised fillet steak, and fiddle their expenses, while scheming with the rich and corporations how to thieve more from the poor to enrich themselves.

    George Osborne is a particularly evil cunt because while doing what all politicians have done in living memory (thieving from the poor to give to the rich), he endlessly spouts lying shit about “Living within our means” when the cunt has suffocated Britain in more debt than any previous chancellor of the exchequer by a cuntry mile.

    • Apart from Gordon Brown – who did more to fuck the economy than any other chancellor in living memory and the EU who take even more money off the ‘poor defenceless working class’

      “Where has all the money gone”? Well, mainly to Brussels

      Osborne might be a cunt, but remember that the last lot were even worse…

  4. I think I can say with complete certainty that she would be comprehensively ignored by the most depraved pervert even if she was poised ready to receive such an assault, what an ugly looking shit sack.
    Well said Dame Joan Bakewell today for outing the extreme dieters, narcissistic kids, over-indulgent parents and the whole shit shower of apologists, psychiatrists and fucking do-gooders, I celebrated with four pints and an obscenely large pie. Goon on ya Joan!

      That psychologist cunt Linda Papadopoulos deserves a good cunting.
      The self-proclaimed psycho-dermatologist (lol) who pops up on TV and who is always bleating on about women’s rights and magazines exploiting women’s vanity with airbrushed pictures.
      She is a hypocrite, she sell over-priced beauty products which she claims can improve mental health, because if your skin looks good you feel good.

      She also bleats on about the sexualisation aimed at kids on TV, in films and online (fair point, I agree) but then the dirty old tart turns up to a kids awards event wearing this:

      Double fucking standards or what!

  5. I don’t think there is any danger of Jess Philips being attacked by any sort of deviant (unless they are insane or blind)… She looks like Olive off On The Buses without her glasses…
    Oh, Arthur!

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