The Hemsley Sisters

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The Hemsley Sisters deserve a good cunting.

This pair of privileged middle class cunts are only on TV because ‘Daddy’ knows the ‘right people’.

They have an IQ lower than their shoe size and couldn’t boil a kettle if you showed them what switch to press.

Their idea of food is crap and they promote bio-dynamic eggs, what are bio-dynamic eggs you may ask, well they are twice the price of organic eggs and three times the price of normal eggs.

A total pair of cunts who are only on TV because of:
A: Their connections via ‘Daddy’
B: They’re arguably good looking, although they look retarded to me!
C: They are middle-class cunts who would wither and die if they could not make a living out of boiling eggs on TV


Nominated by: boaby

37 thoughts on “The Hemsley Sisters

    • Looks like both of them are blessed with what I like to call a two cock gob.

  1. There are far too many of these tv cooks producing a lot of poncified shite using ingredients from their “store cupboard” or from a “delightful artisan” supplier who at least is bright enouigh to rip the pretentious shits off. Led by King of the Cooking Cunts, Jamie Oliver, they should all be halal butchered before being turned into organic dog food, although save me Olivers tongue,it should feed a family of starving Etheopians for a month,if they can scrape the slavver off it.

  2. Cooking shows don’t get air time on Vomit TV, if these lasses want air time in my house they either come round in person and cook naked or do a show about rebuilding old bikes or cars……..naked.

  3. Well I’m sure glad I don’t live in yankland, the darkies are going crazy because some bloke (nonce niggo) who was selling stolen merchandise resisted arrest and then tried to grab the coppers gun lol. Whats up with these blacks its almost like they are guilty of something? just submit and don’t put up a fit and it will all be over soon enough.

    Although the other shooting is slightly more confusing where some asian cop(still white racismz?) got irritated and impatient and shot him when he was explaining that he had a registered firearm and went into his pockets after being told to not to.

    The hilarious part is this darkie bloke had a registered pistol and a british registered vehicle you’ll never see this phenomenon ever again cunters.

    So this whole thing has black people randomly killing white people everywhere and with 10 cops also getting sniped. What do you say cunters back to bongo bongo land with them? personally I think america will be turned into africa soon enough.

    Those celebrity cunts don’t seem to have any shame in supporting BLM terrorists but who am I to judge I’ve occasionally supported psychopaths to Is it wrong to think joker is more moral and honest then that fucking batman bastard?

    • Who kills the most blacks? Blacks do. If a copper is pointing a gun at me or even if the fuzzy is armed and I ain’t my hands are going behind my head and I am gonna give him a big shit eating smile.

      Being black is a passport to vistimhood for some of this folk, they choose to ignore the fact that racist America chooses memebrs of the blocak minority as its highest paid sportsman and entertainers.

      Beyoncé and Jayz cunts want to be telling their brothes and sisters to stop being fuckwits and make a go of life.

      Black ghetto America is a self perpetuating shower of shit and the only people going to change that is black amercians


      • Charlie Manson will be delighted reading about all this in his jail cell. He’ll be thinking it’s the start of the race war that he tried to start in 1969.

      • No allan he didn’t try to start it! he was trying to end it. Something went horribly wrong though manson and the family started to act black (probably from rap music) and starting killing rich white celebrities stabbing sharon tate 100 times.

        MACA wrote the prophecy there wasn’t anything poor charles could do

      • i’ve no idea if the cds were dodgy or not, but on the film i saw the bloke was on the ground, arms behind his back, 2 white plod holding him down when 1 plod pulled his service weapon and shot the motherfucker, popped a couple o’ caps in his ass

      • Helter Skelter wasn’t about race war, it was Paul McCuntney trying to write something louder than the Who, Manson somehow twisted it into a prediction or race war along with som3e other songs from the white album.

        If you want to hear something ominous from McCartney listen to the frog chorus, that’s some deep shot right there.

      • “Helter Skelter wasn’t about race war”

        Yes it bloody was!, lennon and mccartney knew what was taking place they needed to warn the white people about violent blacks . So they set out and made the white album for white people. Every song has a message

        Actually the single for piggies had a cryptic message that said “they are coming”

        Still don’t believe me Revolution 9had the Beatles whispering: “Charlie, Charlie, send us a telegram.”

    • it seems the US went downhill after they abolished slavery and segregation
      the founding fathers must be turning in their graves

  4. These gangbanger cunts will shoot their homies in an instant yet can’t understand why the cops are so twitchy.
    But I wouldn’t worry about it anymore now that Snoop Dog has put in his oar in.
    Problem solved. Thanks Snoop.

  5. Can you imagine the noise and the tantrums when these two spoilt tarts don’t get their way… I dare say they make Bonnie Langford as Violet Elizabeth (from Just William) look like an amateur… I bet they were both murder as kids too…

  6. Having witnessed 3.2 seconds of their tripe I can say with confidence they are condescending, patronising, brain dead fred’s with all the charm of a boil.
    They both need to get a proper job instead of wasting all our time with this bullshit. however I would imagine proper work is beyond these two idiots.

  7. Bio Dynamic Eggs, Is hat a new feminist name for Duo Eggs, you know them clicker clackers, that stuck up cunts shove up there twats joined with a bit of string, so when they walk you hear the clacking know they are dirty pre moistened fuckers, and and ready to fuck there way into a tv cooking show deal.

  8. Good cunting, Boaby, I have no idea who this pair are although I’d agree to a threesome if they asked politely.
    As for the growth of the pretentious foody crowd … Can’t stand ’em. The best food is the food one likes. Of course the details differ, but so is every fingerprint different. Nothing more irritating than some nonce who is armed with a few shopworn cliches and is going to help you “discover taste sensations!” Turn it up! A quids worth of chips eaten at the seafront at Worthing in between bus driving shifts with only a seagull for company was a discovery for me and I didn’t give a rat’s arse whether the potatoes were “artisanal sourced” or not. And as for cooking: last time I checked it was just add heat.

  9. Is it me or does Angela Eagle look like a bit of a mong? Or if not a mong specifically then definitely on the spectrum.

    • Whenever Angela Eagle’s face appears on the TV, all I see is a special needs Ron Weasley……

      • Swapping Angela Eagle for Corbyn is like Corbyn suddenly wearing a dress, same shit different cunt. Fuck off Eagle, I didn’t think Labout could possibly have anyone worse as leader (excluding Aboott Cunt) but apparently they could.

  10. I’d like to nominate Melanie Edwards,who managed to fiddle £154,000 off the benefits and yet managed to avoid doing time due to the fact that she has 12 children. I’d have locked up the loose-fannied slapper just to give the local maternity ward a break from the selfish sow.

    • They should make it so you can only claim for kids you already have before you claim benefits, if you are an irresponsible cunt who can’t figure out it is selfish cunt thing producing more kids when you can’t support yourself, then fuck you.

      • That is the most sensible thing I have ever read on here. Good cunting.

  11. Brits don’t need poncey food.
    Dead meat and chips and we’re happy.

    Bon appetit…….

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