J K Rowling [4]

"I bought these glasses so people know I'm serious!"

“I bought these glasses so people will take me seriously!”

JK Rowlinginit is, again and again and again, a CUNT of ocean-going proportions… Now she is telling people to pay 25 quid to vote to get rid of Jizza Corbyn. He may not be eveyone’s cup of charlie, but at least he isn’t Tony fucking Bliar. He even appears to stick to his principles.

JK, just fuck off and die; can’t wait until we have some massive crowdfunding set-up to send you on a one-way trip to Mars… Maybe your Scottish neighbours who voted for independence will get to you first, however, seeing as you voted to remain in the Union !! May your growler be assaulted with a gross of deep-fried Mars bars, your anus with a few litres of Commotion Lotion, and you drown in a vat of Irn-Bru…

Nominated by: H Belinda Hubbard

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  1. I uderstand she sold her first writing chair on e-bay before she was famous to a seat sniffing pervert, he did very well on the re sale, uncomfortable but smells of fish and oak.

  2. 25 Quid to get rid of Corbyn? How much to make the whole shower of shite socialist party of cunts to fuck off?

  3. Another well over-privileged cunt who got lucky with some crappy kids books and jumped on the champagne socialist Remainiac band wagon. These fools with their superiority complex think that they know best, I’m not Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest fan, I think his stupid open-borders mindset makes him pretty unelectable, but if he dished that then he’d be more attractive to the electorate. I agree that the alternative, the Blairites, are so much worse.

  4. Too soon to cunt arse mouthed, spunkwit, tramp’s mate, probably stinks of piss and Frosty Jack, Bob Geldof?

    The Goldman Sachs cock sucking cunt has been ranting at festival goers in Brentwood, saying they weren’t “rock and roll enough”.

    Well you gobshite cunt, I have some news for you. Your shit group, the Boomtown Rats, were never “rock and roll”. In an era of The Stranglers, The Clash, Ramones, etc., your bunch of cunts were less “rock and roll” than the fucking Nolans.
    Oh, and do I have to remind you of your parenting skills andarriage guidance experience?

    Why don’t you fuck off and live in Ethiopia? Or maybe not, as they might eat you. Actually, they prbably wouldn’t as you’d make them puke.

    Arrogant cunt.


    • Not too soon at all in my eyes. Bob’s turned cuntitude up to 11 again.

      Accepting an honour is like rolling on your back like a dog so the Establishment can tickle your belly. Bob as fake as ever thinks people still see him as some kind of rebel.

      Bob we see you as some kind of cunt and in many ways the worst kind of cunt, a hypocrite who thinks he knows best.

      • When the huffington post jerk offs think you’re a bellend then that speaks louder then words. Bob geldof does have filthy mouth he swears like every 5 seconds, pol event, kids show, talk show doesn’t matter he’ll swear anywhere.

        He must not have much of a concept of a punk show because most punk shows usually have all ages or 8-12yrs and up. But This was a family show… you got that you useless prostitute of a sellout?

        Oh right Bobby Boy you don’t have a family anymore your kids and wife are dead. Probably offed themselves of dealing with the stress you put them through of being such egotistical self centered bellend.
        Tell me why I don’t like geldof(3x). because he’s dummmmmmmmmb….. dumb dumb cunt

      • Some Juicy MEGA quotes from Geldof the clown.

        Things didn’t get off to the best of starts when Sir Bob began shouting and swearing as soon as he took to the stage, stopping after just one song to bemoan the family event for being “boring and tame”.

        He told fans: “We don’t do Abba. We don’t do Robbie f****** Williams. Brentwood, we are the Boomtown Rats.

        “We are mega. And you are Brentwood. How do we know that you are Brentwood and we are mega?

        “Because I am wearing a f*** off pretend snakeskin suit and [they] are wearing f*** off cowboy shirts even though they live in London.”

        The Band Aid and Live Aid founder then got personal with the crowd, accusing them of not being “rock and roll” enough.

        He continued: “On the other hand Brentwood, you are wearing wall to wall f*****g Primark.

      • Primark is all some people can afford… You know, people who haven’t rode on the back of a charity event to get book deals, TV adverts and reignite minor interest in their crappy post-punk band… Whichever way you look at it, Geldof owes his wealth, fame and lifestyle to the Band Aid/Live Aid project… He may not have nicked actual funds, but he sure as shite made money because of his association with it… Remember those milk commercials in the mid 80s?

        The crowd should have thrown eggs and bottles of piss at the reeking gobshite paddy cunt….

      • Geldof and Bono, what a pair of ultimate cunts. Ireland really does lead the world in producing cunts without equal.

    • Talking of the Nolans, I recall Lemmy talking about when they did some kind of gig or tour with Motorhead… Lemmy said that he Nolans were ‘No shrinking violets…’ So they actually were more Rock ‘N’ Roll than The Boomtown Twats…

      And Geldof is a scruffy stinking gobshite champagne socialist fuckface fenian cunt…

      • Lemmy also listened to ABBA on his tour bus.

        Lemmy didn’t need to prove how rock n roll he was or wasn’t, probably didn’t give a fuck.

        Bob Geldof still trying to hard to be something he never was and never could be. Punk is dead and Geldof played a large part in its murder.


      • Exactly Sixdog also while boomtown farts like to claim to be punk they actually sold out after the 2nd album even then they weren’t exactly punk either.

        Lemmy also apparently really liked old rock n roll like elvis, gene vincent, little richard, and jerry lee lewis. The fact that he thought the fucking nolans rocked harder says it all

      • Don’t think Lemmy was a fan of the Nolans music, but he admired their staying power and their capacity to go on the piss with with Motorhead… Apparently the Nolan girls threw Motorhead drummer, Philthy Animal Taylor into a swimming pool…

    • Google … Live Aid: The Terrible Truth by SPIN.
      I’d heard before that his fund raising for Ethiopia had done more bad than good …. Geldof ….. Top Cunt.

      • The Live Aid stuff went to geldof’s thick head he forgot where he came from, also how is organizing a festival that big of a fucking deal. Like what the hell did geldof do that was so important did he come up with the list? By the time it kicked off others organisers and staff were more responsible for it coming together then that cunt geldof. Alot of musicians I think hurt there image being associated with that dumb festival it had a few decent acts, no big deal. I like what zappa said

        “Frank Zappa was invited but refused because he believed that the money raised by Live Aid did not address the core problems facing the developing world and instead aided the developed world by providing ways to get drugs, calling the concert “the biggest cocaine money laundering scheme of all time”

        and alan wilder of Depeche Mode said “My personal view is that giving to ‘chariddy’ should be a totally private gesture, out of which no personal gain should be made. Inevitably, nearly all the artists who took part in Live Aid achieved a considerable rise in record sales and being the cynic I am, I wonder just how much of the profit gained from those sales actually ended up going to Ethiopia.” (Good points)

      • We like to take the piss as often as possible – or as he puts it “I like to write songs that make a comment about our crazy modern life“. I’ll stick with taking the piss! He’s a bit like Bob Dylan but without the subtlety 😉

      • I agree with Both Zappa and Alan Wilder…
        Adam Ant’s comments about Live Aid were great too… Asked to comment on a famous photograph of himself and Geldof together prior to Live Aid, Ant said the following:

        “That was when I was asked by ‘Sir’ Bob to promote this concert…. They had no idea they could sell it out… Then in Bob’s book he said, ‘Adam was over the hill so I let him have one number.’ One thing I’d like to do (in the photo) is kick him up the fucking arse…

        “Doing that show was the biggest fucking mistake in the world…. Knighthoods were made, Bono got it made, and it was a waste of fucking time. It was the end of rock ‘n’ roll, now hippies run the world, like fucking Glastonbury… I hate hippies.”

      • In the words of Sha Na Na :
        We got one thing to say to you fucking hippies : Rock and roll is here to stay!

        ‘The Night is Still Young’ – a great live album and still one of my favourites

  5. Yep, I’ll have that. Rowling is a weapon’s grade cunt. It seems that two of her greatest loves, are money and publicity. Like all luvvies, she seems to think that people actually give a fuck about her opinion. She’s definitely under the impression that her words carry more weight than they actually do. It’s probably forlorn, but I keep hoping that one day she’ll decide to try living life without her head up her arse.

  6. Another rich cunt telling us how we should be living and telling us what we should be doing.

    I’d still jizz on her tits, mind you.

  7. Is J.K. Just about to gobble the end of a small black todger in that pic?

  8. And today we hear Michael Jackson wanted to marry Emma Watson after he fell in love with her when watching Harry Potter, Emma was 12 at the time. His first choice for a new bride was the 12 year old daughter of Oliver actor Mark Lester.

    All the dirt is being dished by his former doctor Dr. Conrad Murray, who looks like a fat Tiger Woods. Conrad has written himself a book dishing the dirt on MJ.

    Problem is Conrad, if this shit dish you are serving is all true, why did you wait until MJ is long dead? Were you happy with the hush money and getting well paid to prescribe whacko happy pills and once the gravy drain ran dry needed to milk that bitch a bit longer with an expose.

    If you are telling the truth and are willing to sign a legally binding document saying so you are guilty of aiding and abetting a child sex offender and if you made it all up for the money you are committing various other crimes, either way you should be on trial.

    MJ is dead so no way he can pay an earthly price for his crime, you however are alive and kicking. You are definitely guilty of being a cunt, are you going to stand up and pay your dues? NO? CUNT!

    • I think the Watson story is bollocks… Jacko probably did get up to no good (if you get my unsavoury drift!), but I think this Murray cunt is just making up shit to keep himself in the media and cash for ‘exclusives’… Not unlike that Rowling cunt and her spouting meaningless shite about Harry Potter characters in order to get more publicity and more fancunts following her…

      Besides, anyone would be insane to want to marry Emma Watson… Even now…

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