Jeremy Corbyn [6]

"I've bought a tie - so now will you fuckers do what you're told...?!"

“I’ve bought a tie – so now will you fuckers do what you’re told…?!”

Jeremy Corbyn is a cunt.

Today has seen him jumping on the equality band wagon sounding off about how wiminz get paid 20% less than men for doing the same work. Do they fuck, Corbyn you Islington socialust cunt. Do your fucking homework you fucking spaz. Even died in the wool lifetime feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers visibly cringe when some gob shite SJW rolls out that long dead argument. It simply is not true and no serious economist will support it.

Next thing the cunt will be saying is that wiminz only get 80% of the oxygen men get as their lungs are 20% smaller. Carry on Corbyn my old son, you are single handedly making labour an unelectable laughing stock and about as far away from the actual working class you pretend to represent while actually loathing everything the working class are.


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14 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [6]

  1. The wage gap bullshit is a religion for these cunts. No matter how little evidence there is to support it the brainwashed will put there fingers in their ears and go “lalalalala I’m not listening”. Cunts, cunts, cunts.

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    • The claim that wiminz get paid less than men FOR THE SAME WORK is a cournerstone of 3rd wave feminism, SJWs and so called progresives who make up most of the labour party.

      The facts show that wiminz EARN less than men, but considering they work fewer hours and avoid overtime, take lower paid jobs, take more holidays than men, have a tendency to fuck off for several years to breed, avoid nasty and dangerous jobs like construction and mining it is hardly surprising the EARN less.

  3. Corbyn and his ilk are students who never grow up and always know what’s best for us plebs. Has the cunt ever worked? He has zero connection to people other than fellow overgrown students and union barons, well known for their democratic uncorrupt ways. (One man 500,000 votes)
    He will destroy Labour as a viable entity giving us a 1000 year Tory Reich.
    God help us.

  4. Who are all these cunts paying £25 to join Labour to vote for Corbyn? These cunts are too fucking stupid to see that he’ll be kicked out within a year due to being unelectable (and also a fucking twat). If you like Labour, why didn’t you join it before? Stupid fucking cunts.

  5. The wage gap theory does not consider seniority job position or hours worked.The key word is EARN.If you work the same hours in the same job you will get paid the same amount whether you have cock or a cunt.If you arent earning the same amount as a man for the exact same work sue.If you cant prove it you are probably bullshitting in the name of feminism and are a cunt! Corbyn is a trotskyite cunt who probably hasnt washed his pubes since he left home in the 60s!And he fucked Diane Abbott .Dirty Cunt!

    • What the politico’s from both sides of the LabCon coin fail to mention every time this bullshit issue raises it’s head is that they went from an economy where women could stay at home and run the household to one where both partners have to work just to keep a roof over the family’s head.

      Many women now have to work want to or not and after paying for child care are lucky to add 10-25% to the household income.

      Still it created loads of child care jobs for immigrants and added a lot of social workers to the tax payers burdens.

      Social engineering to make the rich richer and the rest of us poorer even with two wages coming in.

  6. I can’t be bothered cunting this cunt anymore.

    He cunts himself far better than I can and does it every day. I hope the Trots/Stalinists/Marxists/Maoists/Isamofascists/Anti-semites and Momentum activists who now make up the Labour Party elect him once again. Corbyn panders to Islam but espouses atheism. Will we see him praying in the direction Mecca soon?

    Fascists are the enemy but Islamo-fascists are ok.

    The Labour party will fracture and drift into the wilderness soon. A protest party.

  7. Ive just asked him on Twitter what Abbots minge smells like…..Im not expecting him to answer……

    • Leave some dog food in the sun for a week…That should be pretty close.
      Smelly cunt.

    • He wouldn’t know what her minge smells like. He has had his head up hos own arse for so long his nose is plugged with his own shit.

      Thinking about it (the scenario not the festering death pit) could any man survive seeing let alone smelling that vile cunt in the flesh, or her vagina for that matter?

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