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Patrick Rock is a cunt and so is every member of his legal team.

Rock is former aide to Cameron who has been found guilty of downloading indecent images of girls around the age of ten. The fucking nonce’s legal team had the temerity to claim that since none of the images showed completely naked girls they were comparable to the photographs Lewis Carroll took of ten year old girls, so “to criminalise Rock would be to criminalise Carroll”.

Call me naive, but I’d venture to suggest that the main difference here is that Rock was most likely downloading from a site with ‘jailbait’ in the title (and visiting such a site surely gives a good idea of his interests) and it’s highly unlikely that such a website would ever be interested in Carroll’s bland, anodyne imagery.

Noinated by: Fred West

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  1. To be fair to Spivey despite all the cobblers on his site. He does have one good point. Why is he being prosecuted for posting an image on his site which was once owned by Elton John (who wasn’t prosecuted)and can be freely purchased in art galleries in post card form?

    • I think he gets alot of undeserved hate(just my opinion), it all started to go downhill when he went to lee rigby’s parents home to ask them if their son was in fact”real” and when they didn’t respond he criticised them for being in on it.

      I find it unbelievably amazing that more people hate him then the actual attackers or the lawmakers(lawbreakers?MP labour/conservative open border twats) allowing more dangerous haji’s in the country. He is blockheaded though, definitely got a few screws loose he is also more troll then theorist

      • Let’s face it, the guy is a crackpot but aren’t we all a bit cracked?
        What pisses me off is that only people who agree with him get comments published. Ho should have the courage to let them have their say and then slap them down with his enormous intellect and insider knowledge…

      • Too be fair his comment section sometimes goes past 500 comments it sometimes cause your computer to freeze its so jammy. He doesn’t want to destroy the hive mind a happy bee is a buzzing bee.

        He probably moderates obscenity laced rants and flamebaiting. So of course he’s gonna pick a more favorable review of his articles .

      • Is it just my end or has someone hacked his website. I thought Id go on it and have a look at his latest theories and its been hacked. It seems anyhow. As much as a cunt he is, he is sort of right about that Elton John issue.

  2. they also have an immoral habit of making up posts and then posting them in your name , happened to me recently. any site that does that instantly loses credibility. first i’ve heard that he actually went to the Rigbys house in person . you sure about that?

    • I thought he did, he was charged with harassing them not sure if it was in person or by telephone. I thought he contacted them by person could be wrong but it makes more sense that way.

      I remember he admitted himself that he was charged for contacting them, if he called them they could of easily blocked his number.

  3. Rock is a nonce, but even he is entitled to a defence and it is the duty of that defence team to make the best case they can. I certainly would not want to live in a country where it was otherwise.

    • Sure he is but the cunt will walk most likely, the justice system is rigged nowadays its a buddy buddy system and the bloody rich and fuckhead politicians usually walk away without a scratch.

      Although its amazing who gets proper justice and who doesn’t. I originally thought Rolf Harris had to many powerful friends but sure enough he was tagged and taken away, rightfully so sick cunt

      • Yes, English law and every other legal system based upon English law is stacked in favour of the guilty in a ration of 10 to 1. That is it is better that 10 guilty go free than 1 inocent man be convicted. It is called the Blackstone ratio.

        Obviously there will be a disproportionate number of rich and powerful guilty going free and a similarly anomalous number of poor inocents being locked up.

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