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Marvel comics are cunts, they are replacing Iron Man tony Stark with a 15 year old black girl. This is cuntish as they are afraid to create a new Superhero character and see if it gets public buy in so they hijack an existing character to inject their PC agenda. Why not go all the way and make her gay?

Should I give a fuck? No but this isn’t about comic book characters this is about the continual assault on white culture. Black kids are more interested in shooting each other than they are in comic books, black lives don’t matter until they are ended by a white police officer.

Dr who must have a female ethnic assistant, James Bond should be a woman. On and on it goes, the mass media indulging it programming the population.

Instead of hijacking popular fiction to present positive images of black people how about black communities doing positive things in reality that then filters into fiction, anything else is unreality and bullshit.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

Marvel Comics are cunts….

Not only have they made Iron Man a 15 year old black girl called Riri (how cringeworthy is that, and how the fuck does that work?!) , now they have killed off the Incredible Hulk and there’s a new oriental and more ‘diverse’ Hulk… Is nothing safe from this PC plague?! What the fuck is next? Spiderman is queer?! Ghost Rider gets blacked up and is renamed ‘Ghost Brutha?!’ Wolverine has a sex change?! Fuck Marvel!

They have no respect for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legacy…

And as for that pile of PC shite, Ghostbusters, why couldn’t it be Jenny McCarthy instead of that fat munter, Melissa?

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. It’s not even a first for Marvel. They’ve already made Thor female. Bunch of left wing fuckwits.

  2. There will be cunts (mainly Guardian cunts and Twittermongs) saying ‘It’s only a comic book’ and then that word ‘diversity’ will crop up… But an ugly precedent is being set… This sort of ‘diversity’ isn’t just in comic books, it’s in television, it’s in film, it’s in education, it’s in the press and it’s in the workplace… In years to come it will be virtually impossible for a white heterosexual man to get any sort of meaningful position in any career (and white heterosexual women won’t have much of a chance either, as trannies will take all their jobs!)…. Someone should not be chosen (or not chosen) for a job, a film or TV role, and a comic book character shouldn’t be changed just because it’s the politically correct thing to do… These right on PC cunts bleat about equality, but only when they want it and only the way that they want it… People need to wake up and realise that fascism is now a Leftist phenomenon in the modern world…..

      • You are exactly right, Norman. If it was only a comic book character then who would care? But people are begining to wake up and smell the coffee, Youtube is awash with anti feminist, anti SJW, anti PC and anti establishment content. The silent majority is not silent any more, the rise in anti establishment politics throughout Europe including UKIP and up next Trump for president are testiment to this awakening.

        The PC brigade are actually a very small but very vociferous minority who have been allowed to take control over the last 20 years but the majority is starting to fight back. In 10 years time, maybe even 5, superheroes changing sex will be seen as the absurd tokenism it is.

  3. BLM are still a set of cunts; they are stiring up trouble in Brasil now ahead of the olympics. They should stay at home and sort out their own shit first like 45% of black families are single parent and living in poverty.

    • the thing with BLM is they aren’t interested in the facts, they just need an excuse to dust off the placards their grandparents gave them and get out in the street to feel all self righteous about a problem that hardly exists any more.

  4. I am affraid I think diversity and equal rights are a good thing, I recently encouraged my company to employ a female counterpart at another depot, it helps the corperate image and most of all it makes me look good because they are fucking useless, more to the point they like reguly claim that people say this because she is a woman ( although trading standards would question this) and when push comes to shove has to go and have a little cry. makes me wonder how Iron Fany is going to play out.

  5. The trouble is that the PC brigade, although a small minority, hold nearly all the positions of power in political and media life, so this is the perspective that’s constantly forced down our throats with white heterosexual men at the very bottom of the heap in the PC pecking order. This is a disgusting ideological outlook and has to be fought against along with every other ludicrous idea that these cunts perpetuate.

    • They are, to a large extent “graduates” of a secretive left wing illuminati machine called Common Purpose who’s goal is to infultrate every cultural, administrative and judicial body in the country with it’s own left leaning brainwahed progresive idiots who will “lead beyond authority” until the country has become a multicultural swamp not fit for normal decent people to live in anymore.

      But we are wise to the cunts…..

  6. Joke……………… what’s the difference between iron man and iron woman?

    Iron man is a super hero, iron woman is a command.

    • I just told that joke to my wife,
      And she went she hulk on me and called me a wanker.
      Bitches, honestly no sense of humour..

  7. Escapist entertainment used to be just that, an excuse to switch off the brain and suspend disbelief to forget your troubles for a couple of hours. Now everything has to be “relevant” and socially responsible (whatever the fuck THAT means). Look what the PC cunts at the BBC have done to Dr Who for example…

    • Exactly. I want to watch a film or a series to totally escape the cuntfarmery of daily life, but with today’s bland batch of “series” there’s no point. PC agendas have invaded pretty much everything in the sanitised world of today. We have to reach back to series from years ago before all this nanny state wank in order to gain some real enjoyment.
      As for that pile of cunt that was the BBC version of Robin Hood with Jonas Armstrong….what a load of effeminate shit. Typical BBC pandering dickless prettyboy agenda-monkeying dross. Fuck that. I nearly threw my boots at the screen.

      I need to reach back to series such as The Professionals, The Sweeney and suchlike. This reality toss of today with total non-entities who’ll be forgotten in a month’s time, isn’t worth my time.

      • That BBC Robin Hood was shite, I agree… A poofy Robin Hood and a black Friar Tuck?! There were no black people in medieval England, and there were certainly no black monks…. Historical accuracy and authenticity pissed up the wall in the name of political correctness… Then there was that utter cunt, Keith Allen, hamming it up as The Sheriff Of Nottingham, with Allen ripping off Alan Rickman in that Kevin Costner shite, and Rickman ripped off Nickolas Grace’s Sheriff…

        For a better (and less PC) account of the Merry Men, HTV’s Robin Of Sherwood (1983-86)… It included cast and crew from the Professionals (including Collins and Shaw) and is miles better than that BBC shite…

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