Oscar Pistorius [2]


Oscar Pistorius: “Reeva Steenkamp wouldn’t have wanted me to waste my life in jail”… or some such crap.

Sadly, we were unable to reach Ms. Steenkamp for clarification, as she is dead, thanks to…

Oscar Pistorius, murdering tera-Cunt.

Nominated by: HBelinda Hubbard

6 thoughts on “Oscar Pistorius [2]

  1. I hope this Pistorious cunt gets sent to a South African jail and has a big cellmate called bubba who dry buggers the crippled murderer to death…

    • That’s terrible Norman, unless it takes 30 years for Bubba to actually kill him

  2. Did you see the murdering cunt hobbling around the courtroom on his stumps, trying to gain some sympathy for himself? The only person I feel sorry for is his girlfriend who he pumped full of lead.

  3. Always seemed a ridiculously over the top reaction to Steenkamp using the disabled toilet.

  4. Better take those things he runs in off him or the cunt will bounce over the prison wall.

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