Marketing is a cunt.

If you want to sell an inferior product, simply use the BBC or social media to link it to supposed “intelligence”, social status or most people’s basic need for acceptance and the desire to be seen as “up to date” and “modern”. That way you can sell any old crap such as hybrid cars, Stewart Lee’s “comedy”, Windows 10, Socialism, the new overpriced and overhyped plastic “smart” gadget or even Daniel Craig’s latest lame shitty excuse for a Bond movie.

It will sell even though the buyer can see that, really, it’s shite because no-one wants to be perceived as “thick” or “ignorant” or outmoded, even if they aren’t.

Vanity and insecurity trumps all and fills the bank accounts of cunts everywhere…

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

14 thoughts on “Marketing

  1. Yep links are indeed traps for crap Also Daniel “Fag” Craig is too old to be bond and cunts are in talks of having a female bond, oh the wonders and joys of feminisim. They are gonna eventually make all male superheros into women and trannies dumb cunts. Just kill the bond franchise already you corrupt greedy hollywood bastards!

  2. Apparently the new Ghostbusters movie is all female cast,they are probably all foul bad breath rotten fish smelling dykes and have all strap on fucked the Eagle sisters and fisted Diane Abbots fat flea infested cunt

    • It’s at times like this I am glad I am able to censor my own imagination, the braver among us may wish to pause and imagine Dianne Abbots gaping cunt.

      Smasher writes better horror than Steven King.

      • Smasher, you are indeed wasted. You should be writing horror porn. The type of porn where Bella Emberg and Vanessa Feltz lez it up for the “specialists” among us.

        In my sick and warped mind, Diane Abbott’s cunt resembles the shark in “Jaws” just as it’s about to eat Robert Shaw.

        Was she named after the popular parody beat combo “The Black Abbotts” I wonder or vice versa?

  3. The new Ghostbusters ‘star’, Melissa Mcarthy, is fucking useless. I’ve unfortunately seen her in another movie (left early, though) and she is really shite. The so-called Queen of Comedy recently said that she is a perfectionist, which must be true as she’s a perfect cunt. Really fat as well. So fat, in fact, that her husband apparently has to roll her in flour and shag the damp areas. Talentless cunt. By the way, Diane Abbot’s cunt fleas are no longer a problem. They’ve died off from the smell.

    • Very much agreed on the new agenda-driven Ghostbusters film. The trailers on YouTube are already so unbelievably hated on both sides of the pond it’s epic. This looks like another totally shameless attempt at pushing the feminist angle and the bollocks stereotyping, that the director has disappeared so far up his own arse, he’s nocturnal.

      Nobody wants these rehashed shit remakes. They’re aimed at kids who don’t know any better. I’ve seen the different trailers for this shit film and it’s embarrassing. If anything it should help to boost sales of the 1984 classic, as this new effort looks like a total cuntfest. The problem today is that true, raw talent is in short supply where any old bling shit can make a packet of money.

      • That new ghostbuster(Fembusters) is a sick fucking joke if anything it will even tarnish the reputation of the classic franchise.

        Rick Moranis summed it up beautifully “It just doesn’t make any sense, why would I do one day of shooting on something I did thirty years ago”

  4. Seriously is mindless retards to fill up the Labour party the only thing they manufacture up north now.

  5. Il avoid DykeBusters like the plague,il also avoid anything involving Andy Murray and also goes without saying anything involving massive weather girl wannabee cream cake eating racist safe seat Corbyn cock munching cunt Diane Flabbot……

  6. Stewart Lee is a fucking cunt and unfunny to boot. That can never be said enough times.

  7. I don’t think the BBC are implicated in this, surely Apple have made the BBC sign a contract. The BBC advertises apple every fucking opportunity it gets after all.

  8. Have we ever seen such an insufferable cunt as Jean Claude Juncker? His treatment of Farage was a disgrace… Juncker trying to stop cameras taking pictures of Farage sat with his Union Jack… Someone should tell this foreign fucking tosspot that the Nazis lost in 1945, and that he can’t just go around telling people what to do and when to do it…. The EU turd…

    • Yes. Alan Titchmarsh and a couple of people who work with me are even more insufferable. And Hugh Grant. And the cunt who decided it was a good idea to to change the traffic light sequence on my way to work. And…. fuck I better stop there.

      Having said that , none of them are President of the European Commission so he deserves a public cunting.

      • Juncker knows all about the nazis, his father and his father in law were both ‘forced’ into working for them. Slimy old drunk.

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