Champagne is a rip-off, just wine with bubbles and £25 more a bottle.

Just buy a decent bottle of white for £12 and run it through a sodastream, Even Oz Clarke wouldn’t know the difference

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8 thoughts on “Champagne

  1. Tried running some flat beer through a SodaStream once……. blew the fucking thing to pieces and beer all over the ceiling. Children and wife suitably unimpressed.

    • Thats the sort of thing I would do, glad you told me. so as payment for your jem of wisdom.
      Do not put an airbag in a colegues desk and comand fire it, the resaults are a lot more devestating than your experiment, the draws disintigrated the back was blown off the desk ( which hit me) and its only because the guy took it well I still have my job.

  2. The choice of drink for people trying to impress others, not because they like it. Had it once, thought it was crap. Maybe it wasn’t a good year.

    • Was it actually champagne or just sparkling wine? ,yes I know champagne is sparkling wine but its not the same thing.. exactly.

      Champagne is illegal to officially label any product Champagne unless it both comes from the Champagne region and is produced under the rules of the appellation.

      So it can’t just be sparkling to be champagne it actually has to come from there. Its a rich nobilty drink or if your a Formula 1 Grand Prix driver spraying it on each other like a wasteful Cunt

      BTW champagne doesn’t age well due to the carbonation so its not the year… 2-4 years is generally the maximum before degradation

  3. Massively overrated. Ditto cunts who bang on about prosecco. Fuck off and drink real drinks cunts.

    • I like prosecco!!!

      I also like Bollinger but I don’t like the £42 a bottle price tag. Thats why I drink Ayala which is basically Bollinger made by Bollinger but not called Bollinger – and it’s £20. To be honest, they taste identical to me…

  4. I drink boiled piss with a sprig of mint to flavour 😉 much nicer than that champagne shit

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