Female politicians

Labour's female MPs

Female politicians really get on my nerves.

Naz Shah, Dianne Abbott, Baroness Warzi, Priti Patel, Kate Hoey and that cunt Nicki Morgan. All with a sense of indignation which translates into being a nagging, whiny voiced haranguer of anyone who’ll listen. Pompous to the point of bursting they pontificate on everything. I fucking hate them with their enraging sense of entitlement.

They smugly sit on Radio 4 interviews or Question Time and preach their ”Do what I say ‘cos it’s good for you” bollocks while avoiding any question that exposes their double standards by just continuing to talk and talk and talk in their nasal tones. They suck at the teat of the public purse and feather their nests while telling us that austerity is necessary. In it together? Not bloody likely.

They’re middle-class harridans of the modern age and need bringing down a peg or two…The cunts.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

7 thoughts on “Female politicians

  1. Back to the knitting ladies.

    I can see an explosion in mental health problems among women over the next few years. Their smaller brains can’t take all this thinking and decision making. Diane Abbott has been mental for years, and the others are quickly going the same way.

    Anna Soubry seems menopausal every time she appears in public, although looking at her I would have thought she was well past that shit so probably the brain frazzle is taking its toll.

    There are plenty of cooking and home makeover programmes on telly so come on ladies- get the dinner on and shut the fuck up.

    • 10 out of 10 -I cant say anything but you are right and you put it very amusingly too-well done to you dirk .

  2. Fucking feminists,the only way to find the best one for its only use is to put a carrier bag over their heads,poke a hole in their mouths,line em up and make each harpie chew me off to completion,its no problem il blow me load all over the carrier bag to avoid spunk in the eye(ouch!),see how I care about womens issues ladies??…..oh btw Diane Flabbot woud be exempt from this test as there isnt a black bin bag large enough to fit over her masive medicine ball head……

  3. I totally need to Nominate LIz Truss for being a Back sliding Johnson sucking career protecting Cunt.

  4. And you just know that their (ahem) decision making skills are going to be way off the mark for one week every month.

    ‘All men are bastards!’ followed by uncontrolled crying is not a reasonable response to any politics based question from the public.

  5. All because some ho threw herself under the kings horse. Shame she didn’t live so they could of hung her for the crime.

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