LGBT activists are cunts. And stupid cunts at that.

Two more of these morons have been hacked to death in Bangladesh while trying to force their weird agenda on a people that not only consider homosexuality deeply immoral, but completely fucking illegal. You’d think these mincing fuckwits would understand by now that most of the world prefers men to marry women and leave it at that, but no, they have to march in and demand equality, because this is “their right”.

Turned out fucking well for you two didn’t it? Cunts.

Nominated by: Kiwi Cunt

29 thoughts on “LGBT

  1. The thing with the LGBTMGBGT bunch is that they whine on about equal rights, which they already have. Everyone has.

    What the mincing fuckwit special snowflake cunts are actually after is special privileges. See ‘pride’ parades for evidence of this. (When is the last time you saw a heterosexual ‘pride’ parade?)

    Now, don’t get me wrong. What consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own home is none of anyone else’s business.
    It becomes everyone else’s business when I have to explain to my ten year old that the bloke with his arse hanging out of a pair of leather chaps is ‘normal’ where this is blatantly obvious, even to a ten year old that it really fucking isn’t.

    In future it would be much appreciated if the LBXYZQ contingent could please keep their sordid sexual deviance to themselves.

    The rest of us are fucking normal and would like to keep our naturally conceived kids as innocent as possible, for as long as possible.


    • They can call themselves whatever they like, but can we we knock this straight business on the head. Normal will do, thank you very much.

  2. I like it up the arse and I am going to march down the high street telling the world………

    Hardly up there with Ghandi or MLK is it……….

  3. Queers, faggots, arse bandits, up hill gardeners… them what you like, their whole objective is about being noticed.
    As soon as they get a cock up their arse, or somebody else’s shit or a lump of sweetcorn in their japs eye their voice goes up an octave.
    This is followed by a mincey walk, tight t-shirts and earrings.

    Arseholes are exits not entrances unless it’s a gorgeous leggy bird who happens to like it up the ‘arriss obviously.

  4. JR is bang on,Holly Willoughbooby is the only person that should be allowed one up the tradesmans……in normal society not luvvie media society the MGBGT mob are a laughing stock,man hating dykes with blue spikey hair,Grayson Perry ,Elton Jockstrap…..the bleeding lot of em

  5. Holly Willoughby is a pig faced, peroxide smelling fat whore.
    She wouldn’t even get it in the cunt, let alone up the arse.
    I’d rather lick Dianne Abbotts unwiped arsehole

    • I’d rather suck a cock whilst I take 2 in my arse at the same time than go anywhere near Holly Willoughby.
      She is the most vacuous, talent-less, pig-faced blonde slut on TV.
      She only has a following cause she has big tits which she has to show off at every opportunity.
      And the only reason she is on TV is because she married a TV producer who just happens to work at ITV and produces This Morning.. Nepotism!

  6. Boaby….dial this number 020 7219 4330 and they’ll put you through to her office.
    Usually has a shit about half four.
    Hope that helps.

  7. I had an MGBGT in the 70s and the designer was a cunt. He probably had a hand in the Austin Maxi too. That was a shit car but not as shit as some of the spoutings of the LBGT brigade. Cunts, all of them, especially the lesbians who are double cunts.

  8. Saw a clip of Queen at the Isle of Wight the other day, and I have to say that Adam Lambert makes Freddy Mercury look like Tyson Fury. Please stop.

  9. My OH was watching This Morning on ITVPLayer, as I walked past to grab a beer I noticed they were doing a feature called “I’m a third sex” – It was essentially 2 fucking male looking Americans dykes who claimed they were a third sex.
    Seriously, these LGBT freaks want rounding up and putting on a train to Auschwitz asap.
    They are all fucking mentally ill.
    If I claim I am God, I get sectioned under the mental health act, if I say I am a third sex or a woman in mans body I get gender reassignment on the NHS for free and as many appearances on TV that I can fulfill.

  10. As mentioned earlier in the thread, most of us are tolerant to what people do inside their own homes. We don’t want it on the streets or on or TV’s though. There is a natural revulsion to two men kissing on the street and we certainly don’t want to see this behaviour normalised in front of our kids or via the education system.

    The image of gay men in particular is sanitised for public consumption. None of the very seedy underside of the gay scene is discussed. I hav eknown gay men who you would never know were gay and never made it an issue. The whole prefix of gay is wrong. We know homosexuality exists and we know it always has and always will. that’s all anyone needs to know.

  11. I have ZERO problem with LGBT…but when they go out in public dressed up like Eddie Izzard, jc he looks like some Mrs. Mop extra from ‘Allo ‘Allo…
    Do it indoors, luv!!

    • Oh god I hate eddie izzard what a twat a real piece of work he is, I was gonna cunt Mr.Pink Beret and red lipstick but I wasn’t sure if somebody beat me too it. I’ll cunt him later I’m just about to start finishing up elder scrolls be up all night though.

  12. Unfunny cunt, the funniest thing he has ever done is put on make-up and a dress. And Dick Emery was doing that in the 60’s.

    • Emery’s “Layabout” character made me want a motorcycle from a very young age. Old Dick was well into his bikes…

  13. I am gay. And I’m a CUNT! (A funny cunt, a tolerant cunt and an all round GOOD CUNT!)

    I’ve never marched down the street in clothes that show parts of the anatomy only your partner or proctologist should see. I’ve never wanted ‘special rights’, but in some instances, equality would be great. (An example for me, was in the 90’s if I had died, my partner would not have access to my superannuation, my parents would have. Let me assure you, they were CUNTS. Both alcoholics, convicted of physically assaulting their children etc) The law has subsequently been amended.

    A reminder: All Catholics aren’t paedophiles, all Muslims aren’t suicide bombers, all Homosexuals aren’t mincing down the street pushing any type of agenda. I don’t want to be judged by the actions of others. I’m pretty sure not every ‘straight’ person completely agrees with the word/actions every other “straight’ person all the time either.

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