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    • Reminds of a cartoon in Private Eye –

      Two figures wearing black burqas and one says to the other, “Does my bomb look big in this…?”

  1. Lothar Mattäus…
    There’s a cunt if ever I saw one.
    Northern Ireland just come off the pitch after a superb performance against Ukraine and that Kraut fucker comments that Germany will have little problem against us, we have nothing to challenge them with.
    He may well turn out to be right, 99 times out of 100 he will be right, but he’s an ungracious fucker, nothing would give me greater pleasure to see the smile wiped off his fucking cunt of a face……some of us remember beating them 1-0 home and away. I hope for a repeat.

  2. Jonathan Freedland (grauniad) is a MASSIVE, sloppy, warble-fly infested kardashiCunt.

  3. they are far past the islam for dumbies stage-this started when sauman rushdie or however you spell his foreign name -wrote the satanic verses -the 1980s ? and not one person defended him in authority-it made me furious and shocked me and told me I could not recognise my country anymore-and I was right .
    all the evil cunts and cowards and the elitists -media tv papers politicians judges commentators journos and cops sided with the muslims saying it was their right to publicly incite violence and murder .
    second milestone was during the London demo -where 400 muslim isis types -mostly in black burka’s paraded in front of 500 journos and cops with those banners calling for the murder of all non muslims -until 3 weeks of complaints later not one arrest was made.
    all the news reports of hooky and his mates-calling for mass murder and again in London streets and filmed by the worlds press-and he cost us over 4 million in tax payers money to fund his huge house in London and all his benefits and his wives and kids and we could never legally deport him until he agreed to go on his terms 10 years later .
    yet try saying the word paki on tv if you dare -im sure no one reading this is racist and so what if anyone even is-but who would dare say paki on tv ?
    incite mass murder -do it on tax payer funded benefits and in front of the worlds press -but say paki and you are in big trouble .
    70 % of muslims in rancid luton support the London bombers -52% of muslims in the uk support sharia law and the majority thought it was an attack on islam to draw cartoons of Muhammad .
    they are way past the dummies stage -they almost control us- the majority already.

    • What’s wrong with saying Paki, it’s only an abbreviation.
      In days gone by when we were allowed to say the “Paki shop,” it wasn’t an insult, it just meant the shop owned and ran by a Pakistani family.
      Nobody gave it a second thought.
      Also, it wasn’t an age ago when during an Australian v Pakistan cricket test match the Australian commentators regulary referred to the Pakistanis as ‘Pakis.’

      If abbreviations are unacceptable, I’m offended to be called a ‘Brit.’

      • yep I agree-as you know…… but I bet you would not say that on live tv ? ? ? ?
        if you did you would get death threats till you die and probably so would your family and maybe some friends too .
        where you work would be targeted and where you live and you would also be prosecuted and fined and maybe left with a criminal record ….. I would support you and may even chip in to cover the cost of your fine or legal costs if you fought your case-but im on disability benefits so don’t expect too much solidarity from me.
        im just stating the reality -I don’t know if you realise that ?

      • I can’t take the glory for this however there Is a very funny meme that can be found on the net.

        There should be no problem calling a Pakistani a paki.

        It bears no difference to an Australian I
        referred an Aussie, a Scotsman a Scott and a Frenchman a Cunt.

    • Heterosexuals are straight but call a LBGT bent and it’s offensive. It’s all part the psychological warfare to turn up into down. You can’t stand outside a mosque decrying Islam as that is a hate crime, you can stand at the side of the road and call British Soldiers scum and call for their deaths. Hit a gay man and it is a hate crime, hitting a straight man is a lesser crime of assault.

      In another generation people won’t even realise that there is any hypocrisy in the system and by the time we are all dead history will be rewritten to erase any record of the way this nation really was.

      • Just read this at heat wave, The BBC is facing new questions about why it delayed reporting that a group of Syrian men had been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Newcastle.

        It will also increase suspicions that some parts of the media are unwilling to report stories which they believe might be politically sensitive and could cause unrest between immigrants, islamic relations and the rest of the public, as allegedly happened in Germany and Sweden in January.

        (You don’t say? the beeb once again proving how incompetent they are. I also wonder why islamic relations have to do with it this? it couldn’t be because allah allows rape during holy wars and jihad could it?) Pathetic bastards!

      • I agree sixdog and the victors are the feminists and blacks and muslims .
        the poor and disabled and homeless and criminals and English and atheists and republicans and fathers and men and whites and animals -haven’t had any justice of any sort to date .
        this is a slightly different angle on the same subject ……
        the most extreme and obvious example of what you describe so well is …… the animal rights act legislation passed to protect animals and fought for by the terrorist groups who bombed banks and houses and insurance companies and cars all over the world – not one was arrested or stopped or locked up or shamed by the press or politicians -until one day in about 2000 a tory mp from out of the area came to huntingdon research centre [life science] and stood outside the gates on tv and said a speech about how dangerous and anti democratic and violent the animal rights terrorists were-and I chatted to my best mate about this moment many times as he worked there for 40 years and he was my first ever boss too.
        after that moment as I predicted everything began to change and for the better-they sent some terrorists to prison and deterred the rest eventually and now they are nothing -though my gf does volunteer work for several animal rights charities and I have been to them once myself – they are fucked because they love muslims so they cant complain about the muslims and jews being exempt from the cruelty to animals act on religious grounds-as they are with halal meat slaughtering -so they care about animals ? they care about torturing animals? they hate anyone who even eats meat mostly-but don’t care if muslims or jews torture and abuse animals for a daily living -something that rarely if ever happened in the uk until the 2 religious groups were made exempt from our animal rights law -so we have gone backwards to an age of no science and no democracy and no law and no rights for animals -this will get worse and spread as it is doing into childrens rights and womens rights and all areas of law and social life -we see it in faith schools-muslims segregate the sexes -as is illegal in non faith schools and we see genital mutilation acceptable in muslim communities and carried out at tax payer expense in the nhs -like female foetuses being killed -again illegal to discriminate in our law by sex-but done in the nhs at tax payer expense to please the muslim community -same with wife beating and divorce law and child abuse and trafficking and forced marriage and honour killings and honour torture blackmail and threats and slavery -all hidden and covered up and flourishing and bit by bit being made legal or acceptable -all are illegal officially and no politicians talk about muslims or any of these issues or they answer with waffle excuses promises and lies -and the problem just grows and grows .
        the fact militant animal rights protesters and less militant campaigners like ” dave duckshoot ” he has a website about paedophiles -the fact he cannot mention his favourite subject ” animal rights ” in as far as muslims are concerned means he is a lie-as are all animal rights protesters.
        number one priority for every animal rights protester should be muslims and the laws allowing them to trick us into buying halal meat in every supermarket and fast food outlet in the uk .
        and likewise if you care about paedophilia -muslims must be the biggest threat in the uk-and people trafficking and exploitation and slavery-muslims number one problem and exponent of this -likewise female rights and domestic violence and every form of child abuse.
        but as not one person dare even mention muslims or answer a single question about them in relation to this-then children women and animals will continue to suffer more and more every year that passes not less and less .

      • It shouldn’t be about black n white or which version of religion you buy into, it shouldn’t be about whether you have a vagina or whether you like something shoved in ya arse.

        Equality is when the the law is blind to all of the above and is applied without prejudice with the punishment fitting the crime.

        Jew, Muslim or fucking Jedi, the laws of the land apply and the laws of the land are the only ones that apply.

      • Hitting a gay man because he is gay, is a hate crime. Hitting a gay man because he just drove like a total cunt and cut you off in traffic, is still just road rage!

    • my mate amusingly adjusted or modified his language when it became illegal to say paki by referring to them as stani’s and very effective it is too -I told him I was impressed and he just grinned back.
      he was also taking into account they don’t come from just Pakistan but azerbajan and Afghanistan and khurdistan etc etc .
      I guess its just a question of time till the word stani is made is illegal ?

      • “Paki” is a disgusting, outdated, ignorant term.

        I much prefer “bacon dodger” or “goat fucker”.

      • that’s true-I am an old fart -it creeps up on you-before you know it you are 136 years old and saying things that aren’t fashionable -sorry about that and point taken .

  4. Great story in the Express today. An SAS sniper in Libya took out ISIS terrorists, who were taking an explosive packed car to Tripoli. Apparently, the sniper took out about BOTH shitbags with one bullet, from 1,000 metres. The bullet went through the driver’s head and into the passenger’s neck. Did I mention that the car was moving at the time? I have now. One shot, TWO kills from 1,000 metres at a moving target, with just 20 seconds to take the shot. I’ve known soldiers who were awesome shots, but that is fucking phenomenal. It’s being described as one the Regiment’s best

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