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I know, I know, calling Livingstone a cunt is like calling Mussolini an evil fat bastard, but he so deserves it. He’s hit the headlines recently with his defence of the odious Naz Shah. Apparently, despite her comments and tweets to the contrary, she’s not an anti-Semite. Yes Ken, and I’m not a half American former Army Commando. Unfortunately for old RK, I AM a half American former Army Commando.

Livingstone is a well known anti-Semite, having once compared a Jewish journalist to a Nazi concentration camp guard. I have to admit, that journalist showed admirable restraint. If he’d said something equally offensive to me, I would have ripped out his bowels. Through his mouth. As I pointed out yesterday, Corbyn’s rise to the leadership of the Labour party has brought with it a return to prominence of 80’s rabble rousing dinosaurs like Livingstone and Derek Hatton.

It says a lot about how far the Labour party have regressed that today, the MP John Mann was criticised for confronting Livingstone over his disgraceful comments. A DECENT party leadership would have backed Mann and kicked Livingstone out, whilst doing everything possible to distance themselves from him. Not this bunch though, because although they have suspended Livingstone, it has been done very grudgingly. In other words it’s nothing more than a pantomime, the Labour party’s way of saying “look everyone, we take this sort of thing VERY seriously”. The problem is, this comes AFTER Corbyn claimed that Naz Shah’s anti-Semitism wasn’t a big deal. And considering Corbyn and Livingstone are close friends, I’m pretty sure Corbyn apologised profusely before and after suspending Kunty Ken.

The thing is, Livingstone won’t give a flying monkey’s fuck about being suspended. He’ll be sitting at home with a smug grin, as he wanks himself off over his newts. He always been an arrogant piece of shit, convinced that he was something special. I remember when he was leader of the old LBC, a malignant organisation with him in charge. When lost the Mayoral election to Boris, he announced that he would be quitting politics. Yet he here is, hanging around like a particularly malodorous fart. Corbyn has once again shown that he has NO leadership skills at all, by completely mishandling this scandal.

He could have kept the damage to a minimum by suspending Shah, and then Livingstone, immediately. But Corbyn himself is an anti-Semite, so he did what the far left always do when a scandal descends upon them, he buried his head in the sand and hoped it would die down. Except it hasn’t died down. In fact, his attempt at ignoring this situation has just made it worse. So Corbyn has had to pretend to do something, by pretending he’s suspended Livingstone. He’ll back in a month or two.

What annoys me about this, is that anyone said similar things about Muslims, scum like Livingstone, Corbyn and Shah would be the first and loudest to shout “ISLAMOPHOBIA” and condemn anyone who criticised that ideology as racist. Yet it’s ok for their own to exactly the same thing against Jews. John Mann was right, Livingstone is a Nazi apologist, he always has been. The sad thing is, it’s one of his least unpleasant traits.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

I just got meself all excited, after hearing on the radio news that Ken Livingston has been suspended. Sadly as it turned out not by the neck or genitals, but by the Labour party for anti-Semitic remarks. Or maybe getting the giggles during a screening of “Schindler’s List”..? Whatever, any way Ken Livingston is a cunt, but then everyone knows that already.

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

10 thoughts on “Ken Livingstone [5]

  1. Have met the newt fucker orn a few occasions on account orf an old mate orf mine, a now late yank commie who was quite a Spitfire ace (he could not stand trots like Livingstone either). In the flesh his skin is as grey as one orf his newts and he has this stooped way orf walking like an assassin hanging behind waiting to knife you in the back. A very nasty piece orf work and he has a doleful expression orn his mug that says “I know you are going to call me a cunt”. He is usually right.

    • Unlike you Sir Limpy, I have yet to meet the newt fancying Trotskyite cuntface.

      Hence the fact that he is still alive.

      In fact that does beg the question ‘How is the cunt still alive’?

      Everyone who isn’t a Cultural Marxist, level 6 Guardian reader or baghead appeasing shiteater fucking despises him and everything he stands for.

      So come on Mossad, get your finger out and make it look like an accident.

      You will be doing the world a massive favour!

  2. A shitbag of the first order, another cunt who would probably be happier if his wishes were carried out under pain of execution, just like Stalin. Please pack it in, you nasally evil goblin cunt.

  3. The Labour party producing the biggest cunts in the country since 1900.

  4. Fuck me, Parliament is preparing to overturn a Brexit vote or force a second referendum until they get the answer they want. I sincerely hope we all make it clear that we will not stand by and watch the overpaid useless self serving cunts deny us the result we vote on as a nation.

    That’s all

    • I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting my Molotov cocktails ready. Because if those cunts in Westminster decide to shit on democracy by ignoring the will of the British people, then civil unrest, at the very least, will be justified.

      • Just make sure you make the Molotovs with cheap Polish vodka to keep it all in the EU spirit.

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