11 thoughts on “Dermot O’Leary

  1. Hes never off the tv,part of that awful light entertainment mafia,hate him and his tight suits and his action man haircut,he should be buried alive with Lorraine Kelly and Amanda Holden for company

  2. I thought he was related to Denis Leary(the shite comedian bill hick copycat) I guess I just automatically assumed that because he’s orish. God he’s a x-factor sellout too? blimey thats even worse then being a copycat fuck him then I hate x-fucktor.

  3. Recently been reported in the press he’s to receive £1.5 million to return for the next series of find a cunt show X factor.
    I’ve never met the cunt but anyone involved with X factor is a cunt by association.
    “Your Saturday night starts right here, so make those phone calls and pay my salary you brain dead cunts.”

  4. Cunts knocking on the door begging money for hospices cos theyre out of funds even though their managers are on mega salaries then theres cunts like o dreary on those kinda contracts,of course I told hospice man to do one

  5. Another overpaid Tellycunt that I am blissfully unaware of. Still not missing broadcast TV one bit. We read books, watch films, listen to music and occasionally even (gasp!) talk to each other and all without lining the above worthless cunt’s pockets. And we still haven’t had a visit from the Kapita wankers…

  6. Why he doesn’t get more nominations I don’t know. Soon as he appeared on here for a cunting I wondered why I hadn’t nominated him myself. It’s not like he is a low profile under the radar kinda cunt, if he was a plane he would be a B52, if he was in the sea he would be a blue whale.

    Dermot O’Cunty this is your cunting.

    This is a great nomination by Barry.

  7. Completely agree the fucking little prick is a massive cunt…put them two words together and that’s what I’d like to see him do and FUCK HIMSELF. The shitheads a waste of airtime and can honestly say if I seen him I’d twat him rip his head off and fist fuck his neck.

  8. I hate him he goes on about he’s irish, so why doesn’t he fuck off back there
    if it’s so great-because its a shit hole. Also he is a fucking muggy plastic gooner.

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