Stephen Kinnock [2]

Blue plaque honouring Aneurin Bevan and Jennie Lee

Stephen Kinnock is a hypocritical cunt of the first order.

Our Stephen reckons that if the vote on June 23rd is to leave the EU, then it can be held up for years by MPs blocking the legislation necessary to amend and repeal EU imposed laws. His justification for this is that just because the people voted in a referendum, there wouldn’t be a mandate because they wouldn’t have voted to destroy jobs and the economy.

He also reckons it would be OK to defy the will of the people because the Leave campaign have failed to ‘put forward an alternative economic plan’ for Brexit. So again, according to Kinnock, there’s no mandate.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with his parents being put out of highly paid fireproof jobs in Brussels. Absolutley not, because that would make him a biased, self interested cunt wouldn’t it?

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  1. It should be noted that the cunt is also married to the former Danish prime minister, who personally I would shag until it was only fit for the skip, (also a piece of socialist shit, booted out of her job because of her cultural marxist ideals).

    Noses in the EU trough seems to run in the family for the Kinnocks and any cunt associated with them.

  2. Ginger pubes and his father is a cunt as well. If he had half an ounce of decency he’d jump under a fucking train….the cunt.

  3. Agreed, a shit stain on the toilet bowl of life, needs to be flushed away with a good dose of domestos. Mad pinko scum like him have no place in this country and how he manged to pull that Danish bint i’ll never know. Maybe she’s blind deaf and stupid.

  4. These Danes are all into deviant porn. Danish Dentist on the Job (a fillum available in 8mm in a plain wrapper) was popular in the sixties. I suggest she fancies Pillock because his head looks like his arse.

    • Indeed Pillock and Pillock junior look like a father and son porn team. Oh the joy orf being able to post again.

      • Now that you said that I’m wondering if Norman is getting blocked? hasn’t been on lately perhaps he’s on holiday or something.

        How many here know the joys of having a 135 pound high energy pointer dog?

        I Recently acquired a nice bruise (or broken tendon perhaps?) twisting my leg while walking the mongrel. I can’t run or nothing its been four days like this, bloody dog still expects walks piss off dog!

      • Get a treadmill for fido.

        He can run for miles without leaving the lounge.

      • Yeah I pulled a muscle or something mighty, now I’m limping around like a legless pirate.

        Before I can even start looking for a treadmill I need function of both my legs. Thanks for the reply tho cheers.

    • As a student at university (studied Russian to help defeat the commie blighters), suffered mind-numbingly patronising seminars / tutorials from a shiny-headed bald tera-cunt, whose symbolic bell-end appearance was tragically emphasised by his roll-neck pully looking like a knitted foreskin. The bloke thought he was God’s fuckin’ gift to the whole world, the fact that he was married to a child psychologist suggested otherwise.
      At least she could d/w the irritating wankstain…

  5. You beat me to it. The way I read it, Pro-treason MP’s aren’t simply plotting to hold up our exit, they’re plotting to scupper it completely. We all know Kinnock’s heritage. He has a vested interested in wanting to remain in the EU, mummy and daddy’s over-generous pensions depend on it. This referendum is being held so that we, the people of the United Kingdom, can have OUR say on whether or not we stay in the EU.

    If we vote to leave, and the majority of MP’s who support remain decide to be childish and try to derail it, then I think we’ll be justified in taking to the streets and rioting. Because despite what those arrogant cunts in Westminster think, this is NOT about what they want. It’s about what WE want. They’ve forgotten that THEY are OUR employees, and it’s way past time they were reminded of that.

  6. It’s not about “jobs” it’s about getting the country back

    We can sort cunts like the Kinnocks out later

    • Preferably with a round from a 303 Lee Enfield, non of that fagotty NATO ammo

      • .303? Interesting. It would definitely get the job done, and the Lee Enfield is considered one of the finest rifles ever made. Too good for scum like the Kinnocks though. For me, it has to be .50 Cal. At close range. Messy…very messy.

      • Or, a blunderbuss, full of rusty screws. Denied penicillin, it would be slow and painful.

  7. `Im going to vote leave but for some reason I think there are too many cunts in the country who will vote remain. I can’t see the Brexit happening, maybe were on a one way ride into single world governance. I am not massively into politics but I can see that this whole EU cunt of a cunt is a cunt. I am fed up of seeing all the Euro leaders posing for a picture after some fucking pointless meeting, how much do these meetings alone cost? Getting all these cunt to one place aint cheap and the cunts aint flying Easyjet or Ryanair are they. If we leave the EU is fucked and they won’t let it happen. Even if we vote leave we won’t be rid of the Eu for years to come, they’ll be like a cunt of an ex Wife and make sure they get some money out of us before they fuck off. Anyways not long now, but if it is remain then this country I love will be going downhill faster than it already is. The fucking cunts.

    • The EU is going to be like that bint in “Fatal Attraction”, going to boil all our bunnies

      • If it is leave then what happens to all the Poles, Romanians etc? Will the ones that are here already be allowed to stay?

      • I think they will if they have a job. I’d like to think that others, like the Romanian scum who live rough at Marble Arch and in London’s parks would be put on the first plane back to the shit hole they came from. Though with the MP’s we have right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the foreigners currently in the UK were give British citizenship, just to spite us for voting out.

  8. I heard his rabid ravings this morning and can confirm he is one crooked corrupt cunt.

  9. Stephen may soon overtake his fathers title of balding Welsh Windbag.I don`t know who is a bigger cunt.Father or son

      • Being a Welsh cunt, I have always hated old Kneel Kinnock for bringing us all down with his twatness. Thankfully, he was denied his chance to fuck up the UK directly, so the slimy bastard had to go to Brussels to fuck us from behind. Now, his cunt of a son is trying it the other way around. As one cunt fades, another cunt blossoms.
        Talking of cunt dynasties, did anyone see Hilary Benn on TV last night, saying the migrant situation is only a problem because the tories haven’t built enough houses! Another like cunt father, like cunt son.

  10. The Mongol hordes from Port Toilet should hang their heads in shame for voting for the twat. Parachuted into the constituency, cunt couldn’t find his way around the town, his ‘address’ there is some ropey one bed flat above a shop, no way the cunt has stayed there. His commute to his surgery has a carbon footprint that would put Vesuvius in the shade. His cunt father was in the news, telling any cunt who would listen to vote remain, not for him of course but for the children. His children no doubt. Cunts one and all.

  11. If that happens I’ve got hempen rope, piano wire and a couple of stools. Are the lamp posts around Westminster strong enough to take the weight of these cnuts?

  12. This treacherous Welsh windbag really is a chip of the block!!, spouting endless rubbish about everything Brexit, you know he actually wants the Uk to fail in being a self governing, sovereign democratic country once again, forget the 17.4 million who said enough is enough, we want a change , like the rest of the elite remoaners clegg, Osborne and co they know best, of course it’s got nothing to do with vested interests, his whole family have got their FUCKIIN snouts in the EU trough!!, kinnock snr is like a pig looking for truffles as he wanders around Brussels looking for his next payday, his sisters in on the act too, without the EU where would this bunch of useless Cunts be?? Absolutely FUCKIIN nowhere!! Merry Xmas 😂😂

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