Tracey Emin [2]


Tracey Emin was just on TV telling me why I should vote to remain in the EU.

Not bothered by her opinion, I have seen what she passes of as art to people with more money than sense. However as it was post watershed they allowed her to appear with out a bag on her head.

Vile redefined.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

20 thoughts on “Tracey Emin [2]

  1. …is a cunt proudly presents H R Giger’s rejected first design for the title character from Alien. Didn’t she pass off her shitted bed as “art” or something? Looks rough as a badger’s arse….

  2. My back garden looks worse than her “art”, why don’t I get a ruddy award eh? Not pretentious enough? Talk about money for old rope, has there been a “Turner Award” nominee who wasn’t a complete talentless cnut?

  3. Difficult to decide who’s the biggest cunt on this one, Emin or the more money than sense thick cunts who shell out for her crap.
    Also, speaks like a mong and looks like a bit of a soap dodger.

    • Looks like she’s got a REAL evil stink up her snout. Nurse Belinda reckons it’s snatch-rot; try washing it out with a quart of warm water with half a bottle of Dettol, and drink the remainder.

    • Has she been in a car accident? I’ve seen weird faces like that before on accident victims – eyes canted, mouth twisted, chin distorted. Anyway, she’s really fucking ugly – that tent must have been opaque – as no-one who could see it could fuck it. What an ugly cunt!

  4. Wasn”t one of her (ahem) ‘art installations’ a tent with the names of all the Harold Ramps, stray dogs and blind people with no sense of smell she had shagged written on the inside?

    If my name had appeared on that tent, you would know that I would be taking legal action against the talentless skank for the simple reason it would take 12 pints, half a dozen pills, a quarter of Jack Herrer, couple of grams of gak and a 100mg viagra just to crack the fat….. I would call that diminished responsibility.

    Frankly put, if you managed to shag a bird with a face like Medusa’s ringpiece without the help of all of the above then there is something seriously fucking wrong with you!

    • Fuckin hell, Jack Herrer, now there’s a name i’ll not forget for a very, very long time. 😉

  5. Rat faced chancer, truly talentless in every way. Famous for fleecing thick, self absorbed rich twats by selling them fly tipping relabelled as modern art. As for sick fucks putting their reproductive organs into any of her holes, they need to be sectioned.

  6. Cameron is a gargantuan cunt. Watched the Farage/Cameron debate this evening and I have to say Cameron spouted the greatest amount of bullshit I have heard. He gave no credible evidence why we should remain. Basically on almost every answer to a question he came up with bollocks that totally contradicted what he has overseen to date. The man is a joke and has no influence in the EU, despite what he is trying to kid everyone into believing. What a twat.

    • I particularly enjoyed the black women and the Asian guy expressing their fears on immigration, and the prick couldn’t dare call them racist, so he had to try and reason with the audience. And failed. Miserably. The cunt.
      Talking of cunts, Yvette Cooper was on newsnight, she looked insane, with a full thousand yard stare. Freaks, the lot of them.

      • It would have been great if Farage had staggered in straight from the pub, several pints up, and nutted him.
        Sensible policies for a better Britain…

  7. Justin Welby…again…is a MASSIVE , patronising old cantuar.
    Also, he desperately needs to find a new dress-maker, or wear a corset!!

    • Yes, agreed, although i’d argue about the new dress as this cunt would look so much better in a wooden box.

      • I always thought that Marcus Welby M.D. was a cunt as well. Wonder if they were related?
        See what I did there?
        Oh yes, and Quincy was an even bigger cunt along with that slanty eyed, cocksucking, twat faced assistant of his. Cunty cunts.
        Just saying!

  8. They tried to stitch Nigel up again with a few ethnic plants in the crowd just like Question Time,its water off a ducks back to him now,Cameron twisted every question with a different answer as he usually does,Etchingham was hopeless and should be relegated to making the tea for the camera crew in future

  9. The Conservative Party has to be a washed-up, schism ridden, unelectable body after the vote…Well it ought to be after the back-stabbing and name calling they’re all up to over the referendum. But of course there is NO opposition to hold them to account nor pose any kind of credible challenge. Corbyn may have millions of followers but he’s about as much good as a fart in a shitting contest. And Question Time is a fucking joke. That smug, pompous, self regarding cunt Dimbleby needs replacing with someone like Eddie Mair. He’d give the guest-cunts a serious grilling.
    I’m off to lie down until it’s all over.

  10. Regarding that Charles / Diana interview, Dimbleby got a knighthood, Diana got knotted.

    “Arise, Sir Dimblebore!!”

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