Whoopi Goldberg [2]


Whoopi Goldberg is a supercunt… A supercunt who sticks up for that nonce cunt, Roman Polanski…

Racial stereotypes, eh? Well, it was OK for Goldberg to play the stereotypical sassy black mama character in Jumping Jack Flash and Ghost…. It blew her fat arse far enough up the Hollywood ladder.. the female Uncle (Auntie?) Tom cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

21 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg [2]

  1. Whoopi who? What has she actually done? Where is her quality work that allowed her to climb up her own arse? But wait, is this her problem or ours as a society, we give too much credence to celebrity.

    Actors, Pop stars aqnd now reality TV stars are all looked up upon by a large proportion of the brain dead public and elevated to postions way beyond their worth by a media that creates these celebs out of fuck all.

    If we stop eagerly consuming the shite they feed us they will stop producing it.

    The main reason Whoopi is a cumt is that she is a mirror reflecting the braidead cuntishness of our society back at us.

  2. Whoopi Goldberg is, and always has been, an over-hyped cunt who people say they like because they think everyone else likes her and they want to fit in. How she ever became famous is mystifying. She was OK in The Colour Purple but that’s mainly because she kept her fucking mouth shut for the majority of it and being directed by Spielberg and acting alongside Danny Glover, who fucking owns that film by the way (fuck all the credit Goldberg and Oprah fucking Winfrey got), has got to make things a bit easier.
    A female Robin Williams, but even shitter, if that’s actually possible.

  3. The boot is well and truly on the other foot.

    That repellent harridan Diane Abbott goes the telly and moans that people are “smearing” the Labour Party with allegations of anti-Semitism. This from a woman whose entire political career has been built on accusations of racism against her opponents. Not nice to be accused of things you haven’t done is it?

    A certain section of the political and media class have spent the last thirty years screaming “racism” and claiming that only white people can be racist. Turns out brown people (or “Muslims” as some people call them, although I wasn’t aware that religion was also an ethnicity) and virtuous Labourites can be full of irrational hatred and bile too. Who’da thunk it?

    • There are so many reasons to despise the Abbott that you don’t have to go anywhere near racism. Horrid hag of a cunt, whose inner wretchedness eclipses anything the exterior does.

      • “whose inner wretchedness eclipses anything the exterior does”

        Oh that’s classic. Gotta remember that one. Cheers – I.Y.

  4. Jumping Jack Flash was a shite film shat out and Keith should feel like a whore for doing the remake song with aretha franklin the original song was better, johnny winters cover was pretty good and faithful to the original but nothing beats the stone’s version. Nothing https://youtu.be/dQkrLpwj1vk

  5. Ryan Giggs is a cunt….
    The latest talk around town (and from very reliable sources) is that the old winger has been screwing Rachel ‘Countdown’ Riley…

    One has got to begrudgingly admire the cunt…. The fucking jammy cunt…

      • Norman…..you really know how to fuck up my Sunday.
        Riley is my number one wannafuck.
        My missus has even given me a free pass with Riley should the opportunity arise.
        Giggs you cunt.

      • I actually have a 5 name list pre-approved by my wife.
        1. Jennifer Aniston.
        2. Jen Carfagno.
        3. Terri Leigh.
        4. Kate Upton.
        5. Rosamund Pike.

        Weirdly, they’re all blondes and I’m not really a blonde kind of guy. But boy would I ever given a chance. I’m thinking I might have to win the lottery before I become attractive enough to snare one of these hotties. So that’s my plan. Lotto win, followed by massive amounts of celebrity ploughing. Everyone should have goals in life. 🙂

    • Just seen the LVG interview. Funny. He’d made his point, so why bring masochism into the argument. And how would he know anyway? Seems there’s more to LVG than meets the eye.

      On a related point, Fellaini is a dirty bag of shite and has been crap ever since he quit Everton. That said, Huth should be in jail for his assault record this season. The man is an utter bastard. Comes from the Charlie Adam school of thuggery.

      And it was a penalty. Bullshit penalty awarded for cheats Leicester against Wet Spam the other week. Stone wall penalty not awarded against them this week. Unbelievable.

      • Fellaini can be a dirty cunt, but that shithouse, Huth, deserved what he got… If they were still playing, I would have loved to see Bryan Robson or Roy Keane give Huth the twatting he deserves… I heard from friends in Holland that LVG was a bit of a ladies man and a ‘masterful’ type in the old days… And we know how kinky some of those Dutch can be…

        And Memphis ‘Chocolate Fireguard’ Depay is still a useless cunt…

      • Norm: OMG yes, it would have been sublime to see Keane deal with Huth. That would be worth the ticket price on its own.

        Depay has been a bit pants for sure. Martial looks more of a handful every time I see your lot play. Really thought you’d do Leicester today. Ugh! Cheers – I.Y.

  6. This fat, ugly troll appears on some cunt fest show on Yank TV called The View. I’ve never watched it myself as I want to protect the brain cells I do have, but it’s basically a bunch of do nothing, ‘soccer mom’ types sitting around whining and moaning and spouting Demoncratic/socialist bullshit. Bunch of no talent hacks with chips on their shoulders. And she’s the worst unless I’ve been wildly misinformed.

  7. I think we should make Whoopie Goldberg marry that froggy actor cunt Gerard Depardeu.

    Then her name would be Whoopie Duppie Do!!!

  8. 7/19/2016. Goldberg on TV spewing garbage. Time for the USA warrior class to quit defending filth such as that wench and those akin to her. Let them defend themselves from the evil barbarians of the world. And a pox on the elite-owned media waging class war against the common folks who promulgate filth of the type such as Goldberg. Filth scum vermin such as Goldberg could never create nor maintain a country/society such as the USA. A parasite. Existing due to the ongoing efforts of the type of folks that Goldberg scum despises.

  9. Whoopi Goldberg epitomizes everything wrong with the the modern feminist. I had the misfortune of catching a sample of the view on You Tube. Whining, bitching about everything that will never effect them if they live to be 100. The dumb audience clap like performing seals, sycophantic morons who have no clue about poverty, race, crime, health. Wise up they dont care about you one jot. You are just pawns in there little game of virtue signalling whilst getting rich & retreating to their ivory towers. Hypocritical cunts who bash sometimes intelligent guests who counter their race baiting, Trump bashing, Hilary loving BS with sense & logic they cant take. We to have a similar wastes of oxygen over here UK, as others have said Dianne Abbot, Lily Allen, Bob Geldorf al complete sacks of shit, l feel better for getting that of my chest, good luck America there is hope.

  10. We are to blame for anyone’s fame and fortune. The general public has fallen for the seductive mindlessness of entertainment, sports, technology and social media. What one needs to realize is that we are in total control. All we need to do is turn our heads in the opposite direction of these irrelevant distractions and stop giving them your attention and money. Stop going to movies and sporting events. Stop buying t shirts and products put out by the privileged useless pieces of human waste. If its not available for free, stay away. Become self reliant, learn how to do practical things with your hands and your mind. These celebrities need to be dropped in the wilderness and be forced to fend for themselves and see what kind of useful talents they have. They would dehydrate in a day from crying their pussy eyes out. If its on TV or radio, don’t believe or support it.

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