Tim Healy


Seems the seedy old cunt of an actor is suffering from a mystery illness and shortly in danger of becoming a dead actor cunt. Frankly how he survived so long married to ol’ Welchie is the biggest mystery.

Fit enough to fly his arse back from Benidorm to the UK to take advantage of our wonderful NHS though. Perhaps the junior doctor cunts will finish him orf during one of their strikes?

Time to say “Auf Weidersehen Pet” perhaps

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

9 thoughts on “Tim Healy

  1. Liked him in A Pet,the classic first two series but the Benidorm tranny thing is just cringeworthy,hel probably die of syphilis if he was married to Geordie bike Denise Squelchy knickers

    • Oh yeah her… she was pretty good in waterloo road only seen the first two series tho. Colour me cuckoo but I like short haired blondes then again I find them overtly bossy but I say that about all women.
      It’s actually amazing I haven’t turned poof some of these slags do my head in. Like my last girlfriend at least there is always masturbation if all else fails lol.

  2. He exagerates the geordie accent to the extreme although funny enough I can actually understand him, which is more than can be said for that thick geordie bint Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fenandez Versini Cunt. I can’t understand a fucking word. No wonder the yanks wouldn’t entertain her.

    • I hate exaggerated accents I’m with you on that one, like liam gallagher if anyone can translate even one of his interviews. I can’t understand a bloody word he says I think him and a few others are partly responsible for the chav language.
      So for that alone he should be burnt at the stake for the bastardization of the english language. The worse thing to happen since the fake chavy jamaican accent from these cunts.

      Like everyone to know that the chav language /culture is our own culture and heritage eating itself. Vote Yes on Chavxit lets send the chav bastards to jamaica they should fit right in lol

  3. That being said there is a great scene in ‘Benedorm’ where Healys character spots a young student reading ‘Animal Farm’. I saw that movie on the Rigs ‘ he says, before pulling a disgusted face LOL.

    • Can I cunt ‘Izacunt’ for not having an edit facility to correct your typos !!!! CINTS !

      • I can edit them – and do before I post noms…
        You could ask The Eye if it’s possible or maybe proof read the fucking things before you hit the go button. Just saying… 😉

      • I agree Dioclese proof read and edit your own shite mates its not rocket science for fuck sakes.

        Is a Cunt mods shouldn’t have to clean up your own faulty spelling mistakes. Copy text edit text and paste your proof read text, not that bloody difficult is it.
        Also if you’re texting on a iphone or blackberry(you greasy bastards) there are edit apps you can download customize your own words and shite look it up cunter’s

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