Brian May [3]

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Brian May is a tax avoiding cunt along with the rest of Queen. They shacked up in Switzerland for a full year to avoid UK tax.

Now its not actually that that pisses me off but rather the leftie bollocks he now spouts conveniently forgetting this tawrdry episode.


Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

13 thoughts on “Brian May [3]

  1. Have to agree with Vermin. If the tax bill was substantial enough and you could afford to live in relative luxury abroad for a period in order to avoid it, who wouldn’t? I know I would. That said, if you’re in the public eye then at least be transparent about it and don’t go gobbing off about socialist leftie crap. That’ll make you look like a cunt.

    It makes me laugh you know, when socialist/labour loving folks up north (or wherever they may be) score a big lottery win. From a lowly working class, union loving, life long labour voting life style to instant wealth and riches. Good for them I say. Enjoy it. But hang on a minute, their socialist beliefs surely dictate that they’ll spread the wealth around, so the rest of us should expect a cheque in the post any moment, right? Hell no, instant millions equals fuck the rest of you. We’re all capitalists at heart. Some are honest about it and some are industrial strength hypocrites.

  2. If they do a back to the future remake, this cunt would get the job as the crazy wild eyed Doc Brown. Imagine him in white overalls, see what I mean.

    • He’s a CUNT, ‘cos he looks like Simon Rattle…or is it that Rattle looks like a teacosy?

    • He could be a old poofy judge he wouldn’t even need a court wig his frizzy hair would work,he just needs some curls and wah lah. That way he could legally tax avoid instead of illegally tax avoiding, the preppy little cunt.

  3. I agree that May and Co are tax dodging cunts.. And let’s not forget Queen also getting huge amounts of cash for playing the infamous Sun City as Apartheid was at its height… And that goes for other cunts who played Sun City: like that wig wearing sausage bandit, Elton John and that knob nosed bogbrush haired cunt, Rod Stewart….

    • So, not a fan of Elton or Rod then, Norm? 🙂

      Any thoughts on the appointment of the not-so-special one?

      • Mourinho can be a cunt, no doubt about that… But maybe that’s what United need… Fergie could be a cunt with the best of them, so could Tommy Doc, but they did the job that was required… Can’t say I’m a fan of Mourinho as a person (or Ibrahimovich for that matter), but rather a cunning, talented and tenacious cunt in the dugout than a soft as shite washout like Moyes… LVG was like Dave Sexton or Frank O’ Farrell were at Old Trafford: good manager with a proven record, but just not the right man for that job… Denis Law said of O’ Farrel, ‘He came a stranger and left a stranger…’ Sums up LVG too… Still, it’s pretty exciting, and Jose vs Pep (who hate one another) will be great for the Manchester Derby… Like The Doc vs Big Mal all over again….

      • Mind you, I don’t remember Sexton or O’ Farrell talking about masochistic sex on the BBC, winding up Sky News, or acting fouls out in mime… Thanks for the memories, Louis, you crazy Dutch cunt…

      • Yeah, the flop to the ground for the lino/4th official was a bit special.

        Was wondering how much Mourinho’s appointment was down to the firm belief he’s absolutely the right man for Utd. How much down to the fact he happened to be available right now and how much down to Utd needing to respond to Citeh’s appointment of PG. The debacle over the Chelski doctor, his persistent siege/victim/conspiracy mentality and overall cuntishness makes me wonder if Utd won’t live to regret this. It will be fun watching this unfold. Cheers – I.Y.

  4. Cheers to you too, I.Y… The current shenanigans with Mourinho echo the arrival of The Doc… Many (inside and outside of the club) had misgivings… Docherty was seen as controversial, a loose cannon, arrogant, and a bit of a cunt… But what a rollercoaster it was… The dismantling of Busby’s team, the end for Best, Law and Charlton, relegation to Division Two, a spectacluar comeback, Hill and Coppell on the wings, the 76 Cup Final (that cunt Stokes was offiside!), a great team (who are still the most exciting United side I ever saw) and the scousebusting of the 77 Cup Final… But with The Doc being The Doc, he got to the summit, was top of the heap after years of rebuilding and hard work, then he shags the phyiso’s wife and gets the sack…. Don’t think Jose will do that though, but Mourinho will have to keep his daughter away from that snake, Giggs…

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