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It is high time that that fucking ignoramus actor luvvie cunt Patrick Stewart was cunted again.

He has always been on the radar of cunts but he has overstepped the mark with his latest ‘comedy’ video in which he claims ( this is the serious part) that it was the European convention on Human rights which gave us in the UK , the right to a fair trial, protection from torture and the criminalising of domestic violence amongst other things. FFS !!!! This is the latest in the brainwashing of the populace to have them think that none of these things existed before ECHR.

A similar strategy is underway with the EU. The EU won peace in Europe don’t you know. Fucking cunts and useful idiots like Stewart are at the heart of this fucking nonsense.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

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  1. Agreed. People who have become wealthy/successful are obviously going to want to keep those factors in place which have helped them reach that wealth/success. Business leaders are the same, raking a fucking fortune in and then telling us plebs to keep them in the money because it’s in “our” interest. It’s like asking turkeys their opinion on Christmas.

    • clingons don’t really exist-sorry to break that to you anoyc .
      and he was an imaginary English captain of a space ship from earth who was the enemy of a clingon-he wasn’t a clingon.

      latest news……. angela merkel and the allahu Akbar quartet are releasing their cover version of the fan dabby dozy song .

      • The character of Picard was French and Klingon is spelt with a “K” if we’re going into details.

  2. I liked him as Picard, but like all luvvies, he needs to learn that nobody really gives a fuck about his opinion. I always thought we had Magna Carta to thank for the right to a fair trial, protection from torture, etc? After all, it’s been around for 801 years longer than that European bullshit. The reason he goes on about domestic violence, is because he grew with it. His dad suffered from PTSD and regularly beat the shit out of his mother.

    Speaking of luvvies, Tom Conti is due a nomination. He’s been complaining that being called a luvvie is every as offensive as being called a yid or a nigger. This is in response to a Labour councillor, Theo Blackwell, who wrote to a local newspaper regarding local luvvies protesting about the opening of a Tesco (far too down market for them apparently). Councillor Blackwell ended the letter with; “Let’s have less of the livid luvvie protests – not everyone locally thinks the same on all these issues.”

    Obviously, this hurt Cunti. Here was someone who clearly DID NOT think that everything he said was of vital importance to the continued existence of the planet. Cunti is the dictionary definition of a luvvie; arrogant, conceited, self-important….an arsehole basically. I expect there’ll be an outpouring of support from fellow LUVVIES now, like Emma Thompson and Benedryl Cuntyslap. There will probably be some kind of charity set up, Thespaid or something, with old Benedryl trying to griefjack us into giving just £5, with harrowing footage of Nigel Farage shouting “LUVVIE” at an anguished Maxine Peak.

    In what parallel universe is calling someone a luvvie, in anyway as bad as calling someone a nigger or a yid? It isn’t. EXCEPT in the mind of a luvvie like Tom Cunti. I’d have had more sympathy for Cunti if he’d said that Councillor Blackwell had called him a whingeing Scottish twat, which he is. First leaf blowers, now this. Get a life Cunti. Get a fucking sense of perspective.

    • you sound balanced fair and rational -well written too -I would say proudly I only ever saw the old star treks with spock and kirk boldy going places -saw all them 20 times each but haven’t bothered to watch a single of the newer ones-they look so shit-soi cant even imagine who the actor conti is-I may go and google his face pic now to find out? i refuse to watch cowell or baking shows or star wars or et or titanic or to eat American corporate junk food or pay £3 for a coffee etc
      I fast forward or mute adverts and do things like write emails to the evil cunt Jacqui smith telling her to pay back the £160 000 she nicked from us tax paying poor .
      I don’t attribute any intelligence or decency or legitimacy to a single actor on earth-most of them started off as rent boys -like tom cruise and johnny depp -theres load of info on them on google .

      • Exactly the ECHR was first devised to prevent those Fascist, Nazi and Commie attricities which took place on the continent from happening again. Fuck all to do with us yes these same cunts now claim it was them who lrovided our kegal protections to us !!!!!!! Fuck off. CUNTS.

  3. Met Patrick Stewart one, once was enough, apart from being about 5ft 3″ tall he was both arrogant and ignorant in fact …..he was a cunt!

    • he does come across exactly as you describe -he was on our local news once a while back and he seems the sort to fear working class white folk -which is always my measure of a cunt personally -some people who don’t seem to fear us are boris Johnson / nigel farage and tonny benn-to name but 3 .
      I am sure this guy picard doesn’t even drive through estates like mine or allow his chauffer to either -the cunt.

      • in fact even after 25 years on this estate on a rat-run road too I have only ever seen one posh car -a lord or mayor or somebody opened a new school building or something and was driven here by a chauffer in a 40 year old square shaped merc car painted lemon yellow at 5 miles per hour with his 90 year old wife who was wearing a huge hat-other than that you don’t ever see anyone here or passing through whois middle class – in fact we think double glazing salesmen are posh round here-its seriously that bad-so seeing that old merc and a posh couple was the strangest thing I have ever seen on this estate-seen loads of crime and cops and foreigners and burnt out cars and gypsies and slappers and thugs and some decent working class folk like me of course -mostly all local school mates i grew up with 40 years ago.
        everyone here has the same views inc me and you never would dream most of the country is like this from the ethno London centric middle class image portrayed in every minute of English tv -so I just wished they allowed white working class people on tv again and let them give their views as watching tv in England is like being in dr.who or star trek-its a parallel universe that bears no resemblance to the world I live in and know-its not just my estate its everywhere I go Bedford peterboro Stevenage Northampton -no where looks or sounds like the image pushed down our throats on tv -it must be cos I don’t ever go to London-mainly as I only speak English but I do go to luton and Leicester but manage to get by with sign language when I do ..

  4. Well fair play to him for appearing in all those European movies rather than just US ones…

  5. Just heard Pleasant Valley Sunday by the Monkees on the old radio. Wow, what a crackin’ good tune. And the sun’s shining too. I am a happy cunt.

    • Yes and written by the very talented Carole King who is fuck all to do with the EU. Can you believe that ? Something good which did not originate from the EU? No fucking way !!!

      • Yeah monkees aren’t as bad as people let on they are obviously going by the theme tune or I’m a believer. They wrote alot of songs that are more unknown to the public.
        Alot of cunts say they don’t play all their instruments well guess what? the beatles didn’t play all the instruments too. In fact you’d be surprised how many session players are on those much loved albums. I’m not saying the monkees are better or worse then the beatles just that the “they don’t play all the instruments” is a weak argument.

      • Actually Mike Nesmith is quite a good guitarist, but the other three were actors not musicians. It wan’t that they didn’t play all the instruments, just that three of them couldn’t play an instrument.

        A lot of their stuff was written by Neil Diamond who, in his day , was a pretty good songwriter. I saw him at the Greek Theatre yonks back. There’s a live album of that gig which is well worth a listen if you liked Diamond before he got past it and smarmy…

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