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I’ve Just been reading in the Daily Express (don’t judge me) the ‘real’ reason that Merkel wants the UK to remain in the EU. Apparently, a Kraut bank has estimated that if we do leave, Germany will lose around £35 BILLION. That loss will seriously fuck their economy. If that happens, it will fatally fuck the EU, because it will mean that the EU’s top TWO financial contributors will no longer be contributing. The UK because we’re no longer members, and Germany because they’ll no longer be able to afford the payments. Greece will no doubt love the Irony of that one.

I feel sorry for the ordinary German people, but Merkel deserves everything that would happen to her. She’s a nasty, fat, arrogant piece of shit, who thinks she owns Europe. That’s why she invited EVERY refugee on the planet to Germany, without thinking about (or asking) the other countries they would have to get through to reach Germany. She didn’t even bother to ask the German people, calling her “damned duty” to help refugees. A couple of years ago, Greek protesters mocked up pictures of Merkel as a Nazi, they weren’t far from the truth.

The Nazis were left wing socialist bell ends, who thought it was their destiny to rule the world. Merkel has acted in exactly the same way with the EU.

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  1. Problem is it is not just Merkel, every kraut thinks they are right about everything and the rest orf the world is too deviant to see it. There are a few “Good Germans” such as Helmut Schmidt but not many and even that cunt has thus far failed to give me a win in the pool. They will also use every sneaky trick in the book to win (World Cup, Volksvagen emissions, fixing EU technical standards – everything from TV to domestic wiring to refrigeration to follow German Din Standards- plus trucking, finance, the list is endless).
    The only solution for the krauts is to fuck ’em up and keep ’em underfoot to stop ’em doing it to us, the reverse orf which is unfortunately happening. We have had to endure a succession orf governments, orf which cunt Cameron’s is the worst, dedicated to borrowing cap in hand and not producing.

    • I always used to wonder what became of the Hitler Youth children that were indoctrinated from birth but were too young to actually fight and ended up surviving WW2, as well as the fervent East German Commies that were left powerless after the Soviet Union broke up. Now I think I know…

      • i don’t get the point you are making -are you saying germans and the welsh cant stop talking ? I would say im the worst “last word offender I know ” sadly and I am English-cromwell through and through -this is a confession not a brag .
        dioclese -did you know peter Sutcliffe probably killed at least 35 ? its in a new book and the author makes a strong case i think.
        also peter Sutcliffe doesn’t have an entry on here ” is a cunt ”
        I was thinking just before I came on this site today -what could be worse than a angela merkel ? answer… angus merkel -imagine that if the scots and eu were partners in exploiting the English -between the pair they are doing just that -thank god they don’t appear to interbreeding -I remember what made me think of that-the new story that has just been released by authoress val mcdemid [yuk] who gets the toxic dwarf aka fan dabby dozy to do a first minister speaking part-god it was so bad my skin crawled of my body and down the street to get away from her silly serious acting voice.
        what about nominating peter Sutcliffe ? . I see burt kwouk died yesterday aged 85-one of the funniest sketches on film i think was when he jumped out the freezer and attacked peter sellers -genius from the days when comedy wasn’t illegal -now all we get offered as comedy is dara obriain which should be a crime under the trade descriptions act .
        oh and finally -I agree with the eu analysis as laid about above-that’s exactly the view I take myself-we are a major cash-cow for the e.u. incGermany and of course for the scots and pakistanis none of whom do anything for us the English ie Pakistanis scots and the eu have wrecked this country and we are denied the right to even moan about it on tv thanks to the 4th groupe undermining our country -the traitor within-ie the champagne socialists in London and their mates in the Westminster bubble-weve been treated like wurst -stuffed cooked and served up to the scots Pakistanis and the eu .

      • Here’s Sutcliffe on a similar site for truly evil cunts :

        My point was that the Welsh are never wrong and will never let an argument end until you admit they are right – which is a lot like the Krauts…
        I posted about the Welsh over at mine six years back :
        I’m still getting comments every month arguing wth me. I rest my case.

    • I don’t think they ever forgave us for beating them at their national sport….twice!!!

  2. I love that mocked up picture. As it happens, I have another Kraut to nominate. Martin Schulz, President of the EU Parliament, has been accused of orchestrating a power grab by plotting to put his German friends and political allies in key EU positions. Already the EU’s top civil servant Klaus Weller is German. As is the leader of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber.

    Schulz isn’t happy with that though. He wants his long time aide, Markus Winkler to become Deputy Secretary General. He also wants to put several other German officials into the EU Parliaments administration. Germans have always had a certain arrogance about them, but even those standards, this is stunning. Even the French are concerned by this brazen attempt to snatch power from the other 27 nations. Although, considering how Germany has TWICE tried to take over Europe, AND the way in which Merkel has ridden roughshod over the Commission, I’m surprised nobody saw this coming.

    This comes in the same week that it was revealed a British led EU military exercise out on Salisbury plain was ordered by the EU to display its flag on ALL military vehicles, amid rumours that EU is planning to take over our armed forces. I’m not normally one for conspiracy theories, but it seems to me that the Fourth Reich is starting to awaken. This cannot be allowed to happen.

  3. A pity that Boris Johnson and the other cunts orf the Leave Faction (deliberate choice orf term) are not making these proper arguments and with English eloquence. All we seem to get are pictures orf Farage and Co licking ice cream and heaving their fat arses oit orf sports cars. We need not worry about the EU commandeering our armed forces. They don’t comply with German Din Standards (yet).

  4. Wish I hadn’t seen that picture.
    Can’t get Mel Brooks song “Springtime for Hitler” out of my head.

  5. BBC Three are cunts Auntie Beeb keeps getting more and more progressive the shitheads are at it again, bringing communist ideals one step closer.

    BBC Three released a new documentary which is literally entitled “United States Of Hate: Muslims Under Attack” – sounds like a parody title, right? Well, it bloody isn’t beeb just stirring up shite as usual looking like mongs in the process, the fucking evil cunts piss off !

    • I forgot to mention this was released in the wake of Lee Rigby’s Mum’s recent interview where she was balling her eyes out saying confronting her sons killers “ruined my life”.

    • Sounds about right for the BBC. The only people they despise more than Tories, are Americans. Unless they’re the ‘right’ kind of Americans of course. Y’know people like Obama, Clinton, Clooney, Jolie etc.

      • Is that George “I made jokes about Charlton Heston’s cancer” Clooney? Another overrated money grabbing cunt.

      • Yep, that’s the one. Jim Carrey went further and actually did a song about Charlton Heston. After Heston had died of course.

      • Yet all these gun hating celebrities have 2 or 3 bodyguards on them with latest in guntech. Also live in multimillion $ gated communities with 24/7 security. Stupid bloody hypocrites.

      • Carrey is an overrated, overhyped, unfunny little wanker anyway. Strangely Heston was one of the original Hollywood liberals in his early career, until he figured out what a load of utter cunts they were… and woke up.

    • you are so right-you got my vote if you ever stand .
      even worse than the muslims and the bbc is that London doesn’t have any real or proper working class English anymore-have you heard them when they ask them stuff on the streets of London-they appear to have been brain programmed by the beeb to hate the rest of the white country -they have been bought off by all the perks that come with London living-I hear they got trains that go so fast you can theoretically go backwards in time .

  6. I find the Lee Rigby incident particularly heartbreaking.
    To be on home turf and end up dead in such circumstances defies belief.
    Unlike some, I believe in an open and shut case such as this, an eye for eye is totally acceptable.
    In my world these cunts would be nailed to the floor and the family of Lee can set about them with a rusty Stanley knife blade and a bottle of bleach.
    Gandhi said “an eye for an eye leaves a world of blind people” but he didn’t have his son butchered by mental stone age cunts.
    My heart goes out to his family.

    • I agree with what you’re saying. But there are times when an eye for eye is not the most appropriate solution. The two scum who murdered Fusilier Rigby, did so with the intention of becoming martyrs that day. That meant dying in a hail of police bullets. To them, anything less would have been a failure.

      Whilst I’m very much pro-capital punishment, in this case, the best thing is to keep those two cunts in prison. It will play on their minds for the rest of their lives that the Met did not grant their wish to become martyrs. It’ll be even worse for the one who actually did get shot, because he was shot by a woman. That will be an insult him.

      • I don’t think they get their virgins if they die at the hands of the unclean ‘Kuffars’ or whatever they call those of us whom are not knuckle dragging sky fairy believers.

      • I see QDM’s point… Those two islamist cunts who murdered Lee Rigby would love to die… So the motherfuckers should rot in the nick… That said though, the bastards should be given a real good hiding regularly, be fed shit food and the minimum to stay alive, and they should be made to bath in bacon fat… But I bet it’s more like they get ‘special food for Muslims’, are allowed to pray and practice their ‘faith’ and that they have better facilities than most elderly people in Britain… This country us fucking shite….

      • Costs a grand a week each to keep these cunts banged up.
        Hope the cunts get done inside.
        Fuck ’em.

      • I agree. It’s not like they are really going to wherever the cunts think they go to after they die. Kicked to death by skinheads would be a win in my book.

      • That is the down side to keeping the cunts alive. Of course, if I were in charge, things would be different. They’d be getting pork for every meal, or fucking starve. There’d be no praying, unless it was to shout, ‘ALLAH SUCKS COCK’.

        There would be no Korans. Actually, there would be Korans. Individual pages would be hanging in the toilets. Well, even criminals need toilet paper.

        In fact if I were in charge, there would be no mosques because islam would be fucking banned. I’m all for religious freedom, but these cunts regularly abuse that privilege. In fact, fuck it, I’d just kick the lot of ’em out. No muslims, no muslim terrorism. Job done….God I’m a fucking genius.

        There is one conceivable way to execute these scum without making them martyrs. Female executioners. Muslim men are absolutely terrified of dying at the hands of a woman. It’s the ultimate shame to them, even worse than having your tackle cut off. It means they don’t get their 72 virgins. They don’t even get into heaven, they go straight to hell. They also get the contempt of other male muslims.

        Of course this is modern, far too liberal and compassionate Britain. Even if, by some miracle, they did bring back capital punishment, they’d make it as humane and painless as possible. If I were in charge, it would be death by flame thrower. And that would only be one way.

      • Still be better if the cunts had some limbs blown off though and then put in prison. Or that and two eyes gauged out the cunts.

    • I think you have thought about this before ?
      I think that at the very least – we should stop giving them legal aid to fight us -using eu courts -in our attempts to remove them from the country.
      we could also stop giving them benefits -like houses in London and rent and council tax and working tax credits and child tax credits and everything else going-if we didn’t treat them like gods simply for driving around in taxis raping our kids and encouraging flies -they wouldn’t have their superiority complex .

  7. Note to self wait til tick season is over before I let my foolish pointer dog outside. The dumb pooch runs into long grass or ditch and spent the remainder of the evening picking them off damn I hate those bloodsuckers FFS!

    • Yes, they are pretty nasty. I’m not usually bothered by insects, but those little bastards really creep me out.

  8. Beware Lyme disease / Tick-borne encephalitis, although I think it’s still pretty region-specific…

    • Yeah exactly my pointer is extremely energetic and thrives on exercise but I don’t want to chance it. Lyme disease sounds like a fucking living hell my life is bad enough as it is.

      You know most doctors don’t even treat lyme disease and bellend’s say how advanced medical health is dogsballs.
      You can’t even get decent narcotics for compassionate care/assisted death. If I’m dying I want access to the bloody pharmaceutical vault dammit! poofy little shirtlifting doctors

      • titslapper is correct- it is region specific but it is also location specific -so some parks have it bad and others a mile away have it far less or even not at all-they check parks for it -there was a report on tv a few weeks ago saying it had gone up or down or stayed the same in some local park..
        I gotta feel for your situation -the nhs are not just denying drugs and care -even to the dying -they have been bumping off hundreds of thousands of healthy folk on the Liverpool care path plan and its spin-offs for many years now-so avoid being taken into hospital if you want to live
        a little longer or even a lot longer .
        the gps are crap here-you are right about that too-its the number one reason our health care is so much worse than everywhere comparable-our gps miss the most cancer in western Europe if not the developed world-and they are to arrogant to change or learn or care -my life is a wreck and I gave up on gps 5 years ago -I only visit when compelled by the law- they just don’t give a shit if you have illness they cant fix and if you have more than one unfixable condition then you are considered a waste of their resources [like time] they only like simple stuff-like healthy babies checks and pretty young ladies and broken legs or kiddies with soar throats .

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