The “moderators” of MSM online comments are cunts, especially the Daily Mail and Express. Most of the comments contribute fuck-all or are factually wrong and get waved thru. If you go to the trouble of adding a reply/correction –

short intermission whilst I cunt that fat opera singer cunt for Go Compare who’s just appeared on the shit-box
– end of intermission –

and go to the trouble of including some links to show the facts you invariably get a “thanks for your comment – it is under review” and you never see the comment again. The Mail and Express did this to me earlier so I posted DM/DE ISAC and they appeared straight away – obviously the cunts have no sense of irony.

Nominated by: Mary Hinge-Frottom

8 thoughts on “Moderation

      • It’s a shame Bronson got the suicide vibes I’ve been sending out = they were aimed at Spivey.

    • That’s not moderation, that’s a spam filter. Spam regularly contains more than two links so it’s one of the criteria that is used by the filter.

      You can post a comment with two links, then another with two links, and so on – so it’s not moderated because you know this. I’ve posted this explanation before…

      However I do ban people like our friend with the disabled toilet who can’t post at all. That’s not moderation – we just don’t allow known trolls to post. “Our blog, our rules”

      (and I know you’re just having a larf Fred, but I needed to restate the policy)

  1. Try commenting on BBC news, unless your comment adheres to their ultra pc code it will never get through. And we have to pay money to the sods, which I think is extortion, I choose to pay sky don’t mind paying it. Forced to pay BBC hate it, we don’t even have a say in how the money is squandered, and why is Alan Yentob still in a job. Sorry I’m rambling the BBC really get my goat.

  2. Moderators? What can they do . The tech savvy will always find a work around. The are all full weight fuc███████████████████████kers, that and they most certainly show a predilection for pae███████████ especially those with gingham███████████████████. As for Yentob. Did you hear about █████████████ and the donkey? Well. apparently he██████████████ and a nun████████████████████████with a cucumber up the ██████████████████ and sideways at that. I kid you not, ask David, oh that’s right he was busy with the pig.

    Nothing to worry about with moderators.

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