Chelsea Clinton


CHELSEA CLINTON – what a cunt!

The cunt has never had a (real) job yet charges around $75,000 (+expenses) for 10-minute speeches (usually about diarrhoea – not shit).

The fucking cunt is a third of the money-laundering pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, that has $500 million of donations on the books (and $3billion under the table), that the three Clinton psychopaths/sociopaths/rapists/killers/kleptocrats/petty-thieves/perverts/con-artists/Satan-worshipers use it as a personal tax-free slush fund. Less than 6% of the (charitable) Clinton Foundation goes to charity.

Everything about Chelsea Clinton carries the mark of the beast. The unholy filth even went to University College of Oxford (the giving anus of evil on Earth) and got some fake degree in fuckmupery from the shit monkeys that run the toilet.

Nominated by: Larry

16 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton

  1. A cunt just like her lying cheating war mongering cunt of a mother, they are now the Cunton’s and serial killers for taking part of the iraq and syrian war now we have millions of parasites coming into europe plus few million dead.

  2. So what do you call a family of cunts,maybe a flock or even a flap of cunts an what is the collective for a group of cunts other than the Clintons maybe even a gaggle of cunts.
    I would like to put in a counting of computer hackers, who after the have been spit roasted by Romanian beggars should get a real fucking job maybe shovelling shit or picking used condoms out of the filter at the water recycling plant may they catch aids and waste away the monkey spanking cunts…

  3. Chelsea Clinton, married to Marc Mezvinsky investment banker, his grandfather Abe Mezvinsky ‘business person’ you see where I’m going with this. The plot sickens…

    • And if that hag Hilary does become president, watch her cosy up to Netenyahu and Israel like nobody’s business (and give them all the help, money and bombs they want)…. Hilary Clinton will be to the Yanks what Thatcher was to most working people in Britain (ie: a fucking pain!)…. Hilary may become the first female president of the USA, but (like Maggie) she will almost certainly also be the last too…

      And what sort of cunt calls their kid Chelsea anyway? Does she have brothers called Fulham and Millwall?

    • In the 80s I knew a black lad from Moss Side… His parents christened him Everton… His family weren’t even Scousers… They were, however, Manchester City fans, so that could explain their stupidity… Fancy calling a kid who lives in the Moss Side jungle Everton… Good job the boy was pretty handy… He had to be…

  4. A parliament of cunts is an excellent idea 10 out of 10, perfect description for the cunts mr bastard

  5. No amount of money could make up for the fact her arse is on her face. Perhaps she has a face on her arse too?

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