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Tax credits are a cunt. There is the Orwellian language from cunts for a start.

Tax credit is nothing to do with tax or credit. It is a welfare payment so serf fuckers can afford to eat and pay rent (to their greedy buy-to-let landlords).

How the fuck can it be that a plate-faced bitch working in a shop 45 hours a week, and her tattooed chav partner, working 60 hours a week as a security guard, still need welfare payments for bare necessaries (like mechanically reclaimed meat burgers, cigs and cider).

Tax credits are obscene subsidies to criminal capitalists, and kleptocrat manager cunts in the public sector, so they can keep more money for themselves and pay less than slave wages to people who actually do some work.

Businesses (and the shit at the top in local government) get £30 billion a year in tax credit subsidies. This money does not come from corporations (many pay no tax) or the rich (with their Blairite tax-evading blind trusts and a web of off-shore shell companies in tax havens). It is paid by the middle-class and a recycling of the regressive tax paid by the poor who get tax credit.

As you might expect it was the completely insane loathsome Labour freak, Gordon Brown who introduced tax credit (along with the son of Satan – Tony Blair).

Tax credit was invented in the USA to cement plutocracy and create serfdom for the poorest 99% of the population.

Of course no comment is properly rounded without the introduction of Hitler. He said: “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

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  1. “How the fuck can it be that a plate-faced bitch working in a shop 45 hours a week, and her tattooed chav partner, working 60 hours a week as a security guard, still need welfare payments for bare necessaries?”

    That would be because wages are shite and/or rents are astronomical. Unscrupulous employers love tax credits as they provide another opportunity to keep pay as low as possible.

    Oh, and although they were introduced by the one-eyed Scottish cunt, the concept of tax credits was actually dreamed up by a Tory cunt – Lord Howe.

    And whatever the rights and wrongs of them (and obviously with better pay and lower rents, fewer would be claiming them), the pig-fucker in Number Ten DID lie about his plans before the election:

    • Howe considered but rejected the idea. It was the Gorgon that slipped it in!

      I’m in favour of cutting tax credits BUT only if it’s introduced at the same time as the increase in the minimum wage. To bring them in at different times is frankly stupid.

      And, to be fair, Cameron did say on camera before the election that he wouldn’t cut tax credits, so he’s a liar.

      On balance, they should probably drop the idea although to be fair it was a damned stupid thing to introduce in the first place. A welfare payment that tops up your wages? Bloody silly if you want to get people off their arses and into work…

      • Minimum wage is just a target for Plc to aim at; a race to the bottom. Why else do you think millions of anybodys are welcomed with open arms and handed accommodation all over the place. More people, less power to demand a living wage.

        All this rumpus and theatricals about the Lords defeating the cuts is just circuses. They deferred implementation, not scuppered it. The beast is still very much alive.

      • MR DIOCLESE you dare to call our legally elected leader a liar!

        I call shame Sir. Shame!

        Shame you left out the other 649 Fuckpigs as opposed to the pig-fucker.

      • The CUNT Brown introduced tax credits as a way to create a client State. He is truly a CUNT.

    • Totally agree with everything you say there Fred. Whilst tax credits do need reformed I know of many genuinely hard working folk up here in the grim north who frankly couldn’t get by without them. There isn’t much in the way of employment in this area any more, factories and all other forms of manufacture long gone, even our local high street filled with charity and pound shops. The few jobs there are pay minimum wage and as for working 40 hours???, your bloody lucky to get anywhere near that many hours round here. These days 30 hours is classed as full time. Many people find themselves having to take on two or more jobs, which isn’t always possible to arrange around each other to make ends meet and then get charged a higher rate of tax for the privelage !. Couple this with zero hours contacts where you don’t know whether you have a job one week to the next and seasonal jobs. All geared in favour of the employers. Diocese is right, higher wages are needed for those who do want to work and there are a few left.
      What sticks in my throat is how somebody on say 100k a year can still get subsidised child care and child benefit no matter how many offspring you have (pay for your own bloody kids) and yet hundreds of off comers arrive daily and have millions thrown at them in the form of benefits and social housing. Before any body accuses me of racism, I definitely am not, but why when people on housing waiting lists be passed over in favour of these people??
      TV programme on last week, some cunts expecting their twelfth child (I kid you not) get something like 40k a year in benefits just because the kids’ father worked 16 or so hours a week.
      The there’s the winter fuel payment to pensioners, thousands of these old fuckers don’t need it, a member of my own family who is just past pension age and gets 200 quid every winter and the fucker is still working on a decent wage.! Why shouldn’t it be means tested, so those in desperate need could get more help? Time they got to grips with these fuckers, its not rocket science.


    2,792 Companies in NW11 7TJ, Finchley Road, London. David Cameron and Tony Blairs amongst them, all existing only on paper for tax evasion reasons I guess. …. A little tax haven right here in Hampstead above a dress shop.

    ….. If I could get Tax Credits (not eligible, single bloke, kids fucked off, wife gone too) I might set up a fantasy company and launder it and my wage through here

  3. Cameron is hoping this storm in a tea cup will make everyone forget about Pig-gate, which was hastily swept under the carpet. We were never given the full facts, all we know is that it was a pig and it was dead. But we weren’t told if it was male or female, or how old it was. It may have been a piglet.
    So not only is Britain’s government being led by a man whose warped urges caused him to indulge in bestiality and necrophilia, it may well be that homosexuality and paedophilia form part of his perverted lust.
    The House of Lords should vote for an immediate enquiry and an investigation by the cold-case squad. The pig’s head may still be found in someone’s trophy cabinet and if so, it’s mouth could be examined for traces of DNA. We need to rid our parliament of animal molesters before making any final decision regarding the vexed question of tax credits.

  4. It’s all a game. We are allowed money, no matter where it comes from, it is then the goal of the elite to claw back as much as they can. When the game starts to slow down and become boring they print some more money for the community chest and off we go again. When it looks like the prols are winning say through: lotteries, premium bonds, pools, claims, PPI pay backs, redundancies, tax refunds it’s all part of keeping the game in a state of liquidity. I saw the game when I was in my twenties and set too. I worked like a nigger, saved like a miser with the aim of ‘retiring’ at fifty; made it. Little business to pay the stamp and stay off the radar, coffee mornings with the village elders, walking the hills an on fine day and generally embuggerating about enjoying myself. Now. Now they have brought in legislation for bank bail-ins should it all go tits-up. Your savings are not safe; they will get your stash back in the game. You will loose.

    Economics for dummies:

    Inflation. > Recession. > Confiscation.

    All else is window dressing.

  5. Have got all me staff on tax credits – those that pay any tax that is. Without them those orf us orn the top orf the maypole orf the rural economy could not live the life accustomed. Top hole Gordo!

  6. I want an investigation into the abuse of said pig. What about its family how do they feel , was the pig groomed online , maybe it thought it was conversing with a sow only too be drawn into a pork abusing ring. I say justice for the pig.

      • I know, I saw him miss (and not for the fucking first time!)… The fat Scouse twat can’t even be arsed with penalties now… I am sorely tempted to put this moneygrabbing fat, syrup donning grannyshagging Scouse bastard in the dead pool… He’d be more use dead than he is alive, for a start… And if a United player can’t (or won’t) put in 100% against Man City (which Rooney didn’t), then they should be shot… Somebody give Louis Van Gaal a loaded revolver…

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