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I remember being in the car with my dad in 1976…. I nearly burnt my hand off just by touching the dashboard… But it was a great time (although Bobby Stokes is still offside!)…

Paul McCartney is being a bit of a cunt… In the latest Esquire magazine (why don’t they put birds on the cover any more?) he goes on about how people went on about how John Lennon was the important one in The Beatles after his murder… That’s what happens to cultural figures when they die (even Michael Jackson): people eulogise and go overboard… The evaluation of The Beatlles as a unit has changed and balanced out since 1980…. Yet he still goes on about it….

Then there’s him (still) yacking on about changing the songwriting credits to Lennon & McCartney songs…. What does it matter? Keith Richards solely wrote ‘Ruby Tuesday’, yet Keef doesn’t whine on saying it should just say ‘Richards’ or even ‘Richards/Jagger’… The Glimmer Twins agreed a two way split on their songs as Jagger/Richards and they’ve stuck to it… Macca moans about John being credited for ‘Yesterday’, but I still don’t see him saying ‘And I Love Her’ was a ‘McCartney/Harrison’ song (George came up with the famous acoustic guitar riff) or ‘Eleanor Rigby’ as ‘McCartney/Starkey’ (Richie thought up the ‘Father McKenzie’ verse)…. A tad hypocritical, I’d say….

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Yeah mccartney is a bit of a cunt but so is lennon, when he was alive he was also constantly bitching about writing credits also started this writing credit war between them its obvious the early beatles was mainly lennon and later beatles period sgt pepper and white album was MACA. Btw next time get a picture of MACA with the thumbs up theres only about a million photos like that.

  2. I think we can reach a compromise here – they’re both cunts. As are the other two from that grotesquely overrated load of toss.

  3. musik as a whole is brilliant ,fantastic and wunderbar and you can pick and choose what you like but fuck me sideways as soon as the cunts gob off on issues HAVE A NICE CUP OF SHUT THE FUCK UPor MADE ANOTHER JUST LIKE THE OTHER
    the death of the pub tart with a heart and juke box

  4. Yes Lennon was a cunt. Tortured artist, or what. However, in his private life he knocked his women about. Not a good look. Talented, yes. Good man- well this is open to vigorous debate.

    • Lennon was a massive cunt and his solo input was embarrassing to say the least aside from plastic ono band album . Take this peace of shit its akin to torture if fact I’m sure they use this on gutanmano prisoners. If thats not bad enough John & Yoko did two more albums like this the two virgin cover was just attention whoring at its finest Lennon really drived deeper into drug addiction and used things like bagism shows and bed in’s as a way to stir up media storm and be a talentless whore. At least Mccartney didn’t subcumb to this. If you can get past 5 minutes of Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins or UM No.2 Life with Lions you are a brave man. It consists of Yoko screaming like a demon possessed cunt and John attempting to strum droned out chords on his guitar.

      • “At least McCartney didn’t subcumb to this” – true, TitSlapper, but he gave us Mull Of Kintyre, Ebony and Ivory, and The Frog Chorus instead. In fact everything he’s released since the mid-70s has been completely unacceptable.

      • Agree on that, Fred… After ‘Venus and Mars’ and bits of ‘Wings At The Speed Of Sound’ his stuff has been mostly arse… 1980’s ‘McCartney II’ was like a last flare from the sinking ship… But the crap he did with Stevie Wonder and Wacko Jacko was bollocks… Fucking Broad Street, Back To The Egg. that cunting christmas song, London Town and Press To Play are also all wank… Parts of ‘Tug Of War’ still stand up, but after thinking he had something to prove after the Beatles split, I don’t think he could be arsed that much after 1980….

      • Well he learned his lesson from Mr Micheal Paedo Jackson. After they worked the song Say Say Say Micheal Jackson raped MACA .Paul McCartney brought out a booklet that displayed all the songs to which he owned the publishing rights. “This is the way to make big money”, the musician informed Jackson. “Every time someone records one of these songs, I get paid. Every time someone plays these songs on the radio, or in live performances, I get paid.” McCartney’s words influenced Jackson’s later purchase of ATV Music Publishing in 1985. Jackson replied by telling McCartney that he would buy The Beatles’ songs one day. McCartney laughed, saying “Great. Good joke.” Good Job MACA you told Wacko Jacko your secret to being rich then he buys the beatles catalogue you stupid fooking cunt you got out smarted by a talentless child fiddling nigger.

      • True Norman. The film was on tv a couple of weeks ago. It’s sometimes a good thing to be reminded how shite something is. And Spies Like US is SHITE!!!

    • Thanks Titslapper, that fucking noise cleaned my earwax out an absolute treat. Also made the wife leave the room so a result all round.

  5. McCartney is truly a cunt. He may not be an acrotomophiliac but his music is shit and his smug face deserves a good kicking.

    • I’d have been cunted here without Wiki’s help, but rest assured acrotomophiliac will be used at the Cnut dinner table tomorrow.

  6. Is it a case of:

    MᶜCartney= Scouser = Cunt by default.

    You’re right Norm. The eulogizing, wailing and weeping is a given, but still worth a reminder for a good cunting. Him and his mates deserve a special cunting for hiring the other cunt with the sticks and then keeping him on, then an extra cunting for believing he could actually play the drums. Then he fucked up Thomas the Tank Engine, cunt-y-bastard.

    Bobby Stokes: Dead and can’t defend himself, so must have been offside. Cunting dodging cunt.

    & fuck the Aussies for good luck.

    • Pete Best was the coolest and best looking Beatle…. The others hated the fact that Pete got all the best birds, so they got Epstein to fire him (didn’t have the bollocks to do it themselves… Pete would probably beat them in a fight too!)… They didn’t even offer to keep him on in another capacity… Even The Stones looked after Stu (Ian Stewart) and saw him alright for the rest of his life….. They could at least have slipped Pete a good few quid when the dosh started rolling in…. Neil Aspinall (The Beatles answer to Ian Stewart, except Stu wasn’t a cunt!) was a real cunt… He was best mates with Pete and while Pete’s dad was working in India he got Pete’s mum, Mona Best, up the duff… When Pete was sacked Aspinall severed ties with Pete, Mona and his baby son and fucked off to the high life with The Beatles… Scouse cunt..

      • Stokes scored that goal in the 1976 Cup Final…. Two years after relegation to Diviision 2, United were back… Doc’s Red Army at Wembley… Everyone thought it’d be a formality…. Sammy Mac hit the bar for us and then fucking Stokes pounced…. He was miles offside…

        I remember the Doc was well pissed off… The subs card for No. 11 (Gordon Hill) was put up… Hill shouted, ‘Me, boss?’ Doc screamed ‘No! The whole fucking team!’

      • Pete definitely got the short end of the stick he was also well trained as a drummer able to do jazz or pop and rock drum beats , ringo is a terrible drummer only a few songs where his drumming sticks out Maca usually erased Ringos drum parts and did them himself or hired a session drummer. Pete also influenced how the beatles dressed in their greaser period of the band. Kinda like how stuart stucliffe was the first member with a mop top haircut he was also banging more birds getting more attention so he had to go as well . After Stu died they basically stole his mop top look and changed beetles to beatles. They were also called the silver beetles (greaser era) before that the quarry men copying the look of buddy holly and The Crickets mostly. Neil Aspinall is also a cunt and a huge thief he was like a miniature version of stigwood.

      • The way Klein, Apple and Aspinall treated Badfinger was also terrible… A very good band, only George Harrison was bothered about them after the Beatles split up… They could have done something to help Pete Ham out when he was financially desperate and depressed… Of course they didn’t and the lad topped himself…

      • Thats another band who got a really really shitty deal , fooking hell I think stones roses got a better deal 🙂 but both contract’s were akin to slave labor. I swear the recording management and music industry is all owned by the rabbi’s and the mafia . I’m not joking when I say The music industry killed the most talented musicians they either did by chemicals or whatever even killing some of them finance wise, money is more important to these swine. They are liars and thiefs that badfinger album ASS is very telling I think. Some quotes to make you think about the evil recording industry “All middle men are bad” and “That’s all I wanted to do as a kid. Play a guitar properly and jump around. But too many people got in the way.” both quotes are said to be by Syd Barrett , “I’ve sold my soul to the devil and to Allen Klein” and “What I used to be is guilty about money. That’s why I lost it, either by giving it away or by allowing myself to be screwed by so-called managers.” both quotes John Lennon . A fan once asked Frank Zappa how to become a musician “he laughed and said give all your money to people who rip you off while you feed people music they aren’t that interested in buying “. Just some quotes to prove my point on the industry take it for what it is.

  7. George was treated like a piece of piss by both Lennon and McCartney…. Lennon even admitted in 1969 that Harrison had finally got sick of “all the fucking shit (Lennon & Macca) had done to him (George)…” ‘Something’ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’ are better than any late period Lennon & McCartney work… But they would never let him up to the top table and shed his ‘junior’ status in The Beatles… Songs like ‘All Things Must Pass’ ‘Isn’t It A Pity’ and ‘ Let It Down’ were rejected for crap like ‘Dig A Pony’ and ‘One After 909….’

    Lennon really was full of shit…. Break up a band to try something new, by all means… I am no Style Council fan, but at least Weller didn’t break up The Jam and put out shite like ‘Two Virgins….’ and diabolical crap like ‘Bring On The Lucie…’ Macca can be a cunt, but his solo output is far superior to Lennon’s (the ‘Band On The Run’ album is still a cracker! His 1970 solo debut is OK too)… I always thought that when Lennon said he wanted to leave The Beatles on September 20th 1969, Paul should have said ‘All well and good… Fuck off then, we’re not finishing…’ They could have brought Clapton in or Winwood, or Steve Marriott maybe and kept on Billy Preston… The other Beatles (Harrison apart) tolerated Lennon’s crap far too much… He said the band was over and that’s that?! Bringing Yoko’s bed into the studio for fuck’s sake… If that had happened at a Who session, Moon would have blown the bed (and Yoko) up with TNT and then finished the bed off with an axe…

    • Yeah george kinda did get screwed over but not really all he had to do was shut up and play his guitar rack in the dough but his songs like taxman , here comes the sun and guitar gently weeps are really good songs. Although I wasn’t really impressed by his solo stuff All things must pass was alright but I personally don’t think its as good as people say it is. Wonderwall was alright had some interesting instrumentals but was uneven and had alot of crappy middle eastern shite on it. I have yet to hear living in the material world but heard its kinda preachy with his hare krishna bullshite but heard Thirty-Three & 1/3 was a good album. I think Clapton and Winwood would of been a good choice for Lenin’s replacement but the lawsuits over name rights and other shit would of happened.

  8. After my having spent years explaining to rabid or mildly anti-Semitic cunts that the reason why Jewish people often succeed in GB and the USA is because they are mostly, smart, educated , charming , motivated and good company….along came the massive quasi-animated cunt of Alan “Botney” Yentob. Even at BBC all-cunt parties people point and ask “Who is THAT fugly cunt in the corner?”
    Having spent 40 years en-cunting-riching himself on eye-watering salaries and building a £6 million pension pot at our expense having “somehow” risen from nowhere to occupy senior positions at the BBC notwithstanding he has none of the qualities above enumerated.
    With his wardrobe of stupid-cunt right-on glasses ,expensive suits, £1000 pushbike and designer-cunt tonsure he is the Platonic Ideal of the self-entitled, arrogant, lefty, bien-pensant, righteous BBC cunt.
    I am fucking delighted that Kid’s Company and its full-of-shit figurehead has blown up, like a firework in a dressed-like-a-clown giant sized cow-pat, in his usually smug self-satisfied face leaving him be-spattered in a world of media pain covered many kilograms of Iranian-flavoured dung lightly sprinkled with a confetti of brightly-coloured tatters of cloth and. Not that cunts like him ever resign, despite his extraordinary behaviour.
    Surely a stand alone maxi-cunt even amongst the massed multitudes of cunts at any time to be found filling their pockets, wanking-each-other-in-a-circle and propagandising our airwaves at that National Treasure and Envy of the World rat-king , the B-cunting-B-cunting-C?

  9. I cannot be arsed to validate my statement:

    McCartney is a monumental, one-legged fucking, substantially poorer cunt!

  10. What does me is how henpecked Lennon and McCartney were… Both were eager to have their wives credited as co-writers… Lennon’s ‘collaborations’ with Yoko were usually crap, but Macca’s early ‘Paul & Linda McCartney’ credits included stuff like ‘Live And Let Die…’ At best, Linda’s input would probably have been a word or two, if she had any input at all… Does anyone believe Linda or Yoko had a huge part in the song process? Because I don’t… But McCartney had no problem with it… Yet George Harrison’s riff on ‘And I Love Her’, his idea for the waltz-time in ‘We Can Work It Out’ and Harrison’s seminal 12 string work on ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Help!’ were overlooked when the songwriting credits appeared… George also thought up the ‘Ahhh, look at all the lonely people’ refrain from ‘Eleanor Rigby…’

    As that lad in ‘Grease’ said, ‘When a guy picks a chick over his buddy, something’s gotta be wrong!’

    • Exactly = the hypocritical cunt McCartney whines endlessly over the Lennon/McCartney credits, yet Linda always got a full co-songwriting credit for contributing the occasional “la-la” or just banging a tambourine (that’s the Mike Love school of songwriting credits).

      • Mike Love… One of the biggest cunts in the history of music…
        Pete Townshend (another cunt) has fallen into the Macca trap…
        His current lady friend has ‘co-written’ an orchestral version of ‘Quadrophenia…’ Needless to say, it’s a steaming turd… It’s also hard to see the young Daltrey, Entwistle and Moon putting up with such shite when The Who were in their prime…

      • Townshend is (not for the first or last time) being a cunt by making out his (and her) ‘Orchestral Quadrophenia’ is something groundbreaking…. My mum used to have all those albums from the 60s and 70s by Ron Goodwin, Frank Pourcel and Geoff Love (aka Manuel) where their orchestras redid Beatles, Stones and other rock stuff…

      • I have heard a song or two of Orchestral Quadrophenia and I have to say I’m disappointed it doesn’t do the album justice then again I’m on the fence with the original Quadrophenia.

  11. Off Subject comment here, I thought it would be nice if the Live Traffic Feed thing on this website said “A Cunt” instead of “A Visitor” viewed IS-A-CUNT. I bet the Live Traffic Feed cunts who made it are either too boring or not big enough cunts to do that though are they? The CUNTS.

    • That would be bloody pointless it already serves its purpose , also don’t believe you can change the title of vistor to cunt anyway.

  12. To be completely honest, all of The Beatles could be described as cunts. Some of their work or jokes are seriously just piss takes though and you need to see that. They were snakes in the grass, witty, you know? But aye, I do think Macca can be a cunt at times, along with the other member states of The Beatles, but I would say John was more of a cunt than Paul was, but that’s just me.

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