Gok Wan [3]


This insipid cunt seems to be infecting everything on TV at the moment, he is the male equivalent of Clare Balding!

Gok Wan came to prominence on that shit CH4 Show “What Not To Wear”, his role was essentially to mock, touch-up and offer words of ‘confidence’ to over-weight and ugly housewives, this seemed to be popular with the great unwashed public and before long there was a ‘celebrity edition’ (amazing how every show that gets good ratings is butchered in to a celebrity edition!)

From this show Gok seemed to get a few jobs on TV but soon enough the talentless cunt disappeared, but in the last few months I have had to endure this fucking cunt on Channel 4 Racing, since when does a googly eyed gonk have any place on Horse Racing?
Now I have just turned on my TV and found it was on ITV (The wife watched something last night before bed) and low & behold the fucking cunt is presenting “This Morning” with that botox faced fuck hole of a cunt Amanda Holden. If this was not bad enough Gok was mincing like he was compeering at G.A.Y.

The fucking talentless cunt makes me sick, no I am not homophobic, no I am not racists, I just detest talentless cunts on TV and Gok Wan is the creme de la creme of bland, insipid, talentless cunts, he makes Phil Schofield look like David Frost!

Nominated by: Chinkins Chips

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  1. as always true to the word when something gets cunted and to the marrow and when they are nominated i go to y-tube and look and by fuckinghell
    i wish i had never saw such shite but a massive eye opener everytime and the comments are second to none
    BTW have you ever seen a woman throw a ball and swing a sledgehammer ?

    • To me this turd, and it’s ilk, (you know them) represents everything that is wrong with the modern British media. I could see him being a success on amerikan telly, I could see him being a success on Brazilian telly, but I choose not to live in those countries and so I have to put up with the effeminate mincing bastard for those milliseconds it takes to reach for and aim the remote. He will drive me to a life of crime because each and everytime I see his inanely grinning fizzogg all I can think about are: machetes and pole axes and the best way of getting a good edge on them. Should he chance by when I am laying my hedge I’m afraid it’ll be a life stretch for me, but fortuitously for you, a life time of no more gwock on your one eyed god gogglebox -apart from the celebrity tribute shows. I am prepared to make this sacrifice for all the right thinking Cunters of the world; t’would be a small price to pay.

  2. Gok ‘The Gook’ is an abomination unto the sight of man. My departed father, who fought in the Korean war, had this to say: The only good Gook, is a bayoneted Gook. Seems fair enough to me.

    • I’d like to point out that the cunt Gok Wan is homosexual half-cast Hong Kong Cantonese, and therefore is a faggot Chinese “chink”.

      A “gook” is a commie North Korean or North Vietnamese.

    • split him limb from limb on the imjin river
      as a nipper i worked on site with arthur and joe
      jo was a desert rat and arthur was a korean vet
      arthur would spin bullshit like no tomorrow and joe would shake his head sip his tea and say fuck all

  3. So the mincing ninny Gok Wan’s ‘talent’ is to make fat and frumpy birds feel good about themselves? Well, he should come to Manchester… There’s fucking loads of them….

  4. One day into the new season and the griefjackers are out in force… At Old Trafford yesterday the United players had black armbands on to pay tribute to the recently deceased Neville Neville…. But what was Mr. Neville’s contribution to Manchester United? Answer: he was Gary and Phil (cunt) Neville’s dad… Putting on black armbands for an ex-player’s dad?! Words fail me! Did any other player’s parents get similar treatment? Diid they mention anything when Dickie Best (George’s father) passed away? Did they fuck, and why should they? It has fuck all to do with football and United’s history… Neville senior was a cunt anyway… Cheating on Mrs. Neville and fingering young women in car parks… I am most alarmed by this almost scouse-like griefmonkeying…. We take the piss out of their eulogising and bullshit about Cilla, but there is my own fucking team wearing armbands for an ex-player’s old man (I only count Gary, because Phil is a cunt!)… Who’s next on the grief bandwagon? Bryan Robson’s window cleaner? Andy Cole’s postman? Steve Bruce’s granny? Fucking mawkish, pathetic cunts…

  5. I always call him cok wank.He is a talentless cunt who made a living out of lying to ugly fat women that they were beautiful. Even I could do that providing I had 8 pints before filming.

  6. Luckily I have never seen this ugly gay chink on television, apart from in an advert. I don’t watch those kind of programmes. These mincing types make my skin crawl. He probably buttered up all those fat tarts because he wants to be a woman so much he’d gladly swap places with any one of them.
    What can be said in his favour? He didn’t vote for the SNP and he hasn’t killed any lions.

  7. I used to have to endure this slanty eyed cunt on a regular basis when he did that show How to look good naked. He would get fat ugly birds and persuade them they should get their kit off in public. In my defence I was with a fat ugly bird at the time so I didn’t have much choice. The cheeky little ponce was always grabbing their tits and the slack fucking cunts would just giggle “Oh its OK because he is gay” Oldest trick in the book, love….

  8. Sort of connected to the Walter Palmer cunting, Karen Anderson is also a double decker bus of a cunt…

    Self styled ‘animal psychic’ Anderson An ‘animal communicator’ claims to have spoken to the spirit of Cecil the lion, and it turns out he was quite a deep thinker……Karen Anderson says she ‘connected’ with the animal after he was killed in Zimbabwe by the cunt Palmer…

    Rather than wanting revenge on Palmer, Cecil is apparently more concerned with moving on….Cecil wants closure…. Anderson claims Cecil said the following:

    ‘Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts. If we do then we become one of them… Raise your vibration and allow this energy to move us forward…. What happened does not need to be discussed as it is what it is…
    Take heart my child, I am finer than ever, grander than before as no one can take our purity, our truth or our soul. Ever…. ‘I am here… Be strong and speak for all the others who suffer needlessly to satisfy human greed. Bring Light and Love and we will rise above this….’

    Anderson, who describes herself as a psychic medium, said the words brought tears to her eyes…. Brings tears to mine too…. Tears of fucking laughter… Someone should tell this silly attention seeking crackpot bitch that lions can’t talk, end of… It’s loony cunts like her that give the Internet its bad name… Of course it’s total bollocks, but if she did have a natter with Cecil, the silly cow should have asked the old boy next week’s lottery numbers… Seriously though, what a complete fucking bake, and what a cunt…

    • I did not realise that Lions spoke the Queen’s English

      Just reminded me of that program I used to watch as a kid , Daktai, with that cross eyed lion. Used to love that one

      • Anderson’s ‘message’ from ‘Cecil’ looks like it has been lifted off some crap power ballad… Either that or it’s a Bono rip-off…

  9. Boxing, Queensbury rules, what a load of shit.
    Pansy fucking gloves so no-one gets brain damage, yawn!
    15 rounds of touching each other up like poofters, yawn

    I’d rather watch a bare-knuckle organised street fight, better action, more blood and always a knock out instead of a cut above the eye making the referee stop the fight!

    I once was lucky enough to see a Gypsy fight out in the countryside near me, it was pretty fucking brutal but it was organised and they even shook hands afterwards.
    I’d rather watch that than Chris Eubank mince, Frank Bruno chuckle or Prince Naseem’s Duncan Norville ‘chase me’ evasion in the ring.

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