Carl Froch


Carl Froch was one of Britain’s best boxers. He was tough, he was humble, and he had carved out a reputation for himself since becoming a professional in 2002.

Then he came up against Andre Ward in 2011 and was given a boxing lesson. But instead of praising the American and acknowledging him as being by far the best super-middleweight and one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world. he was so embarrassed by the gulf in class that he felt the need to bull himself up in the media at every opportunity and remind everyone of his previous achievements. And he hasn’t stopped since. Now he’s forever going on about when he beat George Groves at Wembley.

There has been talk about a return with Ward, but he won’t want to go near Ward again because he knows he’ll be made to look silly. He has been offered a fight against Gennady Golovkin, who would be moving up a weight, but Froch says “I’m too big and too strong for him.” So what’s he scared of? Golovkin wants the fight and he doesn’t !

Time to stop the bleating and retire, Carl. You’re making a cunt of yourself.

Nominated by: Allan

16 thoughts on “Carl Froch

    • It was a while back that I nominated Carl for a cunting, when he was trying to do a Mayweather and choose his venue and opponent. Since then he has taken my advice and officially retired. I don’t know whose picture that is.

      • Do sympathise dear heart. Every so orften one of me noms will materialise oit orf the ether and I have to scratch me old arse and think WTF? A bit oit orf context now. Hey Ho, powers that be working like trojans, inscrutable workings orf internet ect ect. Anyway well done all roind I say.

    • i didn’t think it was , just saw a pic of him nothing like this mental patient. I don’t understand allan’s reason for cunting him either, froch has 33 wins 2 losses say what you want but its not easy to get that kind of record in boxing. I dunno maybe allan lost a bet and you rarely praise the other boxer your gonna fight.

      • That lame photo of a guy with missing teeth is NOT boxer Carl Froch.

        It’s scraping the bottom of the barrel to be cunting Carl Froch. Carl “the Cobra” Froch is one mean machine successful super middleweight boxer. He has won 33 of his 35 professional bouts to date.

        Nowadays he is not 100% fit (on going arm bone injury). He is considering a next carreer as a TV boxing pundit, and said he MIGHT fight again. If he does, he has nothing to lose.

  1. Whoever that cunt is in the picture reminds me of the gurning Cunts I used to see in the Raves. Those were the days.

  2. Froch seems pretty OK to me… It’s Mayweather who is a gigantic cunt….

    Was Rooney stuck in a time warp for that first goal? My dead grandmother had better reactions than that…. He really is a scouse cunt…

    I also want to know how all those Arsenal fans got through the Channel Tunnel…

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    He deserves nothing more, nothing less.

    • This George claudiu is a right Cunt, I live near where it happened its quite a wide road and people sometimes drive along it quickly (I have to say I have driven quickly there as well. To run away when you have blatantly hit another person and leave them there is fucking out of order. George claudiu, I also wanted to Cunt Romanians as my first Cunting on here, something about the thieving think they’re fucking bad cunts I can’t stand, in their fake Prada shoes and tight jeans. Loads of them in Bristol as well, I will probably end up knocking one these cunts out soon.

    • Personally I think the cunt should be nailed to the floor and finished off with a baseball bat to the side of his head. Despicable, low life , selfish scumbag shit.

  4. The guy in that photo is the lovechild of Rodney Dangerfield and Marti Pellow. He looks like he’s singing ‘Angel Eyes’.

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