Gok Wan [4]


This cunt deserves a good cunting, just turned on my TV to see this googly eyed fucking gonk mincing on about fashion.

A monumental cunt who makes Elton John look masculine

Nominated by: Boaby

Gok Wan [3]


This insipid cunt seems to be infecting everything on TV at the moment, he is the male equivalent of Clare Balding!

Gok Wan came to prominence on that shit CH4 Show “What Not To Wear”, his role was essentially to mock, touch-up and offer words of ‘confidence’ to over-weight and ugly housewives, this seemed to be popular with the great unwashed public and before long there was a ‘celebrity edition’ (amazing how every show that gets good ratings is butchered in to a celebrity edition!)

From this show Gok seemed to get a few jobs on TV but soon enough the talentless cunt disappeared, but in the last few months I have had to endure this fucking cunt on Channel 4 Racing, since when does a googly eyed gonk have any place on Horse Racing?
Now I have just turned on my TV and found it was on ITV (The wife watched something last night before bed) and low & behold the fucking cunt is presenting “This Morning” with that botox faced fuck hole of a cunt Amanda Holden. If this was not bad enough Gok was mincing like he was compeering at G.A.Y.

The fucking talentless cunt makes me sick, no I am not homophobic, no I am not racists, I just detest talentless cunts on TV and Gok Wan is the creme de la creme of bland, insipid, talentless cunts, he makes Phil Schofield look like David Frost!

Nominated by: Chinkins Chips

Gok Wan [2]


And what is the mincing mixed chinese cunt’s fashion faux pas for the summer? Well darlings no-one but no-one should be seen dead wearing socks with sandals. Really what a total tsunami of bad taste my dears.

In my area try wearing sandals au naturel sweetheart and your feet will soon be soaked in dosser piss.
If we wear sandals we put plastic bags on first. Now there’s a fashion tip for you. So full of street cred.

Now go fuck yourself.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke