Independence Day


I just can’t let the 4th of July go by without marking it by cunting the entire nation of the United States of America. It just wouldn’t be right.

Every year, these wankers celebrate the “nations freedom and the brave men who died defending it”. That’d be the brave men who illegally invade foreign countries, stomp all over any nation that disagrees with them, and forces their dogma on the entire world. The biggest bunch of hypocritical bullshitters on the face of the planet.

The nation that “defends freedoms future” by bombing the fuck out of anyone who gets in their way.

The nation that turned up late for two world wars. Britain would would still be waiting now if it wasn’t for Pearl Harbour.

The nation that was populated by the dregs from the gutters of Europe and whose slogan was “No taxation without representation” when the British crown never received a fucking penny in taxes in the first place.

The nation that has laid claim to every invention it never invented and has rewritten history to suit its own ego. Orwell would have been proud.

Basically, a nation of cunts. Happy 4th July, you fuckers!

Nominated by: Dioclese

14 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Also the fact that the place was never theirs to start with… Treating the native tribes like shit, killing most of them and being stupid enough to call them ‘Indians….’

    Also not giving a fuck about the IRA throwing shit at the British for years and only taking a stand against terrorism when 9/11 happened…. The only way they will even think about dealing with Islamic State is if the cunts commit an atrocity on US soil….

  2. I wouldn’t tar every American citizen with the same brush, but I must admit to finding a good number of them endearingly idiotic, with their over-stated patriotism, their superficial assertiveness and their quaint obsession with restraining orders. I firmly believe that their ‘collective unconscious’ is at least partly the result of a repressive religious upbringing. When they, like the Islamists, leave their primitive superstitions behind, the world will be a safer place.

  3. You know what, I don’t really mind the Americans. There are many other nations more deserving of hatred than them. However, the whole IRA thing gets right on my tits. A proportion of them seemed to think the IRA were a merry band of freedom fighters, rather like Robin Hood. Coupled with claiming to be Irish “by descent” because their great-great grandfather was a Paddy (to be honest, a lot of English twats do this as well) and the mawkish sentimentality about all things Irish (the one way that they do act like Irish cunts) they really are a clueless bunch. Gene Kelly – gave money to PIRA in the seventies. Every time I see him dance now his legs are saying “I support terrorism”. I’m planning a cunting for the Irish, in the meantime this will suffice. I forget what my original point was, I hate the fucking Irish so much. Even more than the Welsh. And the SNP.

  4. It’s 19 years now since those IRA cunts bombed Manchester… Apparently the bomb was intended for Trooping The Colour in London… But the police had the capital (especially the M25) well covered… So the sick bogtrotting cunts dump it at St. Mary’s Gate, and we know what happened next… I know people who lost their businesses and there were those who were badly injured… It was only down to the grand job done by the Greater Manchester Emergency Services that there were no fatalities….

    And those Celtic fans singing ‘Up the RA’ when they came to Old Trafford got a deserved hiding… Fenian cunts…

  5. The biggest problem I have with the July 4th “celebrations, and the whole “American” revolution thing, (and I’m speaking as someone who happens to be half American. I may have mentioned it once or twice before) is the inaccuracy. It’s been referred to by different names, including, “The American Revolutionary War”. But that’s bullshit, because the only Americans at that time, were the Indians. The Apache, Navajo, Choctaw, Cherokee, Comanche, etc. Everyone else was British.

    Another inaccuracy that is NEVER corrected, is that the revolutionaries would shout “THE BRITISH ARE COMING” whenever a British army unit was spotted heading for a village or town. What they actually shouted was, “THE REGULARS ARE COMING”, because as I said, everyone at that time was British. Unfortunately, there is so much bullshit flying around regarding the war of independence, that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction.

    • What Hollywood fails to mention is that the so called War of Independence was actually about their right to go on using slaves in the face of the English abolitionists. David Starkey, rancid old poof historian that he may be, is actually rather good on this.

      • Yet another reason why Mel Gibson is a colossal cunt (I had to sit through that bloody awful Patriot film once).

  6. My fellow Americans…

    …You have the right to practice any religion you choose, or to practice no religion at all. But it is forbidden to establish any other religion above our nation’s official Christian religion.

    You have the right to freely express your thoughts and ideas about anything and speak in public to a group of people. But no one may use his or her freedom of speech to injure elected government or public enterprise.

    You have the right to express your ideas and opinions in writing and may also read any article, newspaper, book or magazine you want. But all written works must be guaranteed as accepted true fact or fiction by censorship.

    You have the right to freedom of assembly, to meet together to discuss problems and to plan their actions. But it must be carried on in a controlled way for public security.

    You have the right to ask your government to do something or to refrain from doing something. But government officials have equal right to argue your petition.

    You have the right to bear arms, in self defence of yourselves family or property, to lawfully kill. But you cannot overstep your weapons power to challenge your elected government.

    You have the right to equal justice. But the people and their government have the equal right not to defend or prosecute any person or anything if they choose.

    You have the right to own private property. But your elected government have the equal right to own public property.

    My fellow Americans, God bless America!

  7. England Women’s Head coach Mark Sampson said his players deserve to be ‘legends’ after achieving the best placed finish by an England team since the men’s side won the World Cup in 1966…..

    So failure is an achievement?

    Somebody just shoot this knicker sniffing cunt…

    • The dyke filly shot that own girl with such skill and determination – mind you the girlie goalie is severely crap – that clearly she meant to pre-empt the team from losing on penalties. Indeed, as good and classic a shot as we would expect from the men’s team donchathink? Give her her due.

  8. Exactly, fucking legends my arse, a load of PMT fueled dykes lose and they are somehow legends? Fuck off.
    They will be plastered in the media for 2 days, enjoy that 15 minutes you slags cause by Wednesday the media will be talking about Kim Kardashians arsehole or Justin Bieber getting his first pubic hair.

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