On the subject of Fanboy types, possibly the most overbearing intolerant cunts can be found on the James Bond movie forums.

Ever since Mr Craig put the tuxedo on for Casino Royale there have been such cringeworthy comments posted as “at last they are making Bond movies that intellectuals can enjoy” and “intelligent people enjoyed Skyfall whereas unintelligent people didn’t” (Presumably these geniuses were intelligent enough to spot the numerous plot holes and logical errors in the aforementioned outing). The arrogance on display from some of these “Serious Bond Fan” types is truly shocking (positively shocking, you smug, condescending cunts, if any of you are reading this) I was even removed from one forum for jokingly suggesting that “Quantum of Solace” should be retitled “The Yawn Supremacy” or “The Bourne Mediocrity” and that the producers were too scared to use their imaginations in case some halfwit cracks an Austin Powers joke.

Personally I think Dan Craig is fine, it’s just the movies that need moving up a notch but mild, lighthearted criticism is met with a barrage of sneering and insults. IT’S ONLY A MOVIE, YOU ARROGANT FANBOY CUNTS!!!

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

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  1. I watch bond movies for entertainment, knowing it is imaginative fiction based on the movie makers’ experiences of the real word they live and work in. I am educated by it (how good or bad the maker’s movie is) and have also learned more knowledge gaining wisdom.

    Fanboy types watch bond movies for education, thinking it is real life based on the imaginative fictional James Bond book stories. They are entertained by it (how real or unreal the movie’s maker is) and have also learned more bullshit gaining stupidity.

    • Producer “Ms” Barbara Broccoli has stated that, and I quote “The frivolity of earlier films is inappropriate in these more serious times” REALLY?! What about the Cold War, when we all sat around shitting ourselves because Uncle Sam and the Commies seemed to be gearing up to nuke each other and take the rest of the world with them? Seemed like “serious” enough times to me but we were still allowed to have a laugh. I have considered nominating Barb for a good cunting but she has so many lawyers in tow that I’d probably get this fine website shut down. I shall simply content myself by hoping that the upcoming “Spectre” (or “recycled Thunderball/ On Her Majesties Secret Service” as it probably will be) falls flat on it’s bloated, overhyped, overblown and hugely over budget arse. (And Skyfall had a plot that a five year old could pick apart!)

      • I’m struggling to think of any world in which it was ever relevant to see an ageing Roger Moore huffing and puffing his way around the world in Rolf Harris-style safari suits and lamentable knitwear, having women young enough to be his granddaughter fall into his arms (and bed) just minutes after meeting.

      • Moore wanted to quit after For your Eyes Only, but because he had a good relationship with the producers (unlike Connery who Eon Films ripped off for millions) and was still popular with audiences they kept asking him back and he didn’t like to refuse. Sad but true…

  2. Omar Sharif: Lawrence of Arabia star dies aged 83

    Do we have a lucky dead pool winner??

  3. To be fair daniel craig is a good actor , its the shitty script he has to work with whats stinking up the story so thats not his fault . My biggest problem is the bloody direction they have taken with the bond films it’s definitely picking at the bottom of the barrel of Ian Fleming’s material. Skyfall and Casino Royale were pretty decent though . I just prefer the older bond films the characters were more likable and more memorable . Spectre could be pretty good but we’ll see. It just seems in movies nowadays directors think that if you throw enough money at the film the better it will be or patching up scenes with CGI like George Shite Lucas or adding 20 Exsplosion’s like Micheal CuntHead Bay .

    • CGI will never satisfactorily replace practical effects, sat through those wretched Transformers movies with the grandkids and ended up with a thumping headache. How does Bay get to keep making movies? And for that matter… WHY?

  4. Any twat who thinks that Skyfall made an ounce of sense has an understanding of the world that borders on psychiatric illness. You’re one step away from throwing your own feces at the wall if you are sucked in by the absurd ‘bad guy deliberately got caught’ plot device.

    Oh, a cunting is definitely in order for forum moderators. I could write a book on the number of forums that I have been banned from. Nothing like making self-appointed ‘experts’ look like idiots on their own fanboy forums.

    • Even when drunk off his nut (which Fleming was a lot of the time) he would never have written anything like Skyfall with huge plot holes and characters acting like idiots. I can recommend the Alternatve007 website for a comprehensive rundown of everything wrong with the recent movies.

    • I knew of a girl who did these fansites and still does them… Her thing is female American movie stars (Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Rachel McAdams etc)… Anyway, she was an ugly cow who looked like Bernard Manning’s lovechild and she was also a carpetmuncher… A lad I am still in contact with was a fan of one of the aforementioned ladies (I can’t remember which) and he was the man to go to for pics and info on this actress… But he was never made a ‘mod’ on the fansite forum, simply because he wasn’t female and he wasn’t a dyke… The kid (from Florida) eventually told me that he left the place because the moderators were as bad as the administrator (Manning Jnr) and they went on about how great lezzers were, how horrible men were, and thinking crap like Sleater Kinney was great music… A nightmare…

      So it does appear that most famboy/girl fansite/forum admins and moderators are cunts… The silly fat cow is probably still doing it… Probably frigging herself off to Jennifer Lawrence…

  5. Star Trek fans are pretty fucking mental, they could tell you the star date captain Kirk farted in season 1 episode 9.

    star trek is shite, the premise.
    explore new worlds and not interfere with other worlds.
    they break this prime directive every episode and then are found to be in mortal peril,
    the solution is always a variant of:
    rerouting.inverting or generating a sub space field or the warp core inverters/manipulating the plasma flow is the ways above.
    the end

    fucking wank, on a par with Dr Who,

    • Love classic Who, but most of the post 2005 era is bollocks…

      Harry Potter fanboys/girls are the biggest fancunts out there… The way they treat that old witch, JK Rowling, like she is some sort of oracle is sickening… All Rowling has to do is spout some crap that has no relevance to the story (that ended years ago anyway): like Dumbledore was queer or Harry Potter wore purple Y-Fronts in Goblet Of Fire and these cunts wet themselves and spread it all over social media as proper ‘news’ and an ‘event’…. Fucking cunts…

      • Big Who fan back when. Saw them live many times. Moon was unreal. I was very surprised when Entwistle died of a heart attack. Calmest bloke I ever met! They were never the same after that Tommy bollocks.

        Daltrey can still pull it off though. Take a listen to the album he did with Wilko. Like them to do another one. Great stuff…

      • The Ox was a really laid back bloke, but he was an out and out raver… Entwistle probably had more birds and drugs than the rest of the band put together… He died with a load of coke and a stripper… John also hated the Tommy hype… When The Who performed Tommy at the NY Met, Entwistle said, ‘We’ve become the type of band Jackie Onassis comes to see…’ They should never have worked with that cunt, Ken Russell and after Moonie died it was more or less over… I also think they were a bit lost without Kit Lambert… Agree about Roger… Still got the voice… Love the album he did with Wilko…

      • Love the classic Who lineup (although I’ve got to say although he’s no Moon, young Zak is a very good drummer)… But Townshend can come across as a right cunt at times…

  6. Talking of which I would like to cunt the movie ‘Skyfall’ . Can I remind you this was the movie where Bond was rescued by fucking Mermaids, and as for that ridiculous ‘Home Alone’ fuck me sideways. A pile of pish .

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