Clare Balding [2]


I can’t stand that hairy pie muncher Clair fucking Balding.

She is another cunt that is heading to be a ‘national treasure’. Best thing about treasure is that it spends all its life buried where no cunt can find it. That should happen to her and her fucking oppo’s.

Nominated by: Iorek Byrnison

18 thoughts on “Clare Balding [2]

  1. Non-Smokers

    Non smokers are joyless, self-righteous cunts.
    During the winter, thanks to our stupid anti-smoking laws, I have to stand outside in the snow and pissing rain to pursue my favourite pastime.
    As soon as the weather improves, these cunts are in the beer garden with their spoilt, screaming brats and they assume they have some kind of right to complain as soon as I light up.Well, they can all fuck off because they’re cunts.
    As soon as they can shut up their ill-mannered, selfish, noisy cunt offspring, I’ll put my ciggie out, but until then, they can fuck off and find somebody who might give a flying fuck about what they think. Cunts

  2. I’m with both of you here. I actually gave up (after 20 years) before Christmas. I used the miracle drug Champix, which involved no effort on my part whatsoever. However, I fucking hate sanctimonious ex-smokers, fucking hate non-smokers whining about people smoking IN FUCKING SMOKING AREAS, fucking hate the smoking ban and really fucking hate people who bring their cunt children into pubs.

    • I should add that I used to smoke 60-80 a day before I decided I was literally burning money and gave up.

      I support smoking because people are entitled to decide for themselves as I did. I oppose people of either persuasion preaching to the other. Tobacco is not illegal. It’s your choice to partake or not.

      Having said that, I don’t want to inhale other people’s smoke. Then again I have the choice to leave or not go there in the first place. As regards screaming brats, they’re a fucking pain, aren’t they?

      • As an ex-smoker who gave it up for health reasons, I wouldn’t dream of denying anyone the pleasure that tobacco can provide. There should be smoking pubs and non-smoking pubs. And NONE of them should let kids in.

      • I’m also an ex smoker…. But the way smokers are treated like lepers in the UK is disgusting…. In every shop or supermarket there is now a plain cupboard covering the fags and baccy in the foyer…. These cunts on their health & safety high horse are basically saying it’s shameful and wrong to purchase cigs, cigars or tobacco…. Yet in front of this tobacco counter Berlin Wall they have a hundred different lottery scratchcards in your face… So gambling is OK but smoking isn’t? Same goes for booze, fireworks, junk food and all the other dangerous crap they flog…. Hypocritical cunts…

  3. Regarding Balding – her current girlfriend (I use ‘current’ because lesbian relationships are hardly renowned for their longevity) used to be Sandi Toksvig’s girlfriend. Think about that for a moment. And then feel sick.

  4. I heard that after a days Channel4 racing filming at Royal Ascot, Clair Balding was visiting the horses in the back stables and got mounted by ex-jockey Willie Carson.

    • Update.

      I checked this out on the Internet, and discovered I heard a lie.
      It actually happened in 2003 at Epsom races filmed by the BBC.

      Willie Carson told the BBC his co-presenter was “very, very excited” during the mile-and-a-half seeing too.

      The former champion jockey added: “My back’s killing me from being hit, but she had every right to be so happy.


    Every time I see the cunt of TV I makes me angry!!!

    Enough said.

  6. So those Abu Dhabi bluenose cunts, Citeh have given Liverpool 49 million for that dirty little cunt, Raheem Sterling…

    I wionder, is that the most anybody’s ever paid a crack dealer for a crack whore?

      • I wonder where these super-earners pay their income tax. Must be a tidy sum for somewhere. Anyone know?

      • First little Raheem was a cunt…. Now he’s a mercenary City cunt…. ‘My mum says I look good in blue?’ It certainly suits you, Sterling… You rapacious dirty bluenose sack of shit…. Man City: The Dirty Dozen (including their manager)…

        I just hope some opposition player gives Sterling a bit of Stiles/Hunter/Souness treatment… Then the little cunt will be able to skive off games and have as much laughing gas as he likes… Twat….

  7. Robert Christgau is a cunt… Anyone who titles himself “Dean of American Rock Critics” has to be a colossal cunt… One of the earliest ‘professional rock critics’ Christgau is an arrogant bastard who thinks he is an authority and expert on popular music… When in actual fact he has never written. performed or played a note of music in his life… It was this cunt (along with those hippy twats at Rolling Stone) who started the cultural and critical snobbery of turning pop into ‘rock’… Christgau also began that ridiculous music reviews as school reports shite… Giving a record an A or another letter, instead of saying the album is just good or bad… Now every cunt reviews a record with letter grades, stars, or marks out of ten… How can this wanker claim to be the world’s greatest authority on music and lavish continuous praise on that piss poor Stones comedy act The New York Dolls?!
    Christgau is your typical arrogant Village Voice/Rolling Stone ‘Noo Yoik’ snob and a complete cunt…

  8. If every smoker in England packed it in tomorrow the NHS would collapse.

    £9.30 for twenty Bensons!!!

    Daylight fucking robbery!

  9. Indeed, this is why the government will eventually tax vaping cigarettes, they have already banned them in Wales and they will simply wheel out the ‘health’ concerns with some fudged data research, then tax the liquid you vape with big time, instead of buying a 25ml bottle for £4 online it will be licensed by the government and cost £12 for 25ml.

    Fucking parasitic taxing bastards

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