Don’t start me off about ADHD! ADHD deserves a really good cunting.

ADHD and AADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Adult Attention Deficit Disorder respectively) are two formerly popular propaganda terms used by the parents of stupid children, crappy teachers, and white collar drug dealers masquerading as NHS GP doctors. Parents neglecting their children, combined with a steady diet of political correctness, increases a child’s risk of being labeled with ‘ADHD’ by 90%.

The symptoms of ADHD are very similar to those of the closely related Asparagus Brain Syndrome. They include:

* Inability to get jokes unless they are Childrens BBC quality (because of inattentiveness).

* Constantly telling everyone about ADHD.

* Forgetting that one has ADHD.

* Claiming that Thomas Edison, Beethoven, or Einstein had the same disease, and thus that they are part of a genius master race.

* Being easily upset when people call their disease a disease. Being upset when they don’t.

* Yelling random things at a wall for three hours.

* Staring at a wall for 5 hours.

According to drug companies, the best way to “cure” this “disorder” is to pump sufferers full of drugs, especially if patients are children.

Drugs, behavioural rewards and anger management are just PC treatments for ADHD/AADD and are fucking useless. In my opinion ADHD is really an inability to deal with a minor impairment or disability or you are a closet bully or narcissist. For a child the best treatment is ‘a jolly good slapping’ For an adult the best treatment is ‘a fucking good kicking’.

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    • Was.

      Quit taking drugs. Married a woman who had a genuinely Dickensian childhood and a fucking horrible adult life.

      Got a sense of perspective.

      Fine now.

    • Seems we get a lot of voracious and nasty at the same strangers visiting this forum. Perhaps they are all maniac BAD (bipolar affective disorder) cunts?

  1. About 2 years ago me and the Mrs were shopping in a supermarket, and were annoyed to see a little boy sprog throwing tantrums and generally running amok causing trouble. I was rummaging through one of the ice cream freezer cabinets when suddenly the excited brat pushed past me to grab a box of ice lollies. So, inside the freezer, I smacked him hard on the hand and he dropped the ice lolly pack, (except my wife, nobody else witnessed me smacking the urchin). “Behave yourself”, I shouted sternly. The kid looked at me apologetically, and then sensibly walked back to his mother who was somewhere behind another Isle.

    I noticed the kid stayed with his mother and behaved himself for the remainder of my time in the supermarket. I always said a good slapping will cure any unruly supposed ADHD little kiddie cunt.

  2. I taught little excluded cretins for 10 years, biggest pack of lazy rats you’d ever see.
    I would guess that 40% percent of them had a diagnosis of ADHD, I would also guess that approximately 5% of those actually had the disorder/disease.

    Unfortunately I got into trouble on numerous occasions for pointing out that using this as an excuse to be a lazy, rude, ignorant cunt was not acceptable in the grown-up or adolescent world. Little shits were constantly molly-coddled and excused by weak wristed professionals and parents who only served to set the children up for a lifetime of idleness and arrogance.

    You can spot a child a fucking mile off who actually has attention issues. They tic, shuffle and in the main are very apologetic for their behaviour and have no desire to be reminded of their labeling.

    The rest of them are stupid and lazy welfare merchants in the making. “You can’t do fuck all to me, I’ve got ADHD”. You’re right I cannot, but I can go home to a comfortable life my efforts have granted me and people who actually don’t mind being around me. See you in the local newspaper court reports or obituaries in a few years.

  3. “My son’s got ADHD etc”. I don’t give a fuck about your fucking child. Making up a medical condition to excuse his thickness / cuntiness makes me care even less.

  4. ADHD is nothing more than kids wired on sugar, running around like crack heads after consuming 10g of it before enduring coming down big time watching CBBC.

  5. These are all bullshit western diseases.

    Doctor Cunts love making up new diseases and syndromes to get more funding and further pigeon hole society, the NHS just loves rolling out the bleeding heart for new disorders.

    The whole public health system in the UK appears to be suffering from a very severe dose of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy.

    Sure, we have lots of fat people but that is largely their own doing, and cancer care is not going to improve anytime soon as the NHS seems to be lagging behind the rest of the world in that area. But making up diseases and keeping people sick is good ammunition for those BMA cunts and other lobbyists, in order to blame cuts for the health system failing instead of lifestyle choices.

  6. There was none of this ADHD crap when I was a kid…. If you acted up, you got a slap… Simple as that… Now you see and hear kids in supermarkets who sound like they are being murdered… Just because they can’t get what they want… If a kid is a spoilt, unpleasant little cunt it is down to the parents and nothing else… Blaming it on ADHD, smarties. orange juice or nut allergies is just bollocks… Kids these days are made to be spoiled and soft because of all this health and safety and ‘allergies’ shite… When I was a kid illnesses were chickenpox, flu, TB and the like… Not some little soft cunt skiving off school for two weeks because he has an allergy to bananas or some other bullshit…

  7. What particularly fucks me off about all this ADHD etc shit is that it detracts from genuine mental illness (no surprise that I speak from some experience here). People will now class real mental problems alongside “cunt kid who needs a slap”.

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