Chris Evans [4]


Dear Chris Evans,
You fucking cunt,
How I’d love to hit you,
With something hard and blunt,
Then go back to your mother’s,
So she can make me brunch,
Oh Chris Evans,
You are a fucking cunt

Nominated by: Cunt

So, it’s Carrot Top Gear.

Let me see if I get this right : The Beeb sack Clarkson. They then give his show to a carrot topped cunt who they’ve already fired twice because he couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed for his own breakfast show.

Hypocrisy? Double standards? Shurely not…

Nominated by: Dioclese

12 thoughts on “Chris Evans [4]

  1. Not sure that assault in the workplace is equivalent to failing to get out of bed…

    Clarkson’s verbal and physical aggression towards his production crews is legendary within the industry, so much so that assistants routinely urinated in the water pistols/water sprays he demanded to keep himself cool when filming in hot countries.There were many similar incidents to the one that finally got him sacked, but this was the first one to find its way into the Press.

    Clarkson is a giant cunt – and so are those who sign petitions in the mistaken belief that it will get him reinstated.

    • Reminds of Van Morrison…. Van can apparently be a cunt, so his crew do things with his harmonica (like wiping their arses with it) and they watch with glee as Van does his harp solo…

      • He sure is a miserable cunt. If you don’t like getting paid a fortune so do your hobby Van, fuck off and be a dustman or something.

  2. Like Clarkson or not, I think whiney cunts like that Oisin Tymon deserve a bit of a cunting.

    Its an endemic problem in this country. Clearly production crew know the schedule and how long filming etc is going to take so if the ruckus was all over a hot meal at the end of the day, then some cunt deserves a fucking good kicking for failing to get even the simplest arrangement (nobody really knows what happened, so I’m only going by whats reported), that is to provide a hot meal at the end of the day. I can only surmise the ‘well thats all their is’ response was enough to tip Clarkson over the edge.

    I did a pretty old school apprenticeship, and it was hard going. You had be aware of what was going on at all times and persistent mistakes that affected others meant that you would be ‘checked back into line’. Im not talking some Dickensian work place scenario, and fuckers that go on about bullying in the work place need a reality check, that seldom happens these days, unless of course being asked to do something not in your job description constitutes bullying and harassment. What we do have is the touchy feely, social, PC bullshit that leads the majority of the workforce to a massive sense of entitlement, not yet earned.

    This is the reason fat Maureen down the council offices acts with impunity, because she does not have any fear of loosing her job, being disciplined or even actually having to do the job. We have a nation of fireproof cunts who can do and say whatever they like without fear.

    I think more people should start kicking fuck out of frontline services staff and jobsworth cunts when they start to cop a shit attitude, because it might make the whole country a little more pleasant. I am still wary of my work impeding someone else’s and the prospect of getting a kicking for it focus’ the mind a bit better.

    Clarkson maybe a loud mouth cunt, but in this instance he appears to have responded to cuntishness in general. Call me a cunt for defending him. But I’m tired of dealing with smug cunts telling me ‘thats just how it is’.

    • Jezza may be a cunt, but at least what you see with him is what you get… He doesn’t do the showbiz bullshit and all that fake smiles shite…

  3. Is this cunt the new Jimmy Savile? How the fuck does the talentless gob-shite get work?

    He must be supply the fucking rats that run TV and radio stations with something. After all he was fornicating with Billy Piper when she was a child with a little child fanny (before it got massive and scabby and dribbling pus).

  4. Old Ginger Bollocks will now infest our TV screens just as he did in the 90s with that lads mag Britpop wank, TFI Friday (also making a comeback with Ginger Bollocks in tow)… The Ginger cunt will be excrucIating on Top Gear… Just his usual look at me shouty self (‘LOOK AT THAT CAR! WHAT ABOUT THAT! COME ONNNNN!’)… I bet Alex Jones cringes when she hears he’s co-presenting The One Show with her… Evans is the biggest from the north TV cunt since the much despised Elton Welsby….

  5. Ginger haired fucking twat, and his bloody hanger-on mate Danny Baker, another monumental cunt.
    Top Gear was always shite, but this ginger haired shitstain will destroy it

  6. I’d do Top Gear for a take-away curry and me bus fare home. …… think of it as a service to all the silly cunts who pay the license fee.

  7. Apparently this twat is causing more trouble / causing trouble again chez Top Gear…
    Bring back Jizzer!!

    As for this whiney ginger minger, oh, please, what part of fuck off and die do you not understand, it’s really quite simple.

  8. Thanks fuck the ginger top nob Cunt got it and is finally Fucking off, Maybe the coin is staring to drop, Evans your a self centred talentless cunt, MattLle Blanc done a Gove on you, and laid it down “him or me” Evans see your a fucking looser !

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