Young Fathers


I’d like to cunt the Mercury prize winning ‘Young Fathers’ after watching their tuneless shite at Glastonbury.

A prime example of every cunt ‘loving’ something because they are seen as hip and current. Fuck off they are a pile of shite, the musical equivalent of midget sex, ie everyone into them because they are bored.

Nominated by: Lord of the Cunts

12 thoughts on “Young Fathers

  1. I hadn’t actually heard of these scrotes until one of my daughters came back from Glastonbury. I’m happy to say she and her friends didn’t think much of them. I’ve just been on youtube, and you’re right they are cunts. And musically shite.

  2. Adored by single speed bike riding, latte sipping, iphone owning, skinny jean wearing, tattooed, gel in the hair, Facebook addicted, non stop Tweeting metro-sexual wankers.

  3. They are, indeed, shite….

    Watched a1980 TOTP yesterday on BBC4… Apart from Cliff Richard and Sheena Easton (although I wanted to give her one when I was a lad) it was good stuff: Hazel O’ Connor, The Clash (with the lovely Legs and Co), The Jam and Bowie was No.1… Now what have we got? Tripe like Young Fathers…

    This bird was on TOTP 80 last week… Odd record, but I wouldn’t mind a go….

    • Music companys have been really cramming rap and hip hop into peoples faces alot more now its hard to avoid, its easy music to make you don’t need instruments or if rarely. They just have to steal bits of songs from other artists make a sample , it’s thief music for gangsters it fuels gangs and bravado in young males it also turns people into bigger cunts, well you know how I feel bout Rap. Its also propaganda music in alot of ways when you listen to a song that glorifies murder and rape you’re subscribing to their perverted ideals and they’re way of thinking.Also do they really need 15 producers to make one song? that should say something about the mentality of rap but then again I’m not to crazy but heavy metal either but that’s just me. I remember when Ginger Baker said “Heavy Metal should have been aborted”(ha good times) same could be said bout shite Rap aswell.

  4. Hipsters who say something “is a thing” are a thing. And that thing is a cunt.

  5. Apart from Primal Scream’s ‘Screamadelica’ every Mercury Prize Winner has been shite….

  6. I would like to nominate:


    It is that time of year once again, that big glowing orb in the sky makes an appearance for a few days, alcohol is consumed and Asda do a roaring trade in BBQ food, disposable BBQ’s and over priced salad.

    Glastonbury, T In The Park, Latitude, Reading Festival, all fucking crap over-priced corporate shifests.
    Pay £200 to pitch a tent in a field, listen to the most synthesized crap pop music, get charged £6 for a burger & £8 for a pint of Fosters, oh and of course if the Sun is shining pay another £15 for a hat from the scummy stall sellers and if you are in to New Age shite you are in luck, grab a Dreamcathcer for a mere £30.

    Packed with scum, students, hippies, goths, hipsters and middle class middle aged arseholes.
    I can think of no better a punishment to inflict on someone, not my idea of fun and a good way to spend £500+ on a weekend!

    And of course, there is the fact some cunt will try to steal your tent or clothes and the usual violence

    I’d rather go watch Peter Andre in concert, now there is a CUNT to rival Bono

    • Don’t forget bottles of water for £4 or 5 and dreamcatchers don’t catch dreams either I should know I had one before although you do make them £30 richer well actually it costs very little to make maybe £2-10 depending on the size, made one in art class. Glastonbury is a real shite fest, to think many moons ago Third Ear Band, Screw, King Crimson, Alexis Korner’s New Church, Roy Harper, Battered Ornaments (without Pete Brown oddly enough), Family, and The Rolling Stones also Blind Faith (I think)And it was all fucking free I think they even had a few commune groups bring PB&J sandwiches for the drunken hippies and concert goers at intermission .All thats lost nowadays between the politics of the new slag music scene and money hungry organisers.

  7. Thijs van Leer often went dangerously into Christmas/Magic Flute territory…
    Jan Akkerman was the talent in Focus and their best stuff was without van Leer’s histrionics…

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